How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying – New Book Out Today!

Today is a BIG day: a seven feet tall day! My giant friend, Dave Lakhani, releases his book How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying (And How To Sell Even More When They Are). This book is a powerful step-by-step guide to generating significantly more sales using many proven techniques, along with tapping into the power of social media, how to be seen to sell, and how to build lasting, prosperous relationships! I am thrilled and

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Ten Ways To Tweet The Social Media Success Summit

UPDATE 5/29/09: The summit is off to a flying start with Gary Vaynerchuk‘s rocket fuel launching us on Tuesday!! See the tweets from Gary’s keynote here. And all #smss09 tweets here. Be sure to follow all the fabulous speakers of this social summit: @GaryVee @Problogger @MarketingProfs @Copyblogger @ChrisGarrett @DeniseWakeman @JasonAlba @Mike_Stelzner & yours truly, @MariSmith — As a participant of the Social Media Success Summit 2009, you’re invited and encouraged to tweet about the event,

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Social Media Marketing Best Practices In Twitter’s Open System

I recently dealt with an unfortunate situation where one of my tweets was retweeted with the link replaced by the retweeter, thus implying I was endorsing his site (otherwise known as "retweet hijacking.") You may have read my post (which I have since taken down – read on to find out why.) My first reaction was one of utter disbelief. How someone could so openly "hijack" a tweet and infer my endorsement without anyone noticing,

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Retweet Hijacking – What Would You Do?

[UPDATE 5.6.09 8:32PM PDT: I just got off the phone with the President of the company that the retweet hijack webmaster worked for. The conversation went well and I appreciate now that the company is a global organization with a large staff and an excellent reputation. The situation unfortunately got out of hand. I have chosen to edit this post to remove the company name.] [IMPORTANT UPDATE 5.5.09 2:45PM PDT: Josh xxxx (last name removed),

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Oprah On Facebook and Twitter: Bring On More Global Leaders

I’ve been eager for Oprah to join the Twitterverse for some time. As you can see by this fun comic strip I made back on September 24, 2008, my cartoon self was enthusiastically encouraging cartoon Oprah to join Facebook and Twitter!! Yesterday on the Oprah and Friends show, even with celeb guest Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk on Twitter) and Twitter’s CEO Evan Williams (@ev), Oprah seemed to be getting to grips with what exactly Twitter is,

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An Open Letter To My Friends, Fans, Followers: A Mini-Break To Unplug

I wanted to give you a glimpse behind the curtains of my business. First, I have to say I feel extremely blessed to be so supported in my community. I’m deeply grateful for all the amazing connections I’ve made over the past two years through Facebook and Twitter. My business is absolutely exploding through the roof these days. I have a competent team of assistants and project managers. I’m in two powerful masterminds. I have

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Online Social Networking vs. In-Person Networking

Online social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube allow us to expand our community exponentially… without ever leaving the comfort of our home offices. However, to heighten and accelerate your success, attending live events is equally important. You get to see and be seen. You’ll have meaningful conversations in person. You take photographs and upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Twitpic. Of course, you get to learn valuable tools, strategies and secrets to

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