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NEW! Facebook marketing launch underway!

Good news, my friends!

It’s time for another of my epic free Facebook marketing webinars. Coming up on TUESDAY, MAY 19th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, I will be leading a 90-minute mega webinar for thousands of peeps around the world. Plus, I’m giving away an awesome 10-page free Facebook Marketing Guidebook that your audience can download right away.

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First, check out the landing page here:

My launch team and designers have tested nine different variations of the smoking hot landing page and we are already converting at over 50%. (In fact, we’re fluctuating between 50-60% conversion rate – pretty awesome, right?!)

The title of the webinar on May 19th is

SUPERCHARGE YOUR FACEBOOK MARKETING: 10 Mistakes Business Are Making on Facebook… and How To Fix Them


Have you heard the news, by the way? Facebook recently HIRED ME to help lead a series of live educational events for small and medium size businesses across the United States!! The event series is called BOOST YOUR BUSINESS and we’re coming to San Diego, Minneapolis, Nashville and Boston.

Of course, I’m super excited to meet so many of my peeps live and in person. However, I also appreciate that so many more folks around the world would love to learn cutting-edge Facebook marketing techniques and so that’s why I’m offering the free webinar on May 19th + companion guidebook.

Facebook Partners with Mari Smith!


On the live May 19th webinar, I’ll be offering my latest online training course:


The course will run from June 9th to 25th, comprising six modules, live Q&A and private forum. Attendees can expect to have a complete overhaul of their online marketing strategy, including best practices for Facebook marketing and how to consistently generate solid revenue and results. The price point will be $495 with a VIP option as well.

Your commission will be 25% on each sale that you refer. For my Super Affiliates, you know what your rate is!


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Just announced! FREE #Facebook marketing webinar with @marismith on May 19th + PDF guide! [LINK]

Newsflash! Facebook hired @marismith to lead business events! Sign up for her latest webinar on May 19th! [LINK]

Facebook partners with the ‘Queen of Facebook’ @marismith! Register for Mari’s latest free webinar: [LINK]

The Queen of Facebook @MariSmith is leading another of her epic free webinars on May 19th! [LINK] See you there!

Wow – come learn from Facebook’s own Boost Your Business leader @MariSmith on this free webinar 5/19: [LINK]

Have you heard the news? Facebook hired @MariSmith! Get the latest marketing tips on Mari’s free webinar 5/19 [LINK]

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Join Facebook Queen @MariSmith on May 19th for FREE Facebook Marketing webinar [LINK] + 10-page Guidebook!

This looks amazing! Get a free #Facebook Marketing Guidebook + webinar with @marismith on 5/19! [LINK]

STOP wasting money doing the wrong things on Facebook and START getting real results – @MariSmith shows you how [LINK]

Most Facebook marketers are leaving HUGE piles of money on the table. Get the secrets to success from @MariSmith [LINK]


My fab friend, the Queen of Facebook, Mari Smith, is leading another of her EPIC free Facebook marketing webinars. You don’t want to miss this one — TUESDAY, MAY 19th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. Save your seat here. PLUS, when you sign up, you’ll get Mari’s awesome new 10-page Facebook Marketing Guidebook. [LINK]


Mari Smith says you may be making a ton of mistakes on Facebook every single day that are costing you money… simply because you don’t know what you don’t know. Or, you’re using dated practices that no longer work. It can be challenging to keep up with Facebook’s algorithm updates, but that’s what Mari Smith (the Queen of Facebook!), is ultra passionate about – well that and helping businesses to be more successful! Sign up for Mari’s FREE Facebook marketing webinar on May 19th (+ awesome companion Guidebook) at: [LINK]



Amazing. 90% of Fortune 500 companies make one of these major Facebook mistakes. And, at least 50% of all Facebook page owners make Mistake #1 … and they are leaving HUGE piles of money on the table as a result. My friend Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook, says there are several studies that prove this to be true! Come learn the top 10 Facebook mistakes and how to fix them on this FREE webinar with Mari: [LINK]



Awesome – Mari Smith is leading another of her epic free Facebook marketing webinars on May 19th. And, she’s giving away a special report, too. Get the full details here and save your seat – I’ll see you there! [LINK]



Suggested subject lines:

[Time Sensitive] Meet my friend, Facebook expert Mari Smith on May 19th!
This will be awesome – Facebook webinar on May 19th with Mari Smith
Learn from top Facebook expert, Mari Smith
Boost your business results on Facebook – finally
Best advice from Facebook expert, Mari Smith

Hi [Name],

As you know, Facebook has changed the rules dramatically in the past year. Organic reach is down, and it’s getting increasingly difficult for businesses to see real, measurable results from their marketing efforts.

Facebook is pay to play, there’s no escaping it.

BUT, before you roll your eyes in sheer frustration, what if there was a proven way to ensure that every dollar invested and every minute spent on Facebook, pays off 10x? Even 100x? Or more!

That’s where my good friend, premier Facebook marketing expert, Mari Smith, comes in!

Mari is leading one of her famous free Facebook marketing webinars this week – where she’ll reveal theTop Ten Mistakes Businesses Are Making on Facebook… And How To Fix Them! These mistakes are causing businesses to lose a LOT of money. (Mari tells me that even Fortune 500 companies are making these same mistakes – ouch!)

The webinar is coming up fast, be sure to mark the date on your calendar now:

TUESDAY, MAY 19TH at 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Free webinar with Mari Smith
Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing.
Stop missing out on opportunities by fixing the top 10 mistakes!

Go save your seat here: [REPLACE WITH YOUR LINK]

When you sign up, you’ll also receive Mari’s fabulous Facebook Marketing Guidebook! Mari reveals the TOP MISTAKES businesses are making on Facebook and how to fix them.

By the way, I’m so excited to share that Mari’s expertise has recently been recognized by Facebook! The company has hired Mari to go on tour and teach at a series of business events around the United States.

Mari also wanted to ensure that she reached more people around the world with her teachings… which is why she’s offering this special LIVE online training on May 19th.

(Good news: If you’re unable to join in live, the webinar will be recorded and Mari will send you the replay link shortly after the live session.)

I highly recommend that you do what you can to attend live, though – Mari’s webinars are always so much fun and packed with actionable tips. Also, I know Mari uses a special streaming technology where you’ll be able to watch on any device – desktop, laptop, notebook or smartphone.

Don’t delay, go save your spot now: [REPLACE WITH YOUR LINK]

I’ll “see” you there!

Your name

P.S. I don’t know when Mari will be leading another free online event like this – she’s on the road a lot, training and speaking at major events around the world, and now directly partnering with Facebook. Go take advantage of this free webinar coming up on May 19th while you can – register here: [REPLACE WITH YOUR LINK]

P.P.S. – By the way, when you sign up, you also get Mari’s latest Facebook Marketing Guidebook and it’s awesome! A generous, full-color PDF packed with 10 pages of useful content – Mari reveals the TOP MISTAKES businesses are making on Facebook and how to fix them. Get your instant download (and webinar spot!) here: [REPLACE WITH YOUR LINK]

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Facebook 10 Mistakes Webinar - Mari Smith 3

Facebook 10 Mistakes Webinar - Mari Smith 3

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