Do You Limit What You Share About Yourself On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?

Last week on Twitter, Viveka von Rosen [@linkedinexpert], Peggy Dolane [@freerangemom] and I [@marismith] hosted the first “#lion” Twitter discussion: a tweet-in that asked the question: How open a networker are you on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?. [#lion = LinkedIn Open Networker – a person who grows their network as broadly as possible.] This week we’re continuing the #lion conversation with this question: Do you limit what you share about yourself on Twitter, Facebook and

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Engaging With Facebook Social Ads

Whether you’ve purchased Facebook Social Ads or have in some way interacted with these ads, you may be underestimating the power of this Facebook feature. First, as an advertiser, you can select very targeted demographics for your ad campaign, much as you can with Google Adwords. Second, as a business owner utilizing Facebook to grow your brand and network, engaging with ads is a powerful way to increase your visibility. Justin Smith wrote a great

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Open Networking vs. Strategic Networking – Which Is More Effective?

Do you accept all friend requests on Facebook? And all contact requests on LinkedIn? Do you follow anyone on Twitter? Or, are you more strategic in who you befriend? Those people who tend to accept everyone into their network are typically referred to as “wide-open networkers.” Those who are more particular about who they let into their circle of friends may be called “strategic networkers.” (Then, there are those who use LinkedIn for professional purposes

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Social Media Shorty Award For Six Foot Mari?

UPDATE: The five finalists in 26 categories have been chosen and the final voting is now open! The finals will last from January 12-23. IF you enjoy my tweets and feel I provide value to you in the world of social media, I’d love your vote. I’ve made it super easy with this 1-click tweet: (same one also at Do feel free to tweak the “because” part! And you’re welcome to retweet one

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My Theme For 2009: Influence

I love to choose a specific theme for each year which guides my major decisions. 2008’s theme was FOCUS and I’m very pleased with my results as a terrific reflection of that theme. For 2009, I’m choosing INFLUENCE as my guiding theme. Here’s my key question: Who and what am I allowing to influence me? Notice the key word "allowing." We do have choice as to who and what influences us. However, it can often

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Facebook Account Deactivation – Can It Be Avoided?

I just got off the phone with yet another Facebook friend who had his account deactivated by Facebook with no warning. In the past ten days or so, several more people in my community contacted me asking if I knew how to get their Facebook accounts reactivated. Of all the social networks, Facebook certainly appears to have the most rigorous Terms of Use – certainly when it comes to enforcing those terms. Facebook has all

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Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages – Which Is Best?

Which is better: a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group? This is a question I get asked regularly. I promised my peeps I’d write a blog post about this topic, so here ya go: My short answer is you need BOTH a Group and at least one Page. Each serves different purposes. Facebook Groups USES: Special interests, causes, masterminds, study groups, beta testers, book reader groups (e.g. long before you publish your book, build up

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