Facebook Groups Get A New Design — With Cover Image

The din of excitement about Facebook Timeline for Pages might be drowning out any news about a new look for Facebook Groups! InsideFacebook.com first announced this change on February 2nd, showing this group with the new design. But, I didn’t see or hear much more about it. Until now!

It seems Facebook has been testing this feature for the past couple of weeks. And now, all Groups just got the new upgrade!

One of my Facebook fans from Slovakia posted on my wall that his group had the new design on February 16th. See screenshot below – click to view full size:

Facebook Groups - New Design With Cover Image

Group Admins can choose from a large cover image or leave the default member photo montage.

Member Photo Montage

The default view for the top of Groups is a showcase of members with a nifty interactive photo strip. The member images are transparent but when you hover over the photo strip, full color is restored and you can see the members’ names as you hover over individual photos. Click on any photo to go to that person’s Timeline. (Note that doing so opens in the same window; to open in a new window/tab, right click on any member photo first).

The most recently active members are randomly displayed each time you visit your Groups. Members of my largest and most active group (860+ members), tested this out a fair bit and it’s clear that the most recently active members get “first dibs” on the photo strip.

From the screenshot above for the Electricity Room’s Group (taken last week), the photo montage is two rows of 16 photos. However, it seems now the default is a single row with 8 images, as shown below:

Facebook Group - New Member Photos

Group members and Admins will see this message when first visiting their Groups.

I suspect Facebook ran some tests with the 32 images and opted for 8 instead. Perhaps faster load time?

Now, given the fact Facebook clearly has the technology to create this cool header with a montage of members that is fully interactive, I’m wondering if this could be a preview of coming attractions in other areas of Facebook? Like Events? Fan Pages?

Hmm! HOW EXCITING!! Listen up fan page owners: could you imagine the power of having a dynamic display of your fans at the top of your page? Your fans would keep coming back to ensure their face/avatar was displayed at the top. Of course, I would like to see the option to have both a branded banner (narrow is fine!) and a dynamic display of fans.

Large Cover Image!

Guess what? Just like personal Timelines, Group admins can now select from a large “cover” image instead of the member photo montage.

The cover image dimensions are 802 pixels wide by 200 pixels high UPDATE: as of March 30, the new banner dimensions are 801 x 250 px (slightly smaller than the personal and page Timeline cover images which are 851 x 315). However, note that the Group cover image tucks behind the group’s opaque “info bar,” so I recommend leaving a strip at the bottom 30 pixels high without any writing.

Facebook Group - Add Cover Image

Facebook Group - Admins can add a large Cover Image

There is one oddity to be aware of: in some groups, members can upload their own cover image which displaces the current one or replaces the member photo montage. I’m certain this is simply a bug with some groups, vs. a feature setting. I hunted high and low for such a setting, but it doesn’t exist. I’ll keep you posted on what my members and I discover.

Meantime, do you have this new group layout on your Facebook groups yet? Do you like it? Have you chosen to go with a banner or leave the dynamic member photo strip in place?

And, with the upcoming announcement of Timeline for Pages, what features do you hope to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Freecoverforfacebook

    Download Cover for Facebook Timeline http://freecoverforfacebook.com . Many Cool cover :)

  • http://twitter.com/purplmama purplmama

    Hi Mari,

    I don’t show the option to add a cover for my new group. Is there a member minimum for this to be enabled?


  • http://georgiajenkins.com/ Georgia Jenkins

    Lost in fog. Have no idea about setting up. use Facebook in Empower Dave group and a couple of others, but haven’t set own up. Could use suggestions.

  • timothy farrand

    I have a group on fb for a game called bingo blitz .. im trying to find out how to make banners for holidays .. would you know how and can you help me please .. thank you

  • Ariko D’ Hagana

    Thank You very much Mari, Now my Group have it’s own Cover Image :)

  • http://www.el3mentsofwellness.com/ Carl Mason-Liebenberg

    Mari, I was searching high and low for that feature….

  • Herwin Hadameck

    thx a lot for this information – so now I can change the picture of my group the right way!
    Have a nice christmas and a happy new year!
    Greetings from Germany – Herwin

  • worldwidewifi.co

    Just hover over the middle of the last pic to your right. It will appear.

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  • Donna Williams Thompson

    My timeline photo’s have been the same for a very long time. Does change like it use to.. how an I correct that?

  • Trends Lister

    Hi Mari,

    Thank you for this very informative articles of yours. I got some idea on how to create our banner.
    Trends Lister this is our facebook group.


    Trends Lister

  • JEK Travels

    Quick question when posting to a group to leave a comment how do I get my profile picture to show up in the top on display like other members

  • http://www.facebook.com/Donna.Russo.Morin Donna Russo Morin

    My picture never shows up on my groups’s banners when I comment. Is it something in my settings? Thanks very much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlos.sarcinelli.5 Carlos Sarcinelli

    Thanks for your help, information ! That’s size is very hard to find.

  • Shujith

    Thank you very much Marie Smith… :) I have tried almost many dimensions but nothing was perfect.This post helped me… :)

  • Scott

    Marie I am glad I found your website. I am part of about 5 different facebook groups and I have never seen my profile picture show up in the member photo montage. Is there a reason for this? I always see the same people at the top of the page.

  • kavy

    Thank you for this very interesting infographic ! I’m talking about Google Venice on my blog.

    ??? ????????

  • Usman Khan

    hy mari….!!

  • Anmading

    I find the Large Cover Image for groups annoying. Is there any way to make it disappear?

  • yashar

    This site is very great and indispensable to my thank you to expect continued success with the authorities there are millions of people come easy memlunkalan but I guess I did not bring the language

    ????? ????

  • limop

    This is the most comprehensive list detailing how to work with Facebook I
    have ever seen. Thanks Mari! 111* 74 was all I was looking for but
    Wow, you are all over this!! Thanks again.
    ?? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ???? ??????? ????????????????? ???????? ???? ????? ?? ??????????? ?????????? ??? -???? ??????? - ???? ????????

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