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Do You Limit What You Share About Yourself On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?

Last week on Twitter, Viveka von Rosen [@linkedinexpert], Peggy Dolane [@freerangemom] and I [@marismith] hosted the first “#lion” Twitter discussion: a tweet-in that asked the question: How open a networker are you on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?. [#lion = LinkedIn Open Networker – a person who grows their network as broadly as possible.] This week…

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Social Network Business Cards – Found Fab Printer On Twitter!

I just had the most awesome social network business cards designed and printed… in record time. And, I found the designer/printer via Twitter! The gal I’ve been using for my business cards for years suddenly became unreachable for some reason. I was in a pinch. I needed new cards for an upcoming event (jvAlertLive in…

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