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Double Your Twitter Followers in 5 Minutes A Day

How To Double Your Twitter Followers In 5 Minutes A Day: The Social Scoop Issue 135

By Mari Smith | February 6, 2015

Proactively growing your Twitter follower base has so many strategic advantages for your business. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen over time with the right steps. This week’s top article includes an awesome infographic filled with practical, actionable tips for building your audience on Twitter. Check out the infographic embedded below and also broken…

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4 Visual Storytelling Tactics To BOOST Your Facebook Engagement

4 Visual Storytelling Tactics To Boost Your Facebook Engagement: The Social Scoop Issue 134

By Mari Smith | January 30, 2015

Visual posts –­­ both photos and videos – get far better results than a text status update on Facebook. According to this week’s featured article from AdEspresso, posts with visuals result in 180 percent greater engagement. And, 93 percent of the most engaging Facebook posts are image posts! The blog version of this week’s edition…

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23 Little-Known Social Media Features

23 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Should Know: The Social Scoop Issue 133

By Mari Smith | January 23, 2015

Many of the popular social media platforms regularly add helpful new features – but there isn’t always a big announcement, so it can be hard to keep up with these additions and changes! This week’s featured article is from HubSpot and details 20 features that you probably didn’t know existed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest – but probably…

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Top 5 Facebook Updates & Marketing Tips

Top Five Facebook Updates and Marketing Tips: The Social Scoop Issue 132

By Mari Smith | January 16, 2015

As you know, there’s always something new to keep up with when it comes to managing your business presence on Facebook. In this week’s issue of The Social Scoop, for our #1 featured article, I’ve rounded up not one but FIVE Facebook-related articles pertaining to recent changes as well as suggestions for improving your results. In…

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Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses: The Social Scoop Issue 131

By Mari Smith | January 9, 2015

Could you use a simple checklist for your social media activity? Look no further, I’ve found an awesome one for you! Check out this week’s top pick from The Social Scoop newsletter: a wonderful, colorful checklist/infographic from The Whole Brain Group [embedded below and you can also download a printable version here.] I’ve always been a fan of…

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Why Newsletters Are The Future Of Online Media: The Social Scoop Issue 130

By Mari Smith | January 2, 2015

Hello world! Every week, for the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve published an email newsletter – called THE SOCIAL SCOOP.  I include my top selections of “OPC” – that is, I curate other people’s content on social media marketing, business building, productivity and other related subjects, along with my own words of wisdom! I have my own…

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Facebook Engagement Psychology

Facebook Engagement Psychology: Increase Your Reach and Engagement

By Mike Gingerich | August 1, 2014

Most every Facebook Page manager would love to have an increase in reach and engagement on their Facebook page. More engagement – in the form of likes, comments, and shares on posts – helps your future Page posts get more reach. That is, more of your posts will be seen in the news feed by more fans.…

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facebook save feature - link preview

5 Things Businesses Need To Know About Facebook’s New Save Feature [Updated]

By Mari Smith | July 29, 2014

Facebook recently introduced a new bookmarking feature, allowing users to save items for reading later. Facebook has been testing this feature for two years, since the company acqhired read-it-later startup Spool. Instead of hacks for saving content, such as taking screenshots on your iPhone or other mobile device, sharing content on your own wall to “me…

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Facebook calculate news feed

How Facebook Calculates What Appears In Your News Feed

By Mari Smith | July 18, 2014

The problem with Facebook organic reach can be summed up in one single graphic: Only 6 percent of your fans are seeing your content in their news feed. The other 94 percent are not. Some sources indicate that organic reach may drop to 1-2 percent in the near future. Others say it’s destined to hit zero; it’s…

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