7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making (And How To Fix Them)

Whether you serve B2B or B2C, your customers are on social because EVERYONE is on social! However, even after about eight years now of social media integrating more and more into the business world, companies are still missing the mark with their social marketing strategy. Our featured article this week reveals seven mistakes that need addressing in order to improve your online marketing results. You’ll be relieved to know that Mistake #2 is that you should

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3 Reasons You Are Struggling to Find Paying Clients On Facebook (And What To Do About It)

[Guest post by Jeanine Blackwell, course creation expert] Are you struggling to find your ideal paying clients on Facebook? Perhaps you’ve tried running ads and they didn’t “work” for you? Or, you have Page “likes” but no one seems interested in your offers? You have something valuable to offer, yet – for some reason – the pieces you’ve implemented so far are simply not generating revenue fast enough. This scenario can be very discouraging and frustrating when you

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15 Creative Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Ads Using Custom Audiences

One of the most effective ways to grow your business in today’s world is reaching the exact right people at the right time on the right devices using laser-targeted Facebook advertising. BUT, Facebook ads have gotten really complex for most busy business owners to understand and properly optimize. Our featured post this week showcases 15 fabulous ways you can make best use of what are called “Custom Audiences” on Facebook. Once you know how, it

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Facebook Dark Posts: What Are They And Why Use Them?

The technical term for a Facebook “dark post” is an “unpublished post.” But, neither term indicates clearly what it is! Every day in your Facebook News Feed – on both mobile or desktop – you are seeing these very things called dark posts! They are PAID content from businesses that look like a wall post on a fan page… yet they do not appear on the page’s wall. They only appear in the News Feed as paid

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10 Secrets To Making Your Social Media Marketing Much Easier

Managing your social media activities every single day, staying on top of the latest tech trends, and ensuring you get a decent ROI from the time and money you invest can be a great big headache for so many busy business owners, entrepreneurs and social media managers. Whether you take care of most of your own social media marketing, or you have a team, our featured article this week is an exceptional read. The author,

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6 Steps To Building A Massive Audience With Content

Creating and curating the best quality content on a consistent basis, that is timely and relevant for your audience, is the first step towards successful content marketing. From there, you can build a significant audience over time, make appropriate offers, and generate revenue. It sounds a lot easier than it is! Fortunately, there’s a formula you can follow! My buddy, Joe Pulizzi — founder of the Content Marketing Institute, discovered several similarities used by some of

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Top Ten Questions: How To Create The Perfect Social Media Marketing Mix

By the year 2020, more than 85 percent of all buyer-seller interaction will occur online. And not just online, but through video and social media. This is huge! It’s crucial to the success of your business that you stay on top of the ever-changing social media landscape, particularly on Facebook. By 2020, only 15% of sales interactions will be outside of social, mobile, and video #influencerchat pic.twitter.com/2RnapMtVHr — Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) May 6, 2015 In

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