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How To Turn off Facebook Chat

It’s arrived: Facebook chat just blasted it’s way onto my computer screen with several nonsensical instant messages. I knew this feature was being tested in certain Networks across Facebook and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. My attention is already massively divided without having to deal with messages on the fly from people…

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Twitter: My Living Breathing Search Engine!

Okay, I’m so excited I just have to write this blog post to share my excitement about one of the many uses of Twitter. Recently I had a nasty meltdown in MS Word 07. See, when my trusty desktop burned out on me last fall, I was forced to pony up for a hot new…

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I Heart my Facebook and Twitter Communities!

As a raving people-person*, I absolutely adore my online social networks! Okay, the secret is out. Ha! As if it was a secret. *I’m an Extravert on Myers-Briggs, High I on Disc, High Social Contact on Reiss, and Connector in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. I treated myself to a professional makeover and photoshoot last…

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How NOT To Do Business on Facebook… or anywhere!

I had a very unpleasant experience last week: a gal, I’ll call Ms. X, ripped off my copyrighted sales copy for FacebookFortunes.com and FacebookGuidebook.com, put it up verbatim on her Facebook Profile, her website, and on Podclass… and began promoting the programs as if they were her own. I was shocked. (I’ve been on the…

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Facebook for Business: The Blog Squad Interviews Mari Smith

With sixty-seven million active users, Facebook has significant implications for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. This highly successful online social networking platform continues to grow at a rate of 250,000 per day. That is serious growth! Not only that, more than HALF the active users come back DAILY. And, people spend an average of 20…

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Invite friends to be fans Using share feature on pages

One of the complaints some folks had about Facebook Pages was you couldn’t invite anyone to be your “fan” (the business term for friend). However, now you can post your Page (business) to your Profile (personal) and/or invite specific friends to come check out your Page and Become a Fan. Go to your Facebook Page,…

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On Facebook, Profiles are personal. PAGES are for Business

The CORRECT way to register an account on Facebook is in your personal name. To register an account in your business name is against Facebook’s Terms of Use. I’m going on a wee rant here! Sure, it’s true you don’t know what you don’t know. But sometimes I think people are chancing their luck. See,…

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