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Social Media Shorty Award For Six Foot Mari?

UPDATE: The five finalists in 26 categories have been chosen and the final voting is now open! The finals will last from January 12-23. IF you enjoy my tweets and feel I provide value to you in the world of social media, I’d love your vote. I’ve made it super easy with this 1-click tweet:…

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Attend LIVE Film Studio Event: Social Media Simplified with Top Experts! DVD Available Too

This Monday, October 27, I am honored to present at an all-day Social Media event in Ventura, California with my dear friends and colleagues, Deborah Micek (@CoachDeb), Denise Wakeman (@BlogSquad), Patsi Krakoff (@PatsiBlogSquad), Nancy Marmolejo (@NancyMarmolejo) and special guest Simon Leung (@SimonLeung). There are still a few tickets left to be in the LIVE studio…

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Twitter Lingo Demystified!

Many of my tweeps (Twitter people) have asked me lately about various acronyms, odd lingo and twords (Twitter words). I’ve compiled below a shortlist of the most popular terms many active Twitterers, including myself, use in everyday tweets. First, what is a tweet? If you’re new to Twitter, I appreciate even the word “tweet” may…

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Social Media: Modern Day Gold Rush?

I just got back from several days in historical Skagway, Alaska – gateway to the Klondike Goldfields. I’m fascinated by the visceral history hubby and I are soaking up as we journey the country in our motorhome. Travel definitely broadens the mind… and got me thinking about the amazing correlation between the crazy gold fever…

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How To Increase Interaction With Your Facebook and Twitter Network

I received this question from a gal in my network we’ll call Sonia who’s wondering how she can increase the interaction and response from her Twitter followers: “I really appreciate your down-to-earth personality. It’s no wonder you have so many followers and have become so successful… now to emulate you 🙂 “…Back to my twitter…

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Social Media Marketing: Battle Of The Sexes?

I’ve noticed quite a stir in cyberspace recently. Whether it’s traditional internet marketers vs. web 2.0 marketers, heart-based vs. numbers-based marketers, or male marketers vs. female marketers – some folks seem polarized in their discussions… and thinking. I don’t really care for rivalrous behaviors. Men and women are different. Period. Both genders are a vital…

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Twitter Buzz! Quick Tips for Business Peeps

At the request of many of my buds and clients, I’ve put together a few Twitter tips for beginners to get on the fast track with this wildly popular site! Twitter is a “micro blogging” platform. To me, that means you can post your thoughts, feelings, ideas, actions, and observations all mixed up with some…

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