Default Landing Tabs Back – Facebook Apologizes

NEWSFLASH: After yesterday’s disappointing news that Facebook Fan Page Admins could no longer direct non-fans to a default custom landing tab unless they had a minimum of 10,000 fans… in less than 24 hours, Facebook has changed the new “rule” back again. The same Facebook staffer who made the forum post yesterday updated the forum today with this post: Hello, As of last night, we’ve removed the recently-added authentication requirement for setting custom landing tabs

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Facebook Nixes Default Landing Tab Option

[UPDATE #2: May 20, 2010: A few members of my community alerted me their Default Landing Tab had “reverted” back… or was working now. So I conducted a test: I logged out of Facebook, then pulled up about a dozen fan pages with fewer than 10,000 fans that would normally land on a Welcome tab. Some did, some didn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern. I’m guessing Facebook are rolling out this new “Default

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Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day – Virtual Launch Party May 3

[UPDATE] – we had a marathon seven-hour Virtual Launch Party today (May 3). Here’s a wee video greeting I recorded for my Facebook wall on my iPhone: First, Chris Treadaway and I co-hosted a three-hour presentation via TinyChat where we discussed many of the chapters in our book, along with the recent changes announced at Facebook‘s f8 conference, and the implications for marketers. The replay of this part will be available shortly! (I recorded my

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How To Attract and Engage Quality Customers With Social Media

Are you satisfied with the results you’re currently getting from all your social media efforts? Would you say there is room for improvement? Though we’re clearly reaching critical mass point with social media market penetration, there’s still a morass of confusing information as to what works, and what doesn’t. There are social media policies, and which sites to use, and the right content and engagement strategies. And whether to automate, delegate, ghostwrite. or not. It

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Meet Social Media Speaker Mari Smith In Denver, Albuquerque or Ottawa!

I’m about to set off on a wee tour – which originally began as a private mastermind retreat in Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 12-17 Then, my friend, Peggy McColl, asked me to speak at her amazing Viral Explosions book launch extravaganza in Ottawa, Ontario, April 16 and 17. It’s such an amazing event, and my big sis lives near Ottawa so we get to meet up! And, my friend, Joel Comm contacted me to let

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  • Hire Top Social Media Expert, Mari Smith to speak at your next event!
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