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It’s Called FACEBook for a Reason! :)

A picture says a thousand words, would you agree? When you receive incoming Facebook friend requests, I’ll bet the person’s profile picture has a LOT of bearing on your decision to accept their invite or not. See, one of the great aspects of Facebook is the fact we have the opportunity for our face to…

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Twitter Buzz! Quick Tips for Business Peeps

At the request of many of my buds and clients, I’ve put together a few Twitter tips for beginners to get on the fast track with this wildly popular site! Twitter is a “micro blogging” platform. To me, that means you can post your thoughts, feelings, ideas, actions, and observations all mixed up with some…

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How To Shake Hands On Facebook

Ever since I joined Facebook in July 2007, I’ve been an evangelist for including a personal message each time I make a Facebook Friend Request. No exceptions. Likewise, I’m equally passionate about receiving a personal message from incoming friends. Still, it continues to amaze me how many Facebook members miss this critical step. It’s the…

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Twitter: My Living Breathing Search Engine!

Okay, I’m so excited I just have to write this blog post to share my excitement about one of the many uses of Twitter. Recently I had a nasty meltdown in MS Word 07. See, when my trusty desktop burned out on me last fall, I was forced to pony up for a hot new…

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New Resilience Book Skyrockets up the Amazon Charts!

My mentor coach, Mike R. Jay, has a hot new book out today! Upping the Downside: 64 Strategies for Creating Professional Resilience by Design. It’s the perfect antidote to all the conversation about a recession. I’ve been studying with Mike since October 2006 when a dear friend introduced me to him. I was immediately struck…

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You have a friend suggestion!

Since I joined Facebook in July last year, one of my favorite third party apps has been Introduce Me. With the click of a button, I can introduce two friends who I believe should meet for specific reasons, typically business-related. However, now there’s a new feature from Facebook: Friend Suggestion. Here’s how it works: How…

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How To Build Your Global Community Using Facebook

By popular demand, I just lead another dynamic Facebook call for the folks at Excellerated Business Schools, home of the world-famous Money & You program. (I’m a grad of May 1999, where I met my hubby). This call is a crash-course in how to optimize your Facebook experience and your Facebook activities to build a…

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