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Study: Facebook Native Videos Perform Better, Content First Marketing and More: The Social Scoop 3/17/17

By Mari Smith | March 18, 2017

Greetings! I just shared this amazing compilation of the latest Facebook Live & Video Streaming Stats & Facts on my Facebook Page, including: Facebook users gaze 5x longer at video content than static content 90% of Facebook viewers think video quality is the most important aspect of Facebook Live videos. 85% of Facebook videos are…

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Handling Negative Facebook Reviews, Paid Lead Campaign Ideas and More: The Social Scoop 3/15/17

By Mari Smith | March 15, 2017

Greetings, First, a quick announcement: If you’re coming to Social Media Marketing World 2017 with 3,000 attendees (and/or you live in the So.Cal. area!)… come join me the day after for a fabulous half-day event with a small group (35 max!): Facebook Business Briefing & Brunch with Mari Smith & Friends – March 25th, San Diego, CA.…

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Email Marketing is Making a Comeback, Facebook Marketing KPI’s & More: The Social Scoop 3/4/17

By Mari Smith | February 28, 2017

Have you tried the new multiple photo/video posts on Instagram? I’m seeing some cool and creative uses of this clever new feature. It’s a carousel type of post, the same as on Facebook. You can use this type of post for organic (great for testing!), and then convert to an ad. Carousel posts can showcase…

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Monetize Your Facebook Videos, 45 Facebook Tips, Facebook Groups & More: The Social Scoop 2/24/17

By Mari Smith | February 22, 2017

BIG news from Facebook this week — the company is starting to roll out VIDEO MONETIZATION! That means YOU can make money from video ads placed in your own videos (uploaded videos + Live broadcasts). It’s a limited roll out for now, but will become more widespread fairly quickly. Facebook just announced this: All eligible…

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18 Genius Facebook Ad Hacks, A Guide to Niche Targeting & More: The Social Scoop 2/18/17

By Mari Smith | February 16, 2017

With Facebook’s new video and TV announcements, plus Mark Zuckerberg’s Manifesto and all the online discussions it spawned so far,  it’s been another BIG week in Facebook-land. News included the following: Facebook rolls out autoplay videos with sound on Eeks, apparently after testing sound on, Facebook received favorable feedback… I’ve yet to meet someone who actually…

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The Social Scoop February 10, 2017

Save Time Making Videos, The Cost of Facebook Ads & More: The Social Scoop 2/10/17

By Mari Smith | February 7, 2017

This week’s big news on live video – you can now broadcast on YouTube LIVE via mobile… if your channel has more than 10,000 subscribers. So, decisions, decisions… you get camera ready, get your story ready… and then go live on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live (using native or any number of 3rd party tools), YouTube…

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Create a Facebook Ad Checklist, Align Content Marketing with Social Media & More: The Social Scoop 2/3/17

By Mari Smith | February 1, 2017

Another big week for Facebook! The company held its fourth quarter and full year 2016 earnings call on February 1st. And, whew, the numbers are incredible: Facebook is approaching 2 billion users and generated $10 billion in profit last year. CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is proud to lead the world’s largest community with almost 1.9 billion…

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facebook updates q4 preview

Facebook Updates, New Ad Sources, Q4 Earnings Preview – What To Expect

By Mari Smith | January 31, 2017

With ad inventory in the main News Feed expected to “run out” by summer this year, Facebook is working hard on building additional ad revenue sources, including the new dedicated video tab on mobile, mid-roll video ads, Instagram ads and Messenger ads. Facebook TV is coming… as is Facebook Radio?! (“Run out” simply means demand will…

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Facebook’s ‘Time-On-Site’ Targeting, Getting the Most from Facebook Ads & More: The Social Scoop 1/27/17

By Mari Smith | January 25, 2017

As Facebook gears up for its earnings call, new features and announcements are rolling out fast. Here are four pertinent updates: Messenger Ads: Messenger is currently testing ads on the home screen. Remember the fairly new layout of Messenger that shows Birthdays, Unread, Active Now, Favorites? Well, even though users can hide these sections (tap…

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Create Relationships with Customers, High-Converting Facebook Ads & More: The Social Scoop 1/22/17

By Mari Smith | January 19, 2017

Well, not much major Facebook news to report from last week… for a change. Ha! Did you notice site was “broken” for a short period of time on Friday the 13th… and it seems this was due to the desktop Messenger switching over to the new design. By the way, save the date: Wednesday, February 1st…

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