• Mari, I am a big fan, your Quick Start course has opened up a whole new world to me, I have been blown away by how powerful and how easy social media is! You are an inspiration! x

  • deanopower

    Mari, I congratulate you on making a very difficult decision. I felt via ISMA that you were carrying a burden for anyone who profits ethically (and maybe to some degree the unethical operators as well) from teaching Social Media. In some way large or small you legitimised and enhanced the business of selling the knowledge of Social Media marketing. That burden precludes you from greater expression, and since your expression serves so many, I am happy to see you move towards things that give you greater energy. All the best, Deano

  • Having only recently learned of IMSA and started following its activities, I'm sorry to see it close down for all the reasons you stated it was founded. There is a real need for an independent association to guide and perhaps certify those that want to be professionals in this “industry” of Social Media.

    If you think about it, just about every other focused activity in the world has an association of one type or another that guides and supports its members. I'm a member of several professional and community associates and get significant benefit from my memberships.

    I would hope that if you just don't have the time to devote to this activity, that others would pick-up the banner and run with it.

  • asikin

    Hope one day in future I going to be famous as u!!!! dear Mari

  • Louise Hocking

    You are an inspiration Mari! Your focus on “what went right” just speaks volumes about how you live your life, run your business and the person that you are. Congratulations for going for your dreams. I'm sorry I won't be able to join you live (6am Sat morning I'm not at my best!), but I look forward to watching the replay. Props for putting yourself straight out there to 'face' everyone & explain things more – practicing exactly what you preach. Thank you for creating ISMA. I've loved the teleseminars, & I'll keep following you through your SMM program. Keep Smiling Louise @itsmylifedvds

  • Mari – You have been such a positive guide, mentor and influence to me as the Social Media Marketing piece as evolved rapidly these past few years. In a blink of an eye things would take a new direction and you were on top of it leading the way. I look forward to your new adventures – excited about what you have to share. Thank you!


  • Mari, I wish you the greatest of success with your new ventures! I know what you were trying to do with the ISMA, and truly believe you had the best interests of the industry at heart. I appreciate you!


  • Ahh dear Louise, you are so sweet. Your kind words warm my heart. Thank you!! And I certainly look forward to continuing our journey together!!

  • Coooool!!!! That's so awesome to hear, Nicky!! Big virtual high five to ya!!

  • Mari–if there's anything I've learned as I navigate through the second half of my life it's to follow my intuition. If your intuition is telling you that it's time to close the doors on ISMA, then you are getting the surest, truest wisdom you'll ever find!! So congrats on listening to that inner voice!! I just got my copy of your book and frankly, I can't wait to see what you going to be up to next!! I know it'll be as AMAZING as you are:-)

    Jerry Herman, Mame
    (I saw the great Angela Lansbury on my 18th birthday in Mame, a few years later as Momma Rose in Gypsy, then met her last year at my small farmer's market. How cool is that!! Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote, too!)

    Open a new window,
    Open a new door,
    Travel a new highway,
    That's never been tried before;
    Before you find you're a dull fellow,
    Punching the same clock,
    Walking the same tight rope
    As everyone on the block.

    The fellow you ought to be is three dimensional,
    Soaking up life down to your toes,
    Whenever they say you're slightly unconventional,
    Just put your thumb up to your nose.
    And show 'em how to dance to a new rhythm,
    Whistle a new song,
    Toast with a new vintage,
    The fizz doesn't fizz too long.
    There's only one way to make the bubbles stay,
    Simply travel a new high way,
    Dance to a new rhythm,
    Open a new window ev'ry day!

    If you follow your Auntie Mame
    I'll make this vow, my little love,
    That on the last day of your life
    You'll be smiling the same young smile
    You're smiling now, my little love,
    If you wake up ev'ry mornin'
    And you pull aside the shutter,
    And you promise me that these'll be
    The first words that you utter
    Open a new window,
    Open a new door,
    Travel a new highway,
    That's never been tried before;

    Open a new window ev'ry day!

  • Part of me is sad, but the other part knows YOU have MANY plans. You asked if we ever feel that no matter how much we have accomplished, we’ve only just begun, so many other dreams (I am paraphrasing).

    I don’t even know how one person can do all you’ve listed above. You are such an inspiration and role model!! We must dance to the beat of our OWN hearts. Change is constantly good and inevitable.

    I applaud and admire your honesty, your willingness to change, and above all, YOUR GENEROSITY of spirit and deed. I look forward to sharing your new adventures. My best to you and all those who gave so much to ISMA!!

    Namaste, sweet, smart, classy LADY (and Mike, and all your wonderful contributors)!!

  • Mari,
    As you stated, there is always something new around the corner to create! thanks so much for all the great content you provided in the ISMA. You all were wonderful,

  • beverlydracos

    To everything there is a season… may your next season be as beautiful as the last.

  • patgrahamblock


    Wishing you well in whatever you do (or don't do) in the future! :)

    It's all good!!!

    You're the best!


  • robynscheller

    Mari – I have always admired you and still do! You have made some hard decisions in your life (just in the year or so that I've been following you) and that takes a lot of courage. I love that you took a chance on the ISMA. I also love that you knew it was time to call it quits, for whatever reason(s).

    Please know that you are an inspiration to many; both in the Social Media world as well as in life as a strong, independent woman. I look up to you in many ways including your business ethics. I will continue to be a follower and supporter of you and your fabulous work as long as you are willing to let me (us) be a part of your world ? Good or bad times, I'm here to stay.

    Feel confident and strong ~
    Robyn in Valenica, CA/VARobyn

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  • Donna Kozik

    Ah, those tough decisions impacting many …. you’re super brave, Mari! Thanks for being so transparent.

    And I look forward to following the release of your new book — and reading it!

    See you around San Diego!

  • I just adore you, Jenny. You bright my day any time I come in contact with you. Many blessings for your friendship and support.

  • You are such a love, Karen. This is so very true. Even when our intuition makes it glaringly obvious what to do… it's sometimes not an easy path to take. I have no regrets… the dust will settle and everyone, including me, will continue on our journeys. Besides, I'm not “going anywhere.” 😉

  • Thank you, thank you!!! Indeedy, choosing to dissolve ISMA – and in a very public way – was essentially a business divorce. Fortunately, a very peaceful and smooth one. But, no matter what, it's just not possible to “please all the people all the time.” I don't like making waves… or risking upsetting people. But, I won't sacrifice my own happiness, or higher purpose, or integrity, or intuition. Onwards we all go.

    Big virtual hug to you dear Jenny.

  • I really appreciate you saying so, Jennifer. I had a vision and went for it. In the end, things turned out differently…as they often do. I'm reminded of the quote, “I showed God my plans and he just laughed.” heh!

    I appreciate you right back!

  • Matthew Newnham

    Hi Mari,

    I only learned about you less than a week ago, when Roger Hamilton included you in his list of 12 Top Star Profiles globally (http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=386308252830&id=834545410&ref=mf).

    Since then, reading your posts and those of others, I’ve come to feel I know you (at least at bit), as a really inspiring, wow kind of person with huge integrity and heart. Thanks so much for these trails across the sky, Mari.

    Best wishes from Edinburgh!

    P.S. What a fab idea to have a virtual book launch. I’ll be tuning in on Monday with excitement, and your launch has inspired me to host one for our own upcoming book (a global collaboration of social entrepreneurs sharing stories of working in your natural flow – as you are, actually), due out in a few weeks. Attribution is a core value for me, so I will ensure that we credit you publicly with the idea.

    You’re really shining a light on authentic attraction, Mari. Thank you.

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  • Mari, what a leader. Truly, there is a difference between those who understand the tools, and those who innovate, lead and change what we know. You're amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us. I believe there is so much to learn from you and your approach about community building, business transitions, preserving relationships in JV partnerships, and just being positive and focused on the bigger picture. Hats off to you. Can't wait for more amazing insights from you. You gave, and still continue to give, heart and soul, and surely, this transition isn't easy – “divorce” of any sort – never is. So, heal, reflect, and get ready because tomorrow will have untold opportunities! We are still here!!! Cheers. Tiff-

  • Gina Carr

    Wow. I’m surprised as ISMA was soooo needed!

    However, I’m totally supportive of you pursuing YOUR dreams as you see them.

    I believe that you should “Create a Life YOU Love: Do WHAT you love with PEOPLE you love. In other words, Do what makes YOUR heart sing with people who bring YOU great joy.”

    As someone who has lived far too much of my life in “Limbo Land,” I understand that when it is time to move on, you MUST move on.

    I do hope that someone else will pick up the torch and carry it. A professional association that supports, trains, and certifies social media professionals is much needed.

    Best to you and always one of your biggest fans,

    Gina Carr

  • Part of what makes you a leader, Mari, is your modeling of how to be authentic and true to yourself and others. In making this tough decision and writing this beautiful post, you have shown us how to face similar issues in our own life. You have certainly not lost a community…most of us will happily follow you where you go. I wish you all the best.

  • Mari,

    Thanks for your post and I appreciate your honestly. However, I think the most profound lessons learned in life are those discovered after making mistakes. This is “tuition”. Now I'm not saying you need to divulge all of the ugly warts but a little lesson on things to avoid would be great.

    While I applaud you making a tough decision I think the lessons learned from the mistakes you made and how other can avoid making these same mistakes would be very beneficial to your readers.

    After all, it's the bus you DON'T see that hits you. Right?


  • billcovert

    Yesterday I walked along the beach at the ocean. We were there the whole day and I was reminded about the fact that everything ebbs & flows – the tides come in… the tides go out. And guess what? No one ever complains. That's life. As you mentioned Mari… “as one door closes, another door opens.” Now its time for you to enter the Dream Bar Cafe – it's a magical journey.

    Bill Covert

  • Mari, The beauty of who you are, among many things, is that you are very flexible and able to shift gears to “change” when others just feel trapped or stuck to stay in that same spot unhappy. You travelled down many roads and more to come. At least you know when to drive down another road. Life is a journey and you are living proof your journey continues to inspire all who love and admire you and your “realness.” Be true to yourself is surely vital. Your greatness reminds me of the website I am building right now: http://wwww.ChoosingChangeToday.com (don't peak–nothing showing yet). You are living proof of those words (domain). Best to you in every step you walk or run through–it's your journey! Congratulations!

  • Ruth Reiner

    Dear Mari;
    I have been a supporter and student since we first met at Ali Brown's OSBW in 11/08, and I have learned so much from your teachings! I congratulate you on your courage to go forward, and send best wishes and support to you and Esperanza in your new venture…
    Love and Blessings!
    Rev. Ruth Reiner, Pres./Co-Founder; International Assoc. of Women Spiritual Leaders

  • You have the courage that attracts those that you want to have in your life. Through example, you remind us all of the paramount importance inner balance and okayness with one's self has as we go thru life's journey. I salute you for always acting in integrity and not compromising your soul's values. Isn't that what LOVE is all about? – This community you have created through ISMA also feels like family, and it is a huge accomplishment.

    As another door opens for you, it also opens for us. I love that you and Esperanza are partnering up on such exciting concept of Conscious Social Media. I truly can't wait to hear the details on that one.

    Gracias Mari for this candid conversation, after all, it all stays in the family, right? :)

  • Your kind words mean so much to me, dear Ali. Thanks for your encouragement and support!!

    …onwards we go. :)

  • cheryllynnintl

    Mari, this was an amazing video! Thank you so much for sharing. You inspire me as I recently lost my brick and mortar business. It has been hard but I believe also everything happens for a reason. You are an amazing person I will continue to follow you. You have been my inspiration! Love You!

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