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Twitter Buzz! Quick Tips for Business Peeps

At the request of many of my buds and clients, I’ve put together a few Twitter tips for beginners to get on the fast track with this wildly popular site! Twitter is a “micro blogging” platform. To me, that means you can post your thoughts, feelings, ideas, actions, and observations all mixed up with some…

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Twitter: My Living Breathing Search Engine!

Okay, I’m so excited I just have to write this blog post to share my excitement about one of the many uses of Twitter. Recently I had a nasty meltdown in MS Word 07. See, when my trusty desktop burned out on me last fall, I was forced to pony up for a hot new…

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Free Royalty-Free Music for Audios & Podcasts

I was just putting the finishing touches to a welcome audio earlier today for a big marketing campaign I’m working on, and I needed to find a snippet of royalty-free music for the intro/outro. “Who ya gonna call?!” Twitter, of course. Thanks heaps to these fine folks on Twitter for the suggestions – I thought…

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Twitter: Fundraising meets microblogging

Today was the first ever Frozen Pea Friday. Through the power of social networking and the highly-addictive (and effective!) micro-blogging platform, Twitter, the community created incredible solidarity to support Susan Reynolds as she underwent surgery for breast cancer today. Such courage. Such support. Blows me away. The idea behind Frozen Pea Friday is to donate…

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