Facebook Marketing: What SMBs Need to Know, Managing Multiple Pages & More: The Social Scoop 6/6/17

Facebook Marketing: What SMBs Need to Know, Managing Multiple Pages & More: The Social Scoop 6/6/17

A few quick Facebook updates this week:

  • Facebook now lets you add any posts to an album: photos, videos text updates, and check-ins. Could this be Facebook striving to compete with the newly revamped Google Photos?!
  • Facebook is quietly testing a ‘Hello’ button (to replace the Poke?!)… hm, Lionel Richie? or Adele? Hello? haha. Seriously, I must confess, I have never, ever been a fan of the Poke button. Can’t say I would use a Hello button instead. Why not just message someone?! 
  • In an effort to combat fake news, Facebook is testing a new feature which will prevent page administrators from editing the featured image, headline and description on shared links. This is good news, surely. (Although, I rather liked the option to customize link posts. Video posts tend to perform much better.)
  • Video covers are coming to more Facebook Pages – hooray. Check out the gorgeous cinemagraph by my friends at Flixel. And find out more info on the video cover specs. (I’m waiting patiently to get the video cover feature myself!)

Facebook Cover Videos!

This Week’s Top 3 Articles

1. What SMB Marketers Need To Know About Facebook via HuffingtonPost.com

When it comes to marketing your small to medium sized business on Facebook, do you hesitate because you’re not sure how to get the best ROI? Or do you wonder if it will be impossible given the fact much bigger players are having a tough time, too? I was recently interviewed together with the CEO of Animoto, Brad Jefferson on the topic of Facebook Marketing for SMBs. Cameron Conaway asked some excellent questions read on to learn more.

2. How to Manage Multiple Facebook Pages Without Going Nuts via AgoraPulse.com

Managing more than one Facebook page can be quite the juggling act. Images, videos, posts, comments, there’s lots to do. But there are ways to keep track of everything and stay sane at the same time. The eight tips in this post are sure to help! [And, AgoraPulse is one of my favorite social media management tools out there, by the way!]

3. What to Post on Facebook: 20 Ideas, Examples & Strategies via Wishpond.com

If you have been posting the same type of content over and over on your Facebook Page chances are you’re not getting the results you once were. Are you in need of some fresh ideas? Then you’ll want to check out this post! It has 20 suggestions (themed content, pets, polls, how-to guides & more) and each one explains why it’s good and how you can implement it. Love that!

That’s a wrap for this issue of The Social Scoop. I hope you have an amazing week ahead and I look forward to connecting again very soon.

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