I have been receiving email notifications for a facebook app, even though I set it not to receive notifications from them more than a week ago. I just double checked my notifications settings for my account to make sure it still said that I didn’t want to receive notifications for that app, and it is still set not to receive them, but I just receive another email notification today.
    I couldn’t find anything on the facebook help center or on this website pertaining to this, so I am not sure how to contact someone about it. Please help!

  • Sorina Mihaela Popescu

    It would be very difficult forme to contact any of the above-mentioned, since I cannot use the ‘Like” button!!! Nor can I see my friends or post anything! I have a problem with http://www.facebook.com/ajax/ufi/modify.php – what is it and how can I deblock the features of my account such as seeing my, friends, posting topics and using the “like” button? thank you.

  • Jdoasvhiuda

    hey i have the same problem syed kamal all i was adding was for a game i was playing so i could level up this is crazy

  • Syed Kamal

     hey , my friend request’s and messages have been blocked for 30 days ! Even though i sent request’s to people i knew , still they blocked me for 30 days ! please help me with this ! what’s the solution ?

  • Sade Elvedina Alic

    Very serious!I have serious family problems and I need help. Please send me only e-mail or tell me who I can contact about this.
    Still love facebook so much.
    Thank you!

  • guest


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    you can also visit us at http://www.pccure247.com

  • Adamdaniel911

    Hello facebook . i am having problem with my facebook . 1. whenever i want to logout , i click on the account , but it straightly go to accounts setting , theres is no scroll down .2. also the same happen if want to read my comment , or replying message or even wall post something . it ain’t works .3. the chat-box isn’t working .4. then i tried to clear my cookies , cache , and history , and tried again , it’s the same , then i tried to re-installed all my browser mozilla , ie , and chrome and also re-installed java , and still doesn’t work.
    5. i even set the cookies exception to facebook site and also java exception .still all not working i ran the virul scan and necessaries . i still not working . i still facing the same problem . HELP ME -adam-

  • Debbie

    Facebook will not allow Facebook for iPhone status updates or photo uploads to appear in the newsfeed. They show up on my wall only. The app does not show up in my settings on my page, so I am unable to change the authorization settings for it. I have deleted and reloaded the app multiple times and sent dozens of questions and complaints to the various forms above with absolutely NO help at all. Sending a screen shot is futile, since it would be a picture of the app “not there?” It appears as far as facebook is concerned, I am not using the app, yet I most definitely have it on my phone. Extremely frustrated, please help!?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/connie.b.call Connie B Call

    Yes, I am contacting you on the behalf of my 17 yr old
    nephew. Someone has opened a Facebook page in his name. I can assure you that he has not opened this account. He is the oldest son of my
    brother who is a single father of 4 children and they do not have internet in
    the home nor do they even own a computer or cell phones. My nephew has been thru
    a lot the last several months, in Jan he lost his left eye due to an assault by
    a 14 year old with a metal pipe and ever since then the boys family has done
    everything they can to cause trouble for my nephew and our family. We really
    feel that they are responsible for the fake page. I have tried to get an IP
    address for the page so that my brother can go and press charges for it. My
    nephew has had several people come up to him trying to fight him over comments
    that they say he has been making on the page. He has tried to tell them that it
    is not him but the person responsible for it has taken old pics from over 3 yrs
    ago that was on his myspace page when he was living with his grandmother. If you
    would PLEASE help us find out who is doing this, and to close down the page
    ASAP… As my nephew has stressed he really feels his life is in danger. He is like my own son I have helped my brother raise him since he was a year old.

  • Pilgrimsprogress57

    hi mari i have searched every where for some where to report a bullying cheat who has 2 face book accounts i have looked where you said and i cant find anywhere on his page for reporting and blocking there is no where to report this cheat for 2 accounts he is not really a fake account as he is a real person and if they look at his accounts that is what it would show,he stops me playing when he is on as he will just keep attacking ,and bountying me it is time facebook made it easier to report these cheats and do some thing about them after all it is against their rules ,why bother with rules if they are not going to enforce them ,or perhaps we should all have more than 1 account please help if you can 

  • Bpickartz

    Reaching out here, but I’m frustrated.  I need to get an exception for a page for a local non-profit.  Their name is an acronym (all caps) so their page should reflect that.  I have all the links to documentation, but when I go to the page that says I can submit the information, but a click doesn’t get me anywhere.  This is a non-profit that offers support for victims of abuse.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

  • anonymous222

    I am the creator of a secret group and Facebook somehow
    knocked me off as administrator and I am now unable to edit my group. I’ve
    contacted Facebook for almost 2 months now and they have yet to solve the

  • Desert

    Facebook won’t take my real name. My real name is Desert and they think it’s fake. I had to settle for a nickname, Dez, and don’t know how to just send them a message or something. But i just cannot find how to send them a message or contact a facebook employee directly. 

  • Gazmac

    Hi my account has been blocked because I tried to log on using my mobile phone, I have been asked to change my password which I have done, then they asked me a security question to which I have no idea what the answer is as I never se a security question. Does anyone know how to get round this problem or how to contact Facebook to explaine this problem to them????

  • Mwhite315

    how do i contact facebook i cant acess my account due to security questions i dont have the same mobile number someone hacked my account

  • Stevencarson

    facebook are usless i have been locked out my account for two weeks now thorugh no fault of my own and no one is respoding


  • Qljunk

    Thank you I’ve been trying to find a way to delete my account and you had a link to the page I needed

  • Vickiemerickson

    Please help, I had someone make fraud charges to facebook through my credit card. Now the credit card company wants me to contact facebook and see where these charges were posted from. I have tried to find a form or contact person to get this information so that I can get my credit card company to not charge me for the fraud charges. Can you provide me with that help? vickiemerickson@gmail.com

  • Sherry562

    Please fix your games, went to play Bingo Blitz today, waited all day for my daily credits, its took away all my credits and said I didn’t have bingo when I did.  If the game is not working properly then shut it down…:(

  • http://www.pokeronlineromania.net Poker Online

    If I have a question to Facebook, now I know how to find it

  • http://www.remionline.org Remi Online

    Nice article.. I was wondering how to submit sugestions to Facebook. Thank you !

  • Alinkous

    My company has an official corporate site that I manage as the marketing manager.  However, some other employees in one of our other offices has made their own unauthorized corporate site, which has made thing confusing.  The major issue is that I do not know who made the account.  I want to know if there is a way to contact FaceBook and request the unauthorized page be removed.  I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to contact them.  Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks.

  • http://www.BestPetHealth.com Amanda

    Wow! That’s a huge help. I’m going to bookmark this page. I didn’t know a few things like memoralizing deceased profiles, and requesting to get your fan page back. 120 forms for help is a little overwhelming!

  • http://www.BestPetHealth.com Amanda

    You could try creating a Facebook account and then go to his page and there should be a report/block this person on the bottom left of his page. That at least might get Facebook’s attention. This is just an idea. I haven’t tried it. Amanda

  • http://www.BestPetHealth.com Amanda

    Put your mouse on the right side of the attacking comment. A little ‘x’ will appear. You can then mark it as spam or abuse. I would do it to all the comments that are offending you and I would leave the group.

  • Simonmacbeth


    I have had my fanpage hacked and they have deleted me as admin – how do i get it back ??

  • Rachelle

    Hi, I had paid for facebook credits through my mobile but never received them. How do I contact facebook about this problem?  I don’t want to have to pay for something that I never received.

  • Clemoc5979

    it says i have a relationship request, but its not showing up on my homepage or requests. and i cant cancel it. how do i do this?

  • Trish

    Hi Mari – wondering if you can advise of any way to change your facebook page to stop showing as a place? A few of the pages i administer are changing to a place when put in addresses in the info field and then meaning not searchable under pages. Similarly a place that look after changed to a page when i customised and not sure what doing wrong to keep these separate and distinguishable. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Trish

    Hi Mari – wondering if you can advise of any way to change your facebook page to stop showing as a place? A few of the pages i administer are changing to a place when put in addresses in the info field and then meaning not searchable under pages. Similarly a place that look after changed to a page when i customised and not sure what doing wrong to keep these separate and distinguishable. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Dale Snyder

     Your Face Book system here seems to have a quirk in it. I came home from work today, logged on to my face book only to find that when I go to post onto nitro planes wall or comment on a picture I am blocked. I can’t for the life of me understand what I supposeately did to have gotten blocked. I haven’t posted alot of messages at any one time. Nor have I posted any more then 2 pictures to Nitro Planes wall.
     The only thing i have done and that is on your part is I answered questions that I was asked in one of the apps on Face Book. If i am penalized for that then you need to either get rid of that application, or don’t let that application be able to ask someone more then  say a half dozen questions at any one time.
     If this is how i am going to be treated by your Face Book then I’ll delete my profile because basically i don’t need it. I got along without using face book before and i can get along without using it in the future as well.

  • Yourwilliam1

    I am getting a notice two or three times per week, asking for my phone number so Facebook can text me or call me.  This is supposedly for account security – but I refuse to give my phone number to anyone that I do not personally know, or anyone I feel does not truly need my phone number.  I feel that Facebook falls under BOTH of those categories.  My fear is that eventually I will be given an ultimatum whereas I either give them my phone number – OR – they never let me get access to my account again.  How do I contact Facebook to get them to understand this?

  • Cookie Monster

    How do I get defamatory posts removed from facebook?

  • Smokie_an_lilboo

    someone used my credit card to buy facebook credits? And i dont know who. who do we call about that?

  • Rick Shamim

    Sorina, I am having the same problem for 2 weeks now and no body knows what to do…I formatted my Pc , reinstalled fresh copies and still I am getting this message when I click on wall to comment or to see previous comments…..also my games r not loading and all I get is a blank page with FB header….thats it….if any body knows how to fix it..plz let me know…

  • Keri

    How can I get my “most recent” button back?

  • Satheeshsaga
  • raluca

    Hello, I want to talk to someone from the administration team because there is a person who is threatining me that he will post some pictures that are kind of indecent. I want to anticipate and to remove those pictures so any of my friends or someone on the facebook social network users can see them. Please help me. I don’t want that pictures posted!

  • Joe Dively

    I purchased facebook credits to buy better equipment for one of the games I play. I spend about 100 bucks or so in the last 2 months. Now the game has been taken down and I cannot find an email address, form, or phone number to initiate a refund. Can someone please help? 

  • Marcusmcelroy

    I dont know where else to turn, not getting any help, how do I upload MY photo of my FAVORITE ATHLETE to wikipedia? or whatever. My FAVORITE ATHLETE has no photo… Please help because no one else will. A private message is OK, send me someones email address, i dont care, been typing for days, Help me please…………

  • Straightlacedx

    Who do you contact for a facebook name change when married. I went to my account settings and changed it there and it said it had to be verified to wait 24 hours. Four days later I tried again. Nothing. And I can’t find who to email.

  • Morpheus

    I’m trying to change my username, however there is no “username” section in the settings tab, as the help centre suggests. Am I the only one with this problem? If not how can it be solved?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jazzy-Don/100002541753743 Jazzy Don

    hi   i am really getting fustrated as facebook will not let me add people …….. can u tell me how to make this not happen or any sugestions thank you hope to here sooon from you mari

  • DaveP CIS

    Someone (not an employee) has used one of our corporate email accounts (distribution list)  to sign up for a Facebook Account. I need to delete that account. Why does facebook not have any “real” email addresses? Web Forms are a pain if you are mobile and roaming.

  • David Pickering

    Does anybody read and reply to these posts? Might as well paint the walls with water…..!

  • Bethany_fonseca

    why doesnt facebook have a customer service number you can call?  I am locked out of my acct.  My sister who lives in Texas can access it from her computer but I can’t from my home computer this is crazy!!! I can’t get a hold of facebook to let me in…

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  • Help

    I was blocked from sending friend requests for 14 days.  Then, without me doing *anything*, it said I was blocked for 30 days!  Why would this be??  I don’t understand.  I was only sending messages to people/groups who know me.

  • Mevans459

    i cannot load facebook. when it loads it is blank. i also cannot access anything from pc. but my facebook on my moble blackberry is working

  • Jack

    Hi,my dad died back in December and his
    girlfriend then deleted his Facebook account. So we ( His Children ) set up a
    new memorial account so we could put his photos back online and so that his
    friends can add photos too.Only a few weeks ago now his girlfriend has
    now set up a new account and has put is status as engaged which we are finding
    very offensive and disrespectful to our dad. I have tried reporting this to
    Facebook but of no luck, is there some how I can send a generic email to them
    explaining this and to get it removed. Here is the link online to proof his
    death.Thanks for you help.

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