From Palm to Monitor: Facebook Live Video is Coming to Desktop!

From Palm to Monitor: Facebook Live Video is Coming to Desktop!

Are you looking forward to Facebook Live Video coming to desktop?

“Like Amazon’s Twitch, but for your mom,” says Engadget. Ha! Cute.

I would say, Facebook Live via desktop is ideal for media personalities, journalists, public figures, businesses, trainers, speakers, coaches, vloggers (video bloggers), or anyone who is more comfortable in front of a computer versus smartphone. The reality is that, although smartphones are great when you’re out and about, desktops can allow for more control and as an added bonus—an additional hand! (Unless using tripods, of course!) Not to mention the use of higher quality cameras.

Facebook confirms it’s true:

“We’re starting to roll out the ability for people to broadcast live on Facebook from their desktop or laptop,” said Facebook in a statement.

Adweek reports that the feature will take a while to expand its reach, with more people set to gain access “in the coming months.”

Another incentive for our favorite blue thumb is luring in those that have previously stuck to video platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Shares Engadget: “Facebook, in particular, is reported to be working on a new way to monetize videos uploaded by popular users in order to break the hold YouTube’s ad dollars have on them.”

By the way, you can broadcast LIVE video on your desktop already… by using third party software. Platforms such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Telestream Wirecast (starts at $499) allow you to do so. I have both of these and they work great. Check out my good friend Ian Anderson Gray’s helpful tutorial on setting up OBS.

Or, brand new from BlueJeans Network, multi-person Facebook Live (up to 100 live feeds, omg!). Request a 30-day trial here. Check out my longtime friend Guy Kawasaki‘s fun announcement via Facebook Live on his page last week:

In related news, this is a fascinating read about the live streaming of video games: “Facebook has decided to compete against Twitch, Amazon’s broadcast network for eSports tournaments. Sparks will fly as Facebook begins to make its move in the live streaming industry of video games.”

What do you think about Facebook Live coming to desktop? Tell us below in the comments!

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