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10 Essential Rules For Effective Facebook Marketing

10 Essential Rules for Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is an essential part of your social media mix. This week’s lead article covers several excellent “rules” for effective marketing on the world’s #1 social network. PLUS, take a look at the notes I typed up from the opening keynote by Mark Zuckerberg and team at the 6th annual f8 Facebook Developer Conference! (Embedded below). I have to say, I’m super excited about Facebook’s new MESSENGER BUSINESS – (coming soon!). Merchants will be able to

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How To Double Your Twitter Followers In 5 Minutes A Day: The Social Scoop Issue 135

Double Your Twitter Followers in 5 Minutes A Day

Proactively growing your Twitter follower base has so many strategic advantages for your business. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen over time with the right steps. This week’s top article includes an awesome infographic filled with practical, actionable tips for building your audience on Twitter. Check out the infographic embedded below and also broken down with specific tips for each step on AgoraPulse’s blog. Btw, I love that the most frequently used word in

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23 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Should Know: The Social Scoop Issue 133

23 Little-Known Social Media Features

Many of the popular social media platforms regularly add helpful new features – but there isn’t always a big announcement, so it can be hard to keep up with these additions and changes! This week’s featured article is from HubSpot and details 20 features that you probably didn’t know existed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest – but probably should! Plus, I rounded up a further 3 Facebook features to add to the mix. 😉 For instance, did you

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Top Ten Favorite Social Media Tools For Daily Use

SUCCESS Magazine - Mark Zuckerberg

There are many online tools I use every single day to manage my social media marketing effectiveness. In my recent interview with Darren Hardy for the May 2011 issue of SUCCESS Magazine, I talked about many of these tools. During our interview, Darren asked if I would put together my top ten list of social media resources for readers of SUCCESS. Of course I said yes – here they are! (It’s a delight and honor

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How To Attract and Engage Quality Customers With Social Media

Are you satisfied with the results you’re currently getting from all your social media efforts? Would you say there is room for improvement? 😉 Though we’re clearly reaching critical mass point with social media market penetration, there’s still a morass of confusing information as to what works, and what doesn’t. There are social media policies, and which sites to use, and the right content and engagement strategies. And whether to automate, delegate, ghostwrite. or not.

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Mari Smith: Social Media Speaking Engagements 2010 – Let’s Meet Up!

My favorite events on my calendar are giving social media talks to all sizes of audiences, across many industries and a variety of formats. Whether it’s an opening keynote on social media success in general, an in-depth Facebook and/or Twitter breakout session or a full day training. My 2010 calendar is filling up nicely, and this year I’m intent on pacing myself a tad more, and also allow a bit of extra time in each

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Takeaways and Lessons From The GKIC Info-SUMMIT

I just attended and spoke at the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Info-SUMMITSM 2009 in Atlanta, GA. It was a packed event with over 800 attendees and an incredible speaker lineup, including George Foreman, Frank Kern, Master Lloyd Irvin, Mike Koenigs, James Malinchak, Sonia Simone, Chris Cardell, Ron Seaver, and Michael Cage. [Pic: Frank Kern, Mari Smith, Dan Kennedy] Main highlight – Frank Kern! For me, one of the highlights of the Info-SUMMITSM was meeting legendary marketer,

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