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How To Easily Create Videos For Every Step Of Your Sales Funnel

Video is a vital part of the marketing mix in today’s digital and social media landscape. In a recent Facebook Live video broadcast, I teamed up with my good friends at to discuss how video landing pages can boost your conversion rates by as much as 80%!

What exactly is a video landing page? Keep reading to find out more… You can also watch the full video below to see some great stats and examples to encourage you to create your own video landing pages. 

In addition to video landing pages, I also discuss how you can incorporate video into your ENTIRE sales funnel, all using professional videos you create with – quickly and easily! 

In this article, I’ll break down the exact steps you can use to build out your own video-focused sales funnel and the ways in which makes it a really simple process. No tech skills required! 

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Okay, let’s dive in. 

What is a video landing page?

A landing page on your website, or third party tool such as Leadpages, designed to convert visitors in some way whether it be through a direct purchase or email sign up. A video landing page simply refers to incorporation of a video onto that landing page. 

BUT, there is a clear distinction here. Most marketers just add a video to a ‘regular’ landing page and call it good. But the best types of high-converting video landing pages are where the video is pretty much the ONLY feature on the page. And there is just *one* call-to-action (CTA). That’s it. No bells, no whistles. No extra buttons or pop-ups. No navigation links.

Landing pages are designed for a very specific purpose. They exist to direct traffic to one specific offer with the goal of converting them with one clear call to action. For example, “Sign up for my free gift!” Or, “Buy my online training course!”

This is different from other pages on your website, such as your homepage where you may share multiple calls to action, and include a variety of different navigation options. 

Video Landing Page Example: Mari Smith’s Free Video Kit

Here’s an example of one of my own video landing pages. 

Mari Smith - Free Video Gear List

You’ll see I’ve made video the central focus of my landing page. While I have a little content underneath, website visitors are drawn to a clear title, my video and then a very specific call to action. 

There are no distractions or navigation options on the page for them to click on other than the call to action.

Video Landing Page Example: Kat Coroy’s Instagram Content Planner

Here’s another example from my good friend Kat Coroy, expert Instagram teacher:

Kat Coroy - Instagram Teacher, Instagram Content Planner

Kat has done a superb job of creating a perfect video landing page. 

She is super creative and I just love her Instagram video content. In this video landing page, Kat emphasizes that it’s a FREE planner so there is no risk to the person signing up. She is clear on her promise in her concise title aka what she will deliver if you do sign up. Then there is one simple box to sign up. 

This means any traffic visiting this landing page knows the exact next step they need to take and there aren’t any distractions to prevent them from doing so. Kat’s page also looks great on mobile, too.

Why should you add videos to your landing pages?

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video.

Our brains are so tuned in with television that whenever we see a video, it catches our eyes and we are compelled to watch. It’s also a really easy way to consume content quickly. 

In their annual State of Video Marketing Survey, Wyzowl asked consumers how they’d most prefer to learn about new products or services – and video was the runaway winner. Over two-thirds (68%) said a short video would be best, way ahead of text-based articles (15%), infographics (4%) presentations and pitches (4%) ebooks and manuals (3%).

If that doesn’t compel you to incorporate video, let’s talk about our primary goal – Conversion. 

Ninety five percent of people are more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to just 10% when reading it in text form. That’s not all. Adding a video on your landing page has been proven to boost conversions by as much as 80%.  


By incorporating video into a clean landing page where you are trying to get visitors to take ONE very specific, clear call to action, you are going to significantly increase your conversion potential. 

So how does this apply to your sales funnel?

It’s clear. Video works. Your goal is to create a COMPLETE VIEWING EXPERIENCE where your prospect can move through your sales funnel. 

I recommend creating videos for every step of your sales funnel, not just your landing page. This should include:

  • add clickable video thumbnails into your marketing emails
  • check this: including the word “video” in your email subject line boosts open rates by 19%!
  • embed video on your landing page, as we’ve discussed here
  • create video ads for your social media channels in a variety of formats, e.g. full vertical (9:16) for native Instagram or Facebook Story ads, square (1:1) or vertical (2:3, 4:5) for Facebook feed ads, square (1:1) for Instagram feed ads, landscape (16:9) or square (1:1) for Twitter ads, square (1:1) or vertical (2:3, 9:16) for Pinterest ads.
  • of course, also use video for all your organic social media promotions, too

This way you are guiding your audience through from prospect to customer, engaging their attention each step of the way and building trust using the most personal form of content, video! 

Example Video Journey: Course Launch

Let’s take the example of a course launch. It doesn’t have to be a course, it could be any product or service offering. Simply adjust these steps accordingly. 

You’ll see, there are a number of steps I can incorporate into my funnel:

  1. Landing Page Video
  2. Email Teaser Video
  3. Facebook Cover Video
  4. Early Bird Special Offer Video
  5. Video Ads 1, 2 and 3 
  6. Course Bonus Reveal Video
  7. Behind The Scenes Video
  8. FAQS/ Q&A Video (answer any sign up objections)
  9. Last Call Video

All of these steps are designed to promote this course offer by building excitement while also addressing any questions or objectives standing in the way of making a purchasing decision. 

Landing Page Video

Like I touched on in my example, if you want people to view your landing page, video needs to be the central focus. Savvy marketers typically opt for a tool like Vimeo or Wistia for the embed, rather than YouTube so they have more control over the player and eliminate any potential distractions.

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With the Facebook Pixel installed on your video landing page, you can retarget the visitors that did not yet convert with your “video journey social ads!”

Email Teaser Video

While you can’t add an entire video in email, you can add an animated gif to create movement and link it to a video on your landing page.

According to research, just including the word video in your email subject line can boost open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%. Now that’s incredible!

Of course, that doesn’t mean every email you send should contain the word ‘video’ but it is something to keep in mind when crafting your marketing campaign that includes a complete video journey for your audience!

Ads (inc. early bird offer,  bonus reveal and last call)

For video ads, you ideally want to test out a variety of formats. Landscape tends to perform a little better on desktop but you want to optimize for mobile. This means testing out vertical ads such as 9:16 full vertical for native Story ads. 

The good news is that Facebook makes this really easy in Ads Manager. 

You have a little check box on automatic placements, which is the default setting. Let’s say you want to place a native Story add. Just click off Automatic Placement and select to do a full screen story ad, 9:16 and create an immersive experience for viewers.

Even though native organic Story videos max out at just 15 seconds, many marketers and advertisers don’t realize that Story video ads can be up to two minutes long! This means you can take your landing page video and trim it down and use it as an ad to promote in Facebook and Instagram Stories.

In addition to Story ads, you’ll also want to test out other forms of vertical format such as 4:5 and 2:3 which can also perform really well in the Facebook feed.

Just be aware to limit text on your video thumbnail to less than 20%.  While Facebook will allow you to place the ad, your reach will be restricted and your ad simply won’t perform as well.

Behind The Scenes (BTS)

Facebook and Instagram Stories are a great way to show the behind-the-scenes of making your course (or insert other offer). Going Live works, too. For this kind of video, you can do landscape or vertical but I always recommend optimizing for mobile. When you do 9:16, you make great use of the screen real estate and capture the full attention of the viewer. 

Doing these frequently in the lead up to your promotion is a great way to build excitement and get people interested so that when you do reveal your new offer and direct people to their landing page, they are already eager to sign up. 


The easiest way to convert people who are on the fence about buying from you is to answer their concerns, questions and objectives face-to-face. Again, this works well in a live video setting similar to your behind-the-scenes videos. If you want to take it to the next level, go live and invite your community to jump on video with you.

This way you can answer transparently while making the person feel seen and valued. There’s no doubt this will have a positive impact on whether they decide to buy or sign up.

As you can see, video serves every step of your sales funnel and can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. You can take this funnel and make it your own. 

Now you might be thinking, Mari, I get it. This is great but…

“Creating all these videos is super overwhelming!”

“I don’t have the skills to create all these videos!”

“There’s no way I could afford to hire someone to make all these videos!” 

I hear you, friend, but I’m here to tell you, you’ve got this! I have the perfect solution for you.

The process of creating all these videos might sound overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! makes it incredibly easy to create videos that can be resized to every single social platform with a simple click.

Here’s an inside look into the example sales funnel in action. 

First my team and I created a folder in Wave to organize all of our course launch videos.

As you can see, each video has a number representing the step in the sales funnel.

We resized each of the videos according to where I’ll be sharing them and the ads we plan to create. In some cases, we simply duplicated the video, trimmed it down and resized it in a few clicks and it’s good to go! 

It really is that simple. 

Better yet, I’ve teamed up with our good friends at to bring you an early Black Friday sale!

Get 70% off a Creator Annual Plan. This plan is regularly $99/year but you can get it today as part of a special pre-holiday sale for just $29 with code WCA_MSblack.

Just go to and enter the code WCA_MSblack when you sign up. 

Wave has more than 3 million assets to choose from and allows you to fully customize everything from your colors, background, text, watermark and music. Even if you’re not technical at all, you can create professional videos that convert in minutes! 

So what are you waiting, friends? Let’s start creating videos and converting sales!!

Mari Smith

Often referred to as “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith is widely known as the Premier Facebook Marketing Expert and a top Social Media Thought Leader. Forbes describes Mari as, “… the preeminent Facebook expert. Even Facebook asks for her help.” IBM named Mari as one of seven women that are shaping digital marketing. Mari is an in-demand keynote speaker, corporate social media strategist, dynamic live webcast host, and popular brand ambassador. She is coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day, and author of The New Relationship Marketing.

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