• Jo

    Someone has been using my bank account information as well, that facebook saves in order for me to be able to buy “game dollars”…and now I have almost 3 thousand dollars  in charges,  to my checking account, using that info.!! I cannot find any way at all to get a hold of FB or FB security, to report this, and have the ppl involved discovered, arrested, and my checking account reimbursed!! I have tried and tried, for 3 months now, to find a way to get a hold of anyone!! I have found a few email addresses to write to and have written many emails in hopes to get this issue resolved, but no answers to any of them. I have also tried “Zynga’s” email addresses as well, and still no help!! I hope that you are able to get help for yourself, and also that I can get help for myself, as well. I am ready to get the law involved, as this is just about to break me financially!!!
    P.S. I just looked at my bank account online, and they have now charged 1,000.00 dollars from my bank account, via facebook, in just ONE DAY!! However, there was “finally”, for the first time, a phone number at the end of where it says “facebook.com” (as being the ones to have charged the account), and I called this number, just to have a recording say that this is “customer service” and then then say, after I hit the key for an issue like this, that they cannot, at this time, take any complaints about this type of thing, and to email them!! However, this does no good what so ever!! If anyone has any information that can help, please leave a comment..Thanks! 😉

  • Jo

    Don’t make the mistake, that I “think” I just made a few days ago. I had “facebook security” (supposedly) send me a message me in my facebook account, that I was being temporarily “shut down” for posting harrasing comments, and/or a few other things, and it had the “facebook” logo on it with security above it. I had, and never have, insulted, used bad language, or “bothered” minors, or anything of that sort. I have always just commented on posts left by family members, and minded my “own business” and basically just play my games. However, I had been having problems with things being “stolen” off of my farms in a game I play, and have had over 3 thousand dollars in just 3 months or so, taken from my checking account, by someone who has hacked my facebook account, and is using my debit card information, that facebook insists on storing, in order to purchase game “dollars” and ect…!! I replied to that message, telling them of my problem, and no response, so I looked at the messg. again and noticed that there was a “link” for them, so I went clicked on it and it routed me to this “authentic” looking facebook “security” page. They asked for personal information, such as the first 4 numbers of my debit card (only the last 4 are actually visible when u go to purchase those game dollars). So, I figured…what could they do with it, if they didn’t have all the numbers inbetween those two sets, so I put it down. Then they asked for email address…again, I put it down…THEN I DID THE “UNTHINKABLE” and gave them my email password!! At 56, you would think that I would “know better”, but I am a trusting soul… :-/ and I didn’t think anything of it. I just figured they wanted to look and see if I HAD INDEED wrote them and “Zynga” all the emails that I said I had, when I replied to there “messg”. Well..now after doing that…I looked for some of the emails, in my “sent” folder, so I could try and find email addys, to email them all AGAIN, and see if I got an answer this time…only to find that ALL of my emails to these places, HAD ALL BEEN “REMOVED” FROM MY EMAIL FOLDER!!!! So, don’t trust anyone!!! I was very ignorant to have done so, myself!! And now may have to suffer the consequenses!! I immediately changed my email password, but then couldn’t get into my email box again, so I had to start up a new email!! Loosing years worth of emails that I wanted to keep from family members!! And business associates!! Good Luck in contacting facebook…and keep being up the “smart” thinking.

  • Tommy

    My account was hacked and have desperately been trying to get it back. The hacker changed the email and passwords and I am getting no help from Facebook. Is there anything I can do????? I tried using the option of sending 3 friends a password then using this password to access my account but when trying to do this it wont allow me saying i have tried to change my password to often even though I havent! Any help would be appriciated!!!!

  • Dsdrissel

    I have been trying to find a way to contact one of you about an amount of money that was taken from my bank account wrongfully. Big surprise there doesn’t seem to be any way to get anyone to talk to me about it. I guess you just plan to steal over $100 from people at random. If not, then perhaps you will have the courtesy to contact me about this matter.

  • reiserl

    I’m having the same problem. I’ve put in requests every 24 hours for the last 4 days,and nothing. If I find out what to do, i’ll let you know

  • Jennynscotty

    Hi I was trying to report that someone is using my daughters pictures and making a fake account. Tried to report it but they have my daughter blocked so she cant report it.

  • Xamyxkayx

    i keep getting
    Invalid ArgumentGiven URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.?

  • Xamyxkayx

    i went direct email

  • sundeep

    i cant deactivate my fbk accnt it displays something went wrong error message i deleted all my applications also but i could nt able to deactivate my account pls any one help me friends 

  • Anish8487

     my close friend are  blocked or deleted,i cant unblock them from manage blocking in privacy settings or add them…please help!!

  • Knlbradley774

    I want to unblock someone…whenever I go to manage blocking it only shows apps. NOT PEOPLE!!!!  HELP!!!!!

  • Abc

    Nothing seems to be working on the facebook page. All seems stuck and I am not able to view my profile, click on anything, write anything on the wall. It seems to be stuck. Is there some problem? What is the help email ID please to write to?

  • Shabana119

    Nothing seems to be working on the facebook page. All seems stuck and I am not able to view my profile, click on anything, write anything on the wall. It seems to be stuck. Is there some problem? What is the help email ID please to write to?

  • Anonymous

    ok…maybe someone here can help me. I clicked a link that was for one of my friends last week and it immediately showed signs of virus. I pulled plug on the computer kinda fast. But, apparently not fast enough. I was contacted by my bank yesterday that a rather large purchase had been charged to my account. My bank account is now frozen until they can complete the investigation. The company where the items were purchased has provided all contact information for where the order is being shipped to…in Spain. I do plan to press charges. Facebook has known there is an issue for a while now. It is entirely possible I now have the contact information they need for the hacker. I don’t have a way to contact facebook though. My family and I are not rich. I just got word an hour ago that I am being foreclosed on. So, not only do I have to worry about where I will move to, I now have to worry about how to get money back when I shouldn’t have to. I can’t even do our traditional holiday stuff. We can’t access the little we had in the bank to buy the food. I am worn out with trying to fix things…and now this with Facebook just pushed me over the edge, I think.
    If anyone knows of a way to actually speak to someone in Facebook…please let me know. Thanks….

  • Becca Huggles

    is there not any way to contact facebook developers to ask for certain things in your news feeds to be brought back or to help you to eliminate certain feeds that keep popping up? if so where can you go to actually post or send in an idea to the actual developers?


    11/19 Facebook officially sucks. In the newsfeed I found my photo had been posted via a friends profile with over 100k angry ass comments from others that this happened to. I used the handy dandy Help Center, said my profile was hacked, went thru the SAME DAMN STEPS FOUR TIMES BEFORE I GAVE UP!!! NO, THE HELP CENTER DOES NOT HELP ME BECAUSE I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS MY FREAKING PAGE !

  • guest

    i need help with something ive blocked two people on facebook but when i checked my blocked list it doesnt show that the two people are there what does that mean??????

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mari

    I have a strange issue and I can’t find the answer anywhere or contact Facebook to resolve it. When I logged in this morning, I got a chat popup claiming to be from FB Security. It said that my account was reported as being abusive in some way and that if I wanted to keep my account open, I had to confim my login info via a link provided or my account would be diabled after 24 hours. I am trying to find out if this is from FB Security and if so who reported me and why? How do I talk to someone from FB?

  • Nostrafrancis

    Could you please help me?
    Facebook changed my name to the very first I had and doesn’t let me go back to my last one :-((
    It’s very annoying and I know lots of people are having this kind of problem.

  • Btoft

    HELP! I am new to a business and was put in charge of the facebook page. turns out they have 2 pages…one a friend page the other a business (fan?) page. They both have the same sign on and password so if you sign in one you sign in the other.  How do I delete just the friend page???  I tried to deactivate but it deactivated BOTH. I tried changing the password but again…BOTH changed.  I also tried to merge the accounts but it wont let me do it. I also unlinked the 2 accounts…still nothing!  HELP!!!!!

  • Morelandchris64

    hello i am wanting to have my zynga poker back on as it has been disabled and am hoping you will put it back on for me it has been off for 11 days and i cnt get to chat and play with my buddies in 11 days , hoping you can sort this problem for me thank you

  • WantsToContactFBDirectly

    Couple days ago, I got a spam email to my email account that is same as my facebook user, asking for money, and in return they would give me “likes” through their multiple accounts thus making me win a prize that I wanted. I want to report this fraud to Facebook, but I cannot figure out how to contact facebook directly. 

    Someone please help me.

  • Craig Foster

    On my facebook home (information section), under Arts and Entertainment, I edited the order of my music and movies, and now they don’t show up. Only displays five icons and when I click more it says “No pages to show”. The pages are still there when I click edit. Does anyone know why and how I can fix this? I have edite before and this didn’t happen.

  • Mathildajohnson1974

    I made some comments on a news story and a woman became very nasty and abusive. I did not report her. However, SHE REPORTED MY POST AS “ABUSIVE.” I was subsequently blocked from my FB page and warned that my account could be deleted. Here is what I posted:
    “@ Lori Ann You are wrong when you say that there’s a huge difference between a parent and a teacher when it comes to treatment of children. And if you think that it’s okay because none of the children were physically harmed, maybe you should think again. Emotional harm is just as damaging as physical harm. I was just giving my opinion, which I did without launching a personal attack. Wish you could have done the same to keep the dialogue where it belongs.”

    I have no recourse here to prevent someone from falsely reporting abuse. What is to stop this woman from reporting me again? I could lose my account. This is really terrible. I should have reported HER, but I didn’t. Isn’t this just wrong?

  • Hiarapires

    There are days I am trying to open a facebook for my clothing store will be have the name LUHE BOUTIQUE and will be opened in December , I can not. I already have a personal face . I wonder why? Please have this information as fast as possible. since thanks in advance. My name is Hiara my e-mail is hiarapires@msn.com.

  • Edwardevans13

    Excellent post I have been trying to get my facebook credits reactivated after it was disabled to no avail hopefully this link works better then the one they provide you with

  • Peter Wanden

    A member of a group I created has managed to remove me as the creator of the group. How do I get my group back? Please someone help.

  • Sagebares

    Dude whenever I try loging on it just says “unable to connect to facebook” & I’m in a wi-fi area. So please help me I really want to get on facebook

  • http://www.facebook.com/kris.bethea Kris Bethea

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  • Arthur

    someone hacked my facebook i traced there ip

  • Susi

    Thank you for all the information.  I had my account disabled, I assume in error because I didn’t violate any of their policies.  However, the form you list for disabled accounts requires a page url.  How do I get that if it’s disabled and I can no longer bring it up?  Thanks

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Hi Susi – whatever your Facebook username was, that’s the URL. e.g. my profile is http://facebook.com/maris

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    You need to fill out the hacked account form. 

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    You have to get a current member to add you back. 

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    I do not work for Facebook and cannot help further. Please contact Facebook directly using the forms above. 

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