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Highlights of 2010 – A Magical And Full Year! [PICS]

Mari Smith at the 2010 Grammys

As one year ends and another begins, it’s often all too easy to just jump right into what’s new and focus on the future. Whilst proper planning for the future is certainly essential, I think it’s equally important to reflect back on all that we created during the past twelve months, celebrate the wins, learn…

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The Relationship Age – New Collaborative Book Out Today!


Relationship marketing has been around since the dawning of (wo)man. So long as we’ve been able to communicate with our fellow beings, we’ve been able to do commerce. With the incredible boom of online social networking sites – particularly Facebook and Twitter – what we’re seeing now is a massive paradigm shift in the way…

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How To Create and Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook’s Terms of Use stipulate you can only have ONE account and it must be in your own REAL name. Not your business name, a fake name, pen name, etc. Nor can you have duplicate accounts. However, good news! Facebook does provide a place for you to represent your business, and that is Facebook Pages.…

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Social Media Marketing: Battle Of The Sexes?

I’ve noticed quite a stir in cyberspace recently. Whether it’s traditional internet marketers vs. web 2.0 marketers, heart-based vs. numbers-based marketers, or male marketers vs. female marketers – some folks seem polarized in their discussions… and thinking. I don’t really care for rivalrous behaviors. Men and women are different. Period. Both genders are a vital…

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What To Do With Constant Facebook App Invites

Many people who join Facebook for business and professional reasons often seem completely stumped by the overwhelming number of invitations to install applications. And, the more friends you have the greater the number of invites you’ll receive. From what I’ve seen, new Facebook folks respond to constant app requests in one of these three ways:…

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