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Facebook’s Timeline design for Pages is coming very soon! As mentioned in this post, rumor has it that Facebook will be announcing Timeline for Pages at the first ever Facebook Marketing Conference on February 29th in NYC. (The conference is invite-only, but save the date as the event will be livestreamed! Details here.)

Coca-Cola Facebook Timeline Brand Page

Mockup – Coca-Cola Facebook Timeline Brand Page (as featured on

The buzz is building about the imminent announcement of this much-awaited feature. Well, I should say, some businesses and brands are eagerly awaiting this overhaul to fan pages! Many of us are waiting with bated breath to see how the new Timeline design will affect a) custom landing tabs, and b) apps. Not to mention the split-wall, and whether fan engagement and EdgeRank will be impacted.

I’m certain the new page design will have the attractive large cover image. And it’s likely that apps will be displayed in ‘boxes’ at the top right of the Timeline design, similar to the personal Timelines. I certainly hope that we can still drive visitors and fans to custom landing tabs/areas.

As for when the rollout will happen, my guess is that major brands and large businesses will get the new design first, and after that it could take two to three months before all pages have access to the new Timeline format. But, who knows? Facebook doesn’t seem to be revealing much yet! Given there are over 845 Million user profiles vs. 20 Million fan pages with more than 30 fans, the Timeline rollout for Pages could happen much, much quicker than it is for profiles!

Image credit: Coca-Cola Facebook Timeline Brand Page by Ryan Kennedy, as featured on

Does Coca-Cola have access to its Timeline Page now?

Meanwhile, check out this cool discovery — it appears that Coca-Cola is testing its new Timeline Brand Page! As you can see from the screenshot below, discovered in the News Feed today (February 16th when this post was written) by one of my fans:

“Coca-Cola added an update to 1951 to their timeline.”

Facebook update Coca-Cola Timeline Page

Coca-Cola Testing a Timeline for Pages Update!

1951?? Yes, as AdAge pointed out, with the new Timeline for Pages, brands will be able to go back in time to the date the company was founded to add all manner of updates. Now that’s cool! I’m personally not so keen to go back in time to add my own baby photos, first word, first kiss, first drink yada yada. Lol! All of that is just TMI, IMHO! But for business? Hmm, let’s get the creativity going!

Special thanks to my Facebook friend, Jamie Dolan for the screenshot and headsup on Coca-Cola’s Timeline test!

By the way, what’s interesting is – despite the serious amount of engagement on this post within 4 minutes – Coca-Cola deleted the post shortly after. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to go live? 😉 The 37 shares also got nixed when Coca-Cola deleted the original post.

So, it does indeed seem that Facebook Timeline Brand Pages are right around the corner! Sooner than February 29th. Check out this great post by my friends over at SimplyZesty for ideas on how to get prepared now for your own business Timeline.

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With the upcoming announcement of Timeline for Pages, what features do you hope to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I was real worried about Timeline for Pages for now that I sort of see it in action and see the benefits, I’m kinda stoked! 🙂 Thanks for the post, Mari!

  • I quite like the idea of timeline for pages – think if done right, they will look stunning and provide whole new ways to engage. Am curious what will happen to the custom tabs/apps though. 

    Maybe instead of cover photo we’ll get cover app/html area? Would be awesome!

  • Lanikee

    Aloha Mari, gosh I appreciate the insight on how this name brand company is utilizing the timeline on their fb page. I suppose with tweaks and refinement on how to use this new feature it can be very beneficial. Great example with Coca Cola and I enjoy how they created their graphics. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m actually rather looking forward to Timeline for brand pages. It’s been a long time since Facebook has updated the brand page layout – this can only mean that a flood of new engagement and creativity will flood the Facebook platform! 

  • That’s a dynamic looking mock up. The background looks GR8. But will the new timeline do away with all those Apps we like to use… ?

  • I can think of all sorts of ways for brands to really splash their image visually. Great billboard options. But for micro businesses still struggling with the entire concept of using visual content it will be another learning curve for them. So, I’m getting more classes ready to start addressing this and make my fans, all micro businesses, get ready.

  • I can think of all sorts of ways for brands to really splash their image visually. Great billboard options. But for micro businesses still struggling with the entire concept of using visual content it will be another learning curve for them. So, I’m getting more classes ready to start addressing this and make my fans, all micro businesses, get ready.

  • I think Timelines for Pages will be ideal! Those lovely big cover photos scream ‘billboard’ to me.. It’s will be nice to have more creative space 🙂

  • Mary Morse Larson

    I have been READY for this for a while. I’ll have my logo cover photo ready to go and since our business has been around since 1969, I’ve already got a timeline, with some photos, ready to go too. 🙂

    My only concern is engagement decreasing. With personal timelines I heard many people say no one could see their posts, they felt invisible, etc. So I hope that doesn’t happen with pages.

  • Andrew

    This is great news. I’m a videographer and to make my site more visually appealing would be…well, logical.

  • Katrina Kavvalos

    I think the timeline for business pages will be great!!! Looking forward to it :-))

  • I would like to see comment threads!

  • OOOOO….I really like what I see!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the changes… While the big boxes and big brands will always have the advantage with budget and a media team small local businesses that have been in their community a while really have an opportunity to tell a story..  Thanks Mary

  • Rolling timeline and “the story of your business” for pages will be one of the biggest mistakes Facebook can ever make. Prepare for Angry Business on Feb 29.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!  I love this!  All the more reason to use my secret weapon for ‘state of the art’ graphics!  Can’t wait!

  • What is going to happen to my custom landing tabs? I’m going to have a lot of pissed off customers if those disappear. If feel as though facebook is making the same mistake myspace made with screwing over custom html designers.

  • Anonymous

    That’s so interesting about Coca-Cola going back to 1951 for their timeline, gives brands scope to write their whole history on Timeline! In the build up to the launch of brand pages, here’s a Countdown site for when we can expect Facebook Timeline for Brands to happen, based on the latest rumours.  

  • Looks nice, it has a better visibility than a classic page! Wait for mine..

  • Well, directed custom landing pages are gone. Damn.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe that facebook is taking away custom landing pages from us and removing the ability to place calls of action such as like us from the main picture of the page.  This is total bull and hopefully Google Plus will capitalize on this.  

  • Looks awesome….

  • Brutus Pilusa

    That’s very nice…

  • Well to me Facebook Timeline is not that great option to many of the users i wish they come up with something else in near future

  • Temay


  • mony
  • elin

    You are welcome, @Clare Josa! Let me know how your writing goes, and if
    you end up blogging a book, submit a blog post about it on my blog, Good luck!
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