Oprah On Facebook and Twitter: Bring On More Global Leaders

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I’ve been eager for Oprah to join the Twitterverse for some time. As you can see by this fun comic strip I made back on September 24, 2008, my cartoon self was enthusiastically encouraging cartoon Oprah to join Facebook and Twitter!!

Mari Smith shows Oprah Winfrey Facebook and Twitter!

Yesterday on the Oprah and Friends show, even with celeb guest Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk on Twitter) and Twitter’s CEO Evan Williams (@ev), Oprah seemed to be getting to grips with what exactly Twitter is, how to use it, why anyone would want such a large following (one million plus) and what to say! But, I do believe she’s starting to catch the vision.

ripple Here’s the thing: can you imagine the even bigger difference we can make on the planet individually and collectively when more and more visionaries, enlightened leaders and luminaries fully integrate the power of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter?!

On Monday, I had the absolute privilege of leading a social media webinar for the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), with cofounders and members including Jack Canfield, Marie Diamond, DC Cordova, John Assaraf, Raymond Aaron, Hale Dwoskin, Ivan Misner, Donna Steinhorn, Jim Bunch, and many more. I am deeply moved at the power of what I’m starting to call Conscious Social Media and Mindful Tweeting.

See, everything matters. Everything counts. It’s all energy. It’s the ripple effect, or the BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

“The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different.” [From Wikipedia]

Social media is part of the butterfly effect. What if more people on Twitter and Facebook really stopped to think about their messages and how much impact even one tweet or Facebook wall post, for example, can make to a person’s life?

I actually believe having a large following — online or offline, but particularly through social media due to the rapid uptake — is a big responsibility. But not responsibility from a point of burden, but of joy and purpose. Surely we can use these mediums to create more good.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below: do you think social media is helping to transform the world? To raise the consciousness of the planet? Do you think those who are already global leaders and have large followings outside of social media have a greater responsibility when joining sites like Twitter? Do you have any wonderful stories to share of how something has touched your life through social media?

Mari Smith

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  • Mari, where is your nose in the comic?….but yes Twitter and Social Media will make huge advances in relationships and how we connect and share ideas. Keep up the great work.

  • I have noticed, as somewhat of a newbie, that some people connect with me on twitter just to have more . . . what? people following? Most are clear that their only purpose is to make money. Facebook seems a little more conscious, though I really don’t like all the stupid apps, and have finally refused to play with them. I know my purpose, or purposes, and I am living them. Since I live in a very small town on the western edge of the continent, one the border with Canada, I have to drive at least 45 minutes to actually find people who are on a similar trajectory, so the internet is a real help . . . when I can find like minds.

  • Jeff Fechner

    Hi Mari,
    I believe that Twitter by far has a huge possibility of making an impact on the world, not only in being transparent, but as well as getting your message out to Thousands if not more.
    Facebook I believe is more personal, and closer to most of our homes.
    Either way I love your thoughts!

  • Tony Bennion

    Hi Mari,

    Well its very nice to have people like Oprah involved in public forums. But in reality everyone is truly responsible for themselves and need to face this.Oprah and other celebrities and “world leaders”are just human beings like everyone else and its entirely misleading for them and the planetary consciousness to encourage or expect these people to give guidance or “answers”to our problems.

    This is not to say that we cannot help or support one another in meaningful ways but that it needs always to require an individual to take the responsibility for their own lives and actions.

    With warm regards and best wishes, Tony Bennion (Zarnik)

  • Social media is definitely starting to play a role in transforming the way we communicate with one another. As more people join the world of “social marketing” we learn more about others around the world and we gain instant knowledge of how they think and perceive the world.

  • Kirstin Roehrich

    I believe that social media can be transformational both in business and ideologically. Leaders who want a direct connection to many of their audiences can achieve that using Twitter and other social media.

    Social media has the potential for enabling leaders to understand and interact with their audiences, which gives them more opportunity to answer concerns and hone their message. Your example of Oprah works very well as does your discussion elsewhere of President Obama.

    Current global leaders have a responsibility to society and the world to understand the people they lead and guide the world along the best possible path.

    My life has been touched by social media through friends reaching out, the introduction of business partners and the broadening of my world through interacting with more people.

  • Tom Shea

    Hi Mari I think you are very nice but when you say that social leaders should be on social media you have to wonder……… why do you want to take advice from Oprah or Ashton.They are ONLY CELEBS! Do you really want millions of people being swayed by ONE???????????????????? Are they qualified. You must admit that there are a lot of mindless people out there. I know Oprah would be a big notch in your belt but Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssse.. leave this stuff for the unbiased if they exist.
    Just one mans opinion.

  • Jim Turner

    Mari… great post and commentary. I do believe those who have a large following should use the power of social media to impact change – our recent new president has been the leader of the pack and the greatest example.

    I was a bit skeptical of the Ashton Kutcher 1million campaign until I had the chance to look below the surface at what was really taking place. If we think about it, all of what we hear from mainstream media is filtered to some degree or another.

    The first filter is – will it boost our ratings? Quite frankly I could care less about the networks’ ratings – it’s very self-serving for them and their profit motive. I really want to know about what’s truly newsworthy.

    But anyway, without the mainstream media filters we can get pure news, many times as it’s happening, hours before mainstream media gets wind of it.

    So, I would like to see more prominent leaders jump on this bandwagon and go straight to those who want to hear from them – not through a filter.

    Again, thanks for the post.


  • HI Mari, Yes I truly believe in the power of social media. My life has certainly changed since I got involved with FTY (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) I have me some amazing people, including you . I have learned so much about internet marketing from the tidbits people share on Twitter. I feel it is an important part of operating a business.

    Whitney Pannells last blog post..Pictures of Coach Calipari’s New House

  • Gina McNew

    Nicely stated and a thought surely worth considering. I love your sentence that, “we can use these mediums to create more good”. A while back through literally a snafu in someone’s emailing response system…100’s of us received numerous emails. The amazing thing is some people became so annoyed that they were threatening law suits, while others saw it as serendipity and slowly started reaching out to the strangers who were now unexpectantly connected. The stories that were shared were amazing. To some it was literally life changing in that they were in very dark moments and the kindness and generosity they experienced gave them new determination or words of inspiration. This occurred a few months ago and to date, I still keep in touch with quite a few of the wonderful people I met by a random email free for all. One never knows how their actions can affect another human being and we should all be more cognizant. Thanks for the reminder. You lead by the best example so it is a privilege
    to be able to connect with you. Continued success always…
    Gina McNew

  • Hi Mari,

    Well, if you want some Mindful Tweeting you should check out LOA (Law of Attraction) tweeters #LOA #+NRG who support each other by tweeting positive reminders of how we can consciously create.

    Eleanore Duyndam

    Eleanore Duyndams last blog post..EFT Tapfest for Earth Day 2009 – Apr 22,2009

  • Ann Strong

    Thank you, Mari, for this thought-provoking conversation.

    I’ve held back from getting involved in social media to avoid more “noise.”

    Since I’ve stuck my toe in the Twittersphere, I’ve realized that mindful tweets impact the world more positively than the noisy ones do negatively. So, I am practicing Mindful Tweeting!

    Ann Strongs last blog post..Spiritual inspiriation: From the Fullness of You

  • Wow Mari,
    Such tasty food for thought. I initially thought I’d say I do believe that those with social clout have a bigger responsibility to tweet and post responsibly and with authenticity and maybe a view towards having a positive impact. (Chances are those with social clout who live to do good in the world won’t need to be reminded of this.) However as you pointed out, there is the butterfly effect.
    In this case we are all encouraged, dare I say mandated, to tweet generously, honestly, with a view towards the greater good of all those who might be a part of the twitterverse.
    Social media is merely one aspect of creating communities and connections albeit a very powerful and fast moving one. Bringing awareness to this activity, call it tweeting with intention, sounds like a good idea to this little bird.
    Thank you for bringing our attention and awareness to this timely idea.

    Gregory Anne Coxs last blog post..United To Penalize Overweight Passengers?

  • Greg Phillips


    Once again, I’m deeply impressed with your blogging. I wholeheartedly agree that Social Media is helping to transform the world.

    Other than a medium-sized group of friends I like to keep track up on Facebook, I am on Facebook and Twitter for one purpose — to carry my message and share my story of powerful transformation.

    And in recent weeks since I joined Twitter, I have been amazed to find so many like minded people. People who aprpeciate my being open, inspiring and vulnerable in my posts and sharing.

    What a great way to expand consciousness!!

    Thanks for your inspiration and great information Mari!

    ~ Greg

  • Great post Mari! I think those with huge social followings outside Twitter have the same level of responsibility on Twitter. It’s just a different medium to communicate. Ashton Kutcher is clearly broadcasting his brand of humor and celebrity. Oprah can do the same. Other celebrities like MC Hammer are really embracing the community on Twitter, but we can’t expect all celebs to behave that way. I hope that the effect of celebs joining Twitter is to legitimize the platform as a communication vehicle, encouraging many to join and thus adding value to the conversation. Many will be bandwagon lurkers just to see what celebs do, but the more people on Twitter, the more valuable real-time information becomes. Thanks for the thoughtful post!

    Adam Cohens last blog post..Celebrities Are Not Taking Over Twitter

  • Hi Mari,

    Excellent concept. This is very similar to what I wrote about in my book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing.

    There is SO much power in social networks, but you have to leverage it correctly. You have to use its innate power.

    I think to whom much is given, much is expected. When you have an excellent platform-you have the responsibility to use it wisely.

    Together, we all have the power to change the world! : )

    Shama Hyders last blog post..Why Marketing is like a 2 Handled Coffee Mug

  • BJ

    Yes, based on what I have seen so far I think social media has started and will continue to play a vital role in raising the consciousness of the planet. As more elevated thinkers and global thought leaders get on board there will probably be an even greater impact.

  • Hi Mari,
    I don’t think it is yet. Once one of those conscious leaders get the idea…then I think it will really start to take off.

    I think it started with the youth as a fad thing, but the power is there…it just takes time for people to see it.

    Even myself….a bit slow on the uptake.


  • Lorrette

    I agree with Tony Bennion’s comment about ‘well known personalities or global leaders’ responsibilities when it comes to their playing their part in the social media playground. I do believe that the social media landscape is greatly influencing and transforming how we communicate with each other. What a great tool it has been in giving us the opportunity to learn so much more about others, and so quickly. Social media is a significantly powerful and fast moving influence on all those who choose to participate in it.

  • I loved the blog. Like I told my sister, Twitter is a love fest – I see is as a kin transformational tool. It is very cool to be able to meet people in such a minimalist way from all over the globe and connect and follow and actually create great relationships from casual peeps to JVs, coaches, clients, bus ops, education, friends and colleagues. As far as visionary people tweeting. I think we’re all visionary people. I’d love to see ophrah tweeting – about going for a run. Your article had a spiritual quality and passion that I love. Thank you Mari, Anne (Coach Paradise)

  • dekonstruct

    Looks like it’s a race between oprah, CNN, and Ashton Kutcher to see who can control the hive mind that is twitter. I for one welcome our new celebrity overlords.

  • Katherine Reschke

    I am very pleasantly surprised by how positive the Twitterverse is. Maybe I have chosen only to follow positive people or maybe 140 characters isn’t enough to interest the whiners. I usually find myself boosted several times a day on Twitter.

  • Suzanne Holman

    What a powerful force in the world we have with Twitter…and Facebook!
    I feel grateful to you, Mari, for expanding the consciousness of these platforms. It is difficult to ever measure the powerful effect you are having on mankind!
    Thank you for all your dedication and passion!
    I’m not surprised that you were looking ahead way back in September…seeing the trend of celebrities joining in.

    Suzanne Holmans last blog post..You mean crossword puzzles aren’t enough?

  • Peter du Toit

    Thanks for this post Mari!

    Here is something interesting to consider. Each human body consists of approximately 50 trillion cells and the hallmark of a healthy vibrant body is the ability that all 50 trillion cells have to communicate vital life supporting information with each other. Communication in nature is similar and just as advanced.

    Imagine each of us being an individual cell in the larger body of humankind. Each individual alive has enormous value to bring to the whole. I see what is happening at present with social media as an incredible advance in our ability to share and gain from each other for the purpose of making the whole better and more healthy. There is no questions that the consciousness of our planet will shift as we move from isolation to connectedness. I believe we all have a responsibility (just as each individual cell in the body has) to participate in a manner that supports life. These tools are moving us back to remembering that we live in a interconnected universe and that whatever we do to serve life (with our thoughts, words & actions) automatically benefits all of us.

    Here is to Conscious Social Media and Mindful Tweeting!

  • Great questions Mari.

    do you think social media is helping to transform the world?
    I do, look at the fundraising you were involved in in Africa, lots of potential here, can think of how celbrities could use for the greater goood

    To raise the consciousness of the planet? Potential is great, my question how do we empower the spammers and MLMers, hard core marketers, etc to use social media for the greater good

    Do you think those who are already global leaders and have large followings outside of social media have a greater responsibility when joining sites like Twitter? Yes I think they do- challenge is it them or an underling twittering?How do people make the distinction

    Do you have any wonderful stories to share of how something has touched your life through social media? I have a wonderful friend @spiritcoach I met through making a spelling mistake ass instead of as! Met in real life too. I recently got to be in a book through twitter
    I love that through just a small tweet you can feed a child etc

    Love all you new blog gadgets


    Suzie Cheels last blog post..45 Days To Achieve Your Dream?

  • Hi Mari,

    I kind of agree with one of the comments about being “just celebs”. All of us a social responsibility, but the celebs often sponsor one thought and act another. The celebs get huge coverage and a much greater response – but can we be a little choosy about our celebs?
    How about we all make a commitment to be socially responsible in our sharing, and share courageously and wisely our convictions to act in Truth?

  • Judith Atkinson

    Hi Mari,

    What a thought provoking article you have written and also received a variety of responses. Is this not the power of Social Networking – Freedom of Speech for the ordinary individual?

    I guess that maybe those with “influence!!!” can help validate and improve the credibiltiy of Twitter and Facebook. However, are we not all responsible for our own actions with or without their imput?

    Social Media has the power for incredible world change for the good if we cherish what we have and how we use it and not aiuse it. At the moment maybe it is still new and we are playing with it like a child with a new toy. But everytday now it is evolving and changing and we must all be part of the power for that good.

    I live in Spain but am English and as yet there are so few Europeans onboard – I hope to help change that as they don’t know what they are missing. I now communicate daily with Americans and other nationalitesi and am gaining new, real people as friends. It has helped me open up and understand other peoples principles and cultures. This really is a great power for good. The Law of Attraction in Action.

    I say let’s all work together for the greater good and learn how to use this incredible technology FREELY for the benefit of all.

    I hope we do mee t Mari in Europe when I have organised my tutorials.
    thanks for all you are doing on the Internet.

    Visit My Twitter Page

    Judith Atkinsons last blog post..Ask an Expert. Should entrepreneurs Twitter?

  • Ali

    I had to pinch myself when I saw Oprah doing her first “tweet”, and then the realization of the global impact for “the greatest good”, hit me like a thunderbolt.

    I love that you continue to evolve from Joy and Purpose (not burden) and your thought-provoking questions are mindfully geared to transparent answers and profound thoughts.

    There’s a sense of “inner-wellness and balance” when we understand how to properly use and cultivate our friends and followers through Social Media and it helps expand our minds and souls to higher levels of self-expression.

    Thanks Mari, for this “much anticipated” blog. ?

    Alis last blog post..Stop Email waste!

  • Nice post, Mari. I agree with you completely, but I’m afraid you are shouting at the deaf. Those who are responsible will behave responsibly and those who unethically exploit opportunities will continue to do so.

    The important thing is that the social mediascape must provide the tools that ethical people need to protect themselves from the unethical. At that point, we all take responsibility for voting our conscience. Those who continue to buy from spammers are voting for spam. Those who block the unethical are voting them out of the system.

    Done right, the system levels itself to reflect the ethics of the majority. Whether you as an individual agree with that level is another matter!

    James Byrds last blog post..Do What You Say You’re Going to Do

  • Scott Tousignant

    I am so glad that you mentioned the point “how much impact even one tweet or Facebook wall post, for example, can make to a person’s life?”

    A single tweet can put a huge smile on my face and set my mood for the day.

    A single tweet can provide me with an invaluable resource to transform my business.

    A single tweet can encourage me that the path I am following is the right one and that I should continue with great passion and enthusiasm.

    A single tweet can get me to up my game and provide even better service to my customers.

    A single tweet can get me to realize that I was creating a product based on what I would want and not what my customers would want.

    A single tweet can hold me accountable to a big ambitious goal that I’ve been putting off.

    The benefits to Twitter seem limitless. I for one am grateful for the service and grateful that Oprah is no using Twitter and encouraging others to use it as well.

    Thanks for the great post Mari.

    Scott Tousignant

  • That is so funny that your comic strip could actually come true one day! I really love the various charities and causes that are being supported via Twitter. It’s great to see social media being used in such a positive way.

    Naomis last blog post..Oprah & Ashton Kutcher advocating for Social Media: Twitter & Facebook

  • Suzi Pomerantz

    Yes, Mari, you are right on the money! As in all networking, one of the key mindsets on Twitter is to be a Go-Giver rather than a Go-Getter. Have you read Bob Burg’s amazing book about The Go-Giver?

    DId you see today’s Wall Street Journal? They wrote about the Twitter Revolution. You can see more at my blog: http://www.suzipomerantz.com/social-media/the-twitter-revolution-in-todays-wsj/

    Suz 🙂

    Suzi Pomerantzs last blog post..The Twitter Revolution in Today’s WSJ

  • Gillian

    I agree with you Mari that good can be created but I think on the other side of the con people need to be really mindful of the power they can exert through Facebook. As an example: back in January I wrote a blog post which was pulled into my FB Notes, about Air Canada and how awful they had been to me at Heathrow airport because I have a UK passport and a Canadian citizenship card (- they were adamant that I had to have a permament resident card to be allowed back into Canada). My FB Note was read (unbeknown to me) by a real friend on Facebook who cited it at a marketing conference in Seoul as an example of how companies no longer have control over the messages that are sent out about their business. The moral of this story is – when those of us with thousands of friends on FB and followers on Twitter mention anything we need to be really sure that we are comfortable that it may well travel the world and be reasinably sure that it could not do harm to someone somewhere.

  • Christiana Briddell

    I think that Twitter in particular has a potential to be a powerful social transformation catalyst. It’s easy and fast to send out a tweet, you can reach a great breadth of people, and you are liberated from the friends and family context of Facebook, or the colleagues and acquaintances context of LinkedIn (not that either of those are bad.)

    This freedom allows you to connect to people based purely on similar interests, such as conscious business, and because of this I think it can be more global.

    With or not Twitter ends up being a tool of transformation or a tool to further enhance our self centered me-bubbles that many people live in today, is up to us to decide. Opening up the question and putting our stack in the ground on this issue I believe can have a really big effect.

    There is also the evidence of history to look at, that when new forms of communication technology arise–it catalyzes a growth in human culture and consciousness. For example when the Gutenberg Press was invented it spurred our modern industrial, rational, literate society. The internet is another such point of change…and like it or not, this instantaneous communication of the Twittershpere is its most radical development. So we will change… but how?

    Something to think about when we next Tweet.

    Christiana Briddell

    Christiana Briddells last blog post..3 Human Rules for Reaching Out to New "JV" Partners

  • Hi Mari,
    Thx again for your presentation to The Transformational Leadership Council and bringing your wisdom to us so we can further our messages.

    Im looking forward to our business strategy session with you, John Assaraf and myself at the house next weekend. Look out world…here we come :).

    Jim Bunch

  • Hi Mari –

    I do agree that as Twitter becomes more widespread, people will realize the power of their messages – and the effect those messages have on people every day. I think the beauty of twitter is that it reminds us how much we have in common and how ordinary and even vulnerable we are – hearing actors and politicians and industry leaders tweet about what makes them tick really allows the rest of us to connect with them in a way we otherwise couldn’t. Twitter does bring people together in the end.


  • Mari I love this blog!
    Yes I agree, there is vast untapped potential in social media for spiritual teachers & leaders.
    I’m a ‘Light Coach’, I work with energy, consciousness & spiritual evolution & speaking as a fledgling spiritual teacher I am really slipping into the stream of this revolution in online community.
    I love it! I get it! As a result I will be one of the first generation ‘Lightworker Entrepreneurs’ because of the social media explosion. I know I will be guiding the next generation of Lightworkers to embrace all these modern tools to bring spirit & matter together.
    The problem has been that many of us spiritual/intuitive folk struggle with technology full stop! Many of us may have felt that the internet was actually more to do with the old paradigm than any new paradigm of evolving consciousness, but we are catching up.
    I’m always the youngest in the spiritual leadership circles which is a bit daunting at times but now I get it. The new Lightworker Entrepreneurs need a foot in both camps, they need to speak the language of the great wayshowers (Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay etc)but also get the new technology & use it to spread light, connect with & inspire the next generation Leaders of Light.

    I say welcome to the Technospiritual R-evolution!

    Kimberley Jones

  • Great post, Mari! Love the comic. Love the topic even more :).

    I absolutely agree that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are helping to change the world. I have experienced this first hand on both the giving and receiving ends.

    I recently dedicated a month to fundraising for an organization that had previously done no marketing. With little advertising and mostly through twitter events, facebook group messages and a cause page, combined with live events across the US, we were able to raise $15,000 and triple the traffic to the organization’s website.

    What’s more is that we made contact with the very people we were helping. The organization was a micro finance group in Kenya. We held a Twitter party with the bank’s CEO in Kenya as well as one of the bank’s employees and one of the women who had secured a loan several years ago and had since learned to type and speak English. Putting our community in contact with the very people we were helping personalized and made more relevant the investment people were making to help, resulting in people feeling like they made a real difference as well as new friends. That Twitter made it possible for us to to bridge the location and culture gap without much investment other than time was simply amazing.

    In my opinion, if an individual or a group wants to make a difference using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, they can make a huge drop, leading to an enormous ripple effect long term!

    Jyl (Mom It Forward/#gno)s last blog post..Make a Meaningful Difference in Your Family’s Life By Being Prepared!

  • I’m not sure how I feel about it. I see the value in it when you see the power President Obama unleashed. But on the other hand you have people like Rush Limbaugh. So I’m just not sure. It could cause more polarization.

  • Mari, I love the “Butterfly Effect” analogy. Yes, I DO agree with you. With each communication — be it a tweet, video, post, or online hiccup of any kind — there’s an energy. This energy could get lost in the black hole of binary code…

    or it COULD reach exactly the right person, at exactly the right time, to incite exactly the right action, that sets a ball (or many!) rolling in the right direction. This aspect of social media is THRILLING to me, and it makes me grateful to know you are promoting and perpetuating this idea(l).

    Thanks for investing your time, talents, and energy toward this greater purpose.

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