Social Media Marketing: Battle Of The Sexes?

I’ve noticed quite a stir in cyberspace recently. Whether it’s traditional internet marketers vs. web 2.0 marketers, heart-based vs. numbers-based marketers, or male marketers vs. female marketers – some folks seem polarized in their discussions… and thinking. I don’t really care for rivalrous behaviors. Men and women are different. Period. Both genders are a vital and integral part of everything we do. Nor do I believe in competition: Here?s the thing: I do not believe

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My Facebook Features Wish List

Everyday I use Facebook and everyday I find myself wanting just a few refinements to the current features. Nothing major (well, except the broken email system!), just certain things that would make my user experience more powerful, positive and productive. Here’s my wish list of Facebook features, (1) Radically improved email. C’mon Facebook – don’t you know more and more people are using FB email as one of their *primary* mediums for communicating? I’d like:

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What To Do With Constant Facebook App Invites

Many people who join Facebook for business and professional reasons often seem completely stumped by the overwhelming number of invitations to install applications. And, the more friends you have the greater the number of invites you’ll receive. From what I’ve seen, new Facebook folks respond to constant app requests in one of these three ways: Install-em-all: Some members feel obliged to install every app, especially when the invites come from people they know personally. The

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Ten Steps to Leverage Your Blog Posts With Facebook Notes

If you’re an active blogger (and I recommend online marketers for sure have a blog), here’s a ten-step process to create valuable exposure, build rapport, nurture relationships and advance your credibility: Make sure you’re importing your primary blog using the Facebook Notes app. Check that you’re already friends with certain prominent people in your industry. If not, send them a friend request (always with a personal message). Write a thought-provoking blog post and mention these

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Not All Internet Marketers Are Created Equal

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Period. When it comes to internet marketing, your decision to buy depends on whether you resonate with the marketer’s style… or not. This goes for both the online and offline world, e.g. whether you’re reading a web sales letter/email or you’re attending a live seminar. I believe we’re smack in the midst of a big movement. And it’s a movement away from testosterone-dominated, aggressive marketing

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Annoying Facebook Friends? Give ’em the FaceBOOT!

How do you feel about Facebook members on a mission to amass the max number of ‘friends’ in record time… for no apparent reason? Certain Facebook peeps have been getting right up my nose with this approach lately. I mean, if your name is John Reese, fair enough! John has a record of getting to the 5000 limit in the shortest time… but these were all people on his optin subscriber list and/or that he

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It’s Called FACEBook for a Reason! :)

A picture says a thousand words, would you agree? When you receive incoming Facebook friend requests, I’ll bet the person’s profile picture has a LOT of bearing on your decision to accept their invite or not. See, one of the great aspects of Facebook is the fact we have the opportunity for our face to show up throughout the platform. [Right: Sample pics from Top Friends app, one of my favorites to spotlight your peeps.]

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