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Lessons from Top 2017 Social Media Posts, Video Marketing Trends for 2018 & More: The Social Scoop 1/9/18

By Mari Smith | January 9, 2018

This is going to be a very active and exciting year for all things Facebook.  Just today, my friends at Cheddar TV broke the news about Facebook’s launch of a new video chat device called “Portal” that will retail for $499. #CheddarScoops Exclusive: Facebook is diving into the home device market with a video chat product named “Portal” that…

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Facebook Engagement Bait, Local Facebook Marketing Ideas & More: The Social Scoop 12/28/17

By Mari Smith | December 28, 2017

In my last issue of The Social Scoop, I talked about Facebook’s recent announcement about giving videos even more priority in the News Feed… particularly videos that people search for and return to watch from the same publisher week after week. Since then, Facebook introduced another change to the News Feed ranking algorithm… this time demoting certain types of…

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The Top Facebook Content of 2017, Facebook Custom Audiences 3x More Effective, & More: The Social Scoop 12/17/17

By Mari Smith | December 17, 2017

Facebook recently announced that VIDEOS will get (more) PRIORITY in the News Feed when they meet one or both of these two criteria: Videos that people proactively SEARCH for and/or visit a Page to find, and Videos that people RETURN to watch from the same publisher or creator week after week. What does Facebook’s latest News Feed algorithm…

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Facebook to Test Pre-roll Video Ads, New Tools for Social Good & More: The Social Scoop 12/8/17

By Mari Smith | December 8, 2017

Here’s a few of my favorite Facebook news items and updates, along with my usual weekly top three articles below: Facebook’s 2017 Year In Review – I was heartened to see that International Women’s Day was the No. 1 most talked about moment in 2017, doubling from last year, with people around the world talking, sharing…

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How The Facebook Local App Affects Local SEO, Messenger for Business & More: The Social Scoop 12/2/17

By Mari Smith | December 2, 2017

Here are my top two Facebook updates for you to know this past week. Plus, check out my fun Facebook contest! Facebook’s New Messenger Broadcast Interface Facebook has internally developed “Messenger Broadcast,” a self-serve mass-messaging interface that lets businesses send marketing messages to users. Wow, my friend, this has much potential, assuming Facebook rolls out such…

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The Facebook Creator App, How AI can Boost Digital Marketing & More: The Social Scoop 11/23/17

By Mari Smith | November 23, 2017

Great BLACK FRIDAY specials here! Woohoo, my brand new Facebook course is here, plus check out these excellent deals from my favorite video apps and tool companies. All you need is here! I negotiated great deals especially for Mari’s peeps. Enjoy! FAST Facebook Results Brand new LIVE online training course from yours truly! Get the…

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An Epic Guide to Facebook Messenger Marketing, Content Marketing in 2018 & More: The Social Scoop 11/15/17

By Mari Smith | November 15, 2017

Facebook recently relaunched its standalone Events app as a new app called Facebook Local… and I must say, I really LOVE it! There is huge potential with this newly revised events app. Think Yelp & Foursquare + Meetup + Eventbrite?! Hmm! In fact, WIRED says, “Facebook Local might be the only Facebook app you need.”  Wow, bold statement! 🙂 Facebook…

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10 Important Marketing Lessons, New Features for Facebook Groups & More: The Social Scoop 11/8/17

By Mari Smith | November 6, 2017

NEW from Facebook this week: You’ll soon be able to add a Messenger live Customer Chat plugin to your website! Facebook says this was one of their most highly requested features. It has HUGE potential for high-tech and high-touch customer support through Messenger, which has 1.2 billion monthly users and growing. And, keep in mind, close to 90% of…

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Facebook News Feed Tests - Mari Smith

Facebook News Feed Tests: The Impact on Organic Reach, What Marketers Need To Know

By Mari Smith | October 26, 2017

Organic reach on Facebook is so 2012. This is unfortunate, but true. Facebook has long been a ‘pay-to-play’ platform for those businesses serious about optimizing all that the platform offers. Organic reach has been steadily declining from well over 100% on some pages (back pre-2012), to an average of 1-6% starting in 2014. Any business…

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Facebook Lets Brands Read People’s Posts, Podcast Interview Tips & More: The Social Scoop 10/30/17

By Mari Smith | October 23, 2017

Since Facebook’s recent roll out of the new discovery-focused Explore Feed, we’ve seen a big flurry of confusion. What happened is Facebook also tested removing ALL business page posts from the main News Feed and placing into this new Explore Feed. As a result, Page owners in some of the six test countries experienced a large…

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