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Be Santa Facebook app: Bad Santa?

Just installed the Be Santa app after listening to Jason Beckerman, the app developer (Dank Apps) rave about it at the Web Community Forum event. (Jason is also the developer of The Lotto application and TeachThePeople.com).

Be Santa has lots of really cool features: send your friends gifts, write letters to Santa, enter to win prizes. And, Santa is giving away $2,500 on Christmas Morning.

BTW, Be Santa is the first app to integrate Amazon Associates’ real time data. Now that’s cool!

However, I found the “Continue” button a tad annoying to say the least!! Cleverly created to blend in with what appears to be Facebook’s navigation, when clicked on, it takes you to an ad. Hmph. As a user, I want to continue on with the app, not click off the page.

…and, try as hard as I could, I was not able to get past the “Skip” (friend invitations) feature. Is it just me? I had to dig around to find the App’s page with Discussion/Wall.

Rodney Rumford shared the stage with Jason, and he’d just encouraged app developers to include a force friend invitation feature. Sorry, but I don’t care for this at all. I want to fully delve into the app, THEN decide if I want to share it.

I wish app developers could/would message users to solicit feedback, and offer incentives for word of mouth marketing by influencers (being a “sneezer” as Dave McClure calls such peeps).

I’m a raving fan of affiliate programs and like to be rewarded for passing along details of products and services. BUT, I first have to review and experience for myself whatever it is I’m endorsing.

Have you tried Be Santa? Let me know if you have a different experience or perspective.

UPDATE: I just went back to the Be Santa app after a time lapse and noticed the “Continue” button is dynamic. Now it says “Try it!” – also in Facebook navigation style. Again, it goes to a sponsored ad. Grr, interesting tactics!

UPDATE: Okay, now I see other apps use this same tactic! Sorry to pick on your app, Jason! I just listened to Lee Lorenzen on Why Facebook is Worth $100 billion and he mentioned his son created the app Birthday Alarm. Huge viral effect – one million installs in 15 days! And then I see the familiar Facebook button – this time at least it goes to another app (Wink). 🙂

Mari Smith

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  1. Patty Hankins on December 7, 2007 at 12:28 am


    Thanks for the update – I agree with your thinking that forcing friend invitations is a bad idea. I can’t imagine any application I’d want to install if it required me to invite my friends.


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