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Contact Mari

Thank you for your interest in contacting Mari Smith and team. Depending on the nature of your inquiry, please use the most relevant form or email address below. For any communication not listed below, you can write to our team at mari @ marismith.com.

Speaking Inquiries

If you're interested in having Mari speak at your event, please complete our Speaking Inquiry form so we can review your details and advise you of Mari's availability.

Training Services

Mari has over 15 years' experience leading both in-person and live streaming workshops, training programs, and consulting services. Mari offers customized social media training services for businesses and brands of all sizes. To submit your request for further details, please fill out our Social Media Training Services form.

Media/Interview inquiries

If you'd like to feature Mari as a guest expert on your radio, TV or podcast show, or newspaper, or magazine, etc., please complete our Media Inquiry form (See also this Mari in the Media page)

If you are on a tight deadline, please call our offices at 858-215-3001.

Customer Care

If you are a current customer of Mari Smith and/or you have questions about our products and services, please email customercare @ marismith dot com.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a Facebook tech-support help desk. Mari does not work for Facebook. We cannot respond to requests to assist with issues directly pertaining to your use of Facebook. Please refer to this list of Facebook contact forms.

Mailing address

Mari Smith International, Inc.
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive, #201
San Diego, CA 92128

Connect with Mari on Social Media

Please be sure to connect with me on all the usual social sites! However, if you direct message me through any of these channels, I cannot guarantee a response except for my business page on Facebook @marismith.

It's best to use the email addresses/contact forms mentioned above that most closely matches the nature of your inquiry.


If I could wave a magic wand and have super human powers, I'd have all the time in the world to personally speak with every individual in my community. However, with the sheer volume of DMs, comments, emails and phone calls, I have implemented various systems to help me be of better service to you.

Along with genuine inquiries, I also receive a large volume of emails and phone calls on a daily basis from Facebook users seeking support with all manner of tech issues related to using Facebook. I run my own independent company and do not work for Facebook, therefore, I am unable to offer support with technical issues regarding your Facebook account. However, for a list of contact forms to reach Facebook directly, see this post. Thank you for understanding.

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