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Twitter: Fundraising meets microblogging

By Mari Smith | December 22, 2007

Today was the first ever Frozen Pea Friday. Through the power of social networking and the highly-addictive (and effective!) micro-blogging platform, Twitter, the community created incredible solidarity to support Susan Reynolds as she underwent surgery for breast cancer today. Such courage. Such support. Blows me away. The idea behind Frozen Pea Friday is to donate…

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Suffering from Social Networking Overwhelm?

By Mari Smith | December 20, 2007

A participant in my Facebook Fortunes class recently posed this challenge to me: “Hi Mari, My name is Sara and I am a newbie 🙂 I just sent you a message from Facebook too. In fact that’s part of my question. I’m on Plaxo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MSN Messenger, Gmail, Gmail Chat, MySpace, have three…

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What’s Your Friending Policy?

By Mari Smith | December 13, 2007

Do you have a clearly defined personal policy for requesting and accepting friends on Facebook? I sure hope so. Over-friending can get your profile shut down in a heartbeat by the FB police (this happened to two of my buddies recently). The bad news is you’ll lose ALL your accepted friends, posts, emails, installed apps…

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B2B Marketing – Facebook Tips and Tricks

By Mari Smith | December 7, 2007

Here is the Word document of my presentation at the Web Community Forum. UPDATE: Now follow along with the audio recording of my presentation:

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Be Santa Facebook app: Bad Santa?

By Mari Smith | December 6, 2007

Just installed the Be Santa app after listening to Jason Beckerman, the app developer (Dank Apps) rave about it at the Web Community Forum event. (Jason is also the developer of The Lotto application and TeachThePeople.com). Be Santa has lots of really cool features: send your friends gifts, write letters to Santa, enter to win…

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Jeremiah Owyang on Facebook Strategy at Seattle Conference

By Mari Smith | December 5, 2007

Just finished listening to Jeremiah Owyang – keynote speaker at the Web Community Forum Facebook Conference in Seattle, WA. Jeremiah provided some great information covering these four topics: Facebook Offers a Ready-Made Marketing Platform 1. Why Facebook? 2. Facebook offers a bevy of opportunities 3. Challenges of Facebook Platform 4. Develop a Strategy I took…

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Facebook Beacon – What’s All The fuss?!

By Mari Smith | November 29, 2007

If you haven’t heard or read something about Facebook Beacon in the past couple weeks, perhaps you’ve had your head in the sand? 🙂 I think the furor is about the fact online consumers are being “forced” to reveal their shopping habits, not so much that the system exists. We have to take action to…

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Matt Bacak Interviewed on Facebook

By Mari Smith | November 21, 2007

I’m delighted to share my interview with Internet Multi-Millionaire, Matt Bacak. I’ve followed Matt’s success for several years and was glad to see he joined Facebook a little while back. Of course, I made sure we became Friends. Then, I messaged Matt to see if he’d be willing to share a few of his insider…

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Facebook Pages – What’s the Buzz About?

By Mari Smith | November 17, 2007

The jury’s still out for me – how about you? So far, I think Facebook Pages could well be a nifty feature for established businesses, bands, celebrities and the likes, as they can easily “migrate” their fan base over. But, for the “small guy”, hm, I’m not so sure. Could FB Pages be used to…

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Synch My Facebook Email With Outloook

By Mari Smith | November 10, 2007

Are you using your Facebook email as much as your “regular” email? On most days, I certainly am! And, I’m finding it darn annoying to not have these features: Store emails in folders. Search all emails. Forward emails. Sort by name or subject. View/retrieve deleted emails. I’d also like to collapse threads (a la Gmail).…

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