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How To Easily Create Facebook Reels on Desktop

Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta Platforms, is ALL IN on REELS! “Reels is now Meta’s fastest growing content format by far,” says Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. And, of course short-form video is wildly popular on other social platforms as well (uh, TikTok! And, YouTube Shorts!).

Reels are up to 30 seconds on Facebook and up to 60 seconds on Instagram. Some users may see the ability to create and publish Facebook reels of up to 60 seconds as well. (Side note: just as soon as reels really ‘take off’ on Facebook, what’s the bets Meta will start to increase the length up to ten minutes to keep up with TikTok?! Just sayin’!)

Check out this recent Facebook Live broadcast where I show quick and easy ways to make professional videos for Facebook and Instagram on DESKTOP using the powerful online video editing tool InVideo – from repurposed content you already have, as well as stock footage. And, no, you don’t have to be a professional dancer or lipsyncer or point to bubbles. LOL!

I’ve embedded the Facebook video below, but you can also catch it on YouTube. And, see my slide deck from this broadcast embedded below.

How To Create Reels with Facebook Live Video Replays

Here’s a suggested workflow to quickly create reels content for Facebook and/or Instagram using clips from your past livestreams:

  • Select a Facebook Live video clip
  • Use online video editing tool, InVideo
  • Choose a Category > pick a 9:16 Template
  • Swap out the media for your video (you can upload longer videos and just use a clip; or you can clip first and upload)
  • Replace/adjust the text
  • Click download (1080p)
  • Then upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud (so you can easily access the reel on your phone)
  • Open up Facebook Reels (on your Facebook personal profile, business page or group)
  • Select the file from your source, add FX, publish

How To Create Reels with Stock Video

You don’t have to use your own video content and you don’t even have to be on camera to make Instagram or Facebook reels. Here’s the same workflow, using stock video assets that you’ll find inside

  • Go to InVideo
  • Choose a Category > pick a 9:16 Template
  • Search to find the right stock video clips and replace (or use the assets in the template if they’re suitable for your needs)
  • Edit the text
  • Click download (1080p)
  • Then upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud (so you can easily access the reel on your phone)
  • Open up Facebook Reels (on your Facebook personal profile, business page or group)
  • Select the file from your source, add FX, publish

Remember to add a few relevant hashtags! Yes, they really do matter on Facebook.

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Can You SCHEDULE Reels?

Alas, the short answer is no. Not yet, anyway. Hopefully, Meta is working on opening the API so third party apps can provide an elegant solution for scheduling reels!! C’mon Meta, you can do it!!

Meantime, for reels on Instagram – one solution is to simply create and save as DRAFTS. Then set reminders for yourself for when you wish to publish and just select from your drafts.

Unfortunately, the drafts feature does not exist for reels on Facebook yet.

You may find there are some third party tools that allow you to do some of the heavy lifting of scheduling reels… but there is no complete automation. You’ll still have to manually publish your reels on either Instagram or Facebook.

24 Ideas for Reels

  1. Repurpose evergreen content
  2. Answer an FAQ
  3. Meet my team
  4. Show your workspace
  5. Before and after
  6. Micro tips
  7. How-to’s
  8. Unboxing
  9. Trend
  10. National/International Holiday
  11. Introduce your passion project
  12. Something about me you don’t know is ____.
  13. Showcase your favorite product(s)
  14. Introduce yourself – tell your story
  15. Take your followers behind the scenes
  16. A day in the life of
  17. Sneak peek
  18. Employee spotlight
  19. Meet the team
  20. Customer testimonial
  21. Micro case study
  22. Listicle
  23. Favorite tools
  24. Start or participate in a challenge

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Powerful Online Video Editor

You can easily batch create videos for every possible platform and use case using the powerful browser based video editor, InVideo. I’ve got you a special deal! Click here and use code MARI30 to save 30% off any plan, annual or monthly. Your rate is grandfathered in for the lifetime of your account.

Also, check out InVideo’s incredibly supportive user community on FacebookVideo Marketing And Creation Hub by InVideo” with over 30k members!

Here’s my slide deck from the live video, in case it’s helpful! Any questions, let me know – hop into the DMs on my Facebook Page or Instagram.

NOTE: this post contains sponsored content. I provide brand ambassador/influencer marketing services to InVideo. I do not make money if you click my link. However, InVideo is my client and I’ve negotiated a special 30% deal for you!

Mari Smith

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