How To Edit Your New Facebook Chat Sidebar and Settings

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Facebook Chat Sidebar

Facebook Chat Sidebar

You may have noticed the new Facebook Chat Sidebar when you logged in to Facebook recently. The list of friends displayed in this sidebar is supposed to be the friends you interact with most. (A few friends and I are finding that the relevancy of the friends in this display is not that accurate!)

I rarely use the Facebook chat feature, so I thought perhaps the select list of friends was ones I email most often, but it’s not. I wondered if the list is based on a social relevancy algorithm and shows those friends whose content I like or comment upon most often. But, nope!

From Facebook’s chat help:

Which friends appear in the sidebar? Can I add specific friends?

The list of friends in your sidebar is based on who you’ve interacted with most frequently or recently on Facebook. Since it updates dynamically, you can’t manually add friends to the list. The list shows both friends who are available to chat and friends who aren’t.

I’m not a big chatter on Facebook myself. I prefer Skype chat and limit myself there to my own team and a small group of core contacts. I appreciate there are great benefits to being able to live chat anytime, but for me I like to limit my instant availability and stay focused. (And, as for the new Facebook video chat? Or Google+ Hangouts? Maybe once in a blue moon when I happen to be camera ready anyway!)

There are now several changes to the way you use Facebook chat and edit your settings:

1. Chat with friends

Facebook states, “The sidebar is sensitive to the amount of free space you have on your screen, so it only appears if there’s enough room for it. If you don’t see the sidebar, just click Chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, which shows the same list of friends you’ll find in your sidebar.”

To chat with any friend in the new sidebar, click on their name and the chat window opens up.

You’ll know when a friend is available to chat depending on the icon next to their name:

  • Friends with a green dot next to their names are available to chat.
  • Friends with a gray moon next to their names are available but inactive.
  • Friends with no icon next to their names are unavailable.

Even if friends aren’t available to chat, you can still send them a message and they can read it later. Chat messages are also viewable via the Messages (email) box.

To chat with a friend not listed in the new sidebar, start typing their name in the search box at the bottom of the list.

2. Turn off your chat availability entirely:

To “go offline” (not available to chat to anyone):

  1. Click the cog icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Uncheck “Available to Chat.”
Turn Off Facebook Chat

Turn Off Facebook Chat

To go back online at any time and show your friends your available to chat, click the “Chat (Offline)” bar in the lower right:

Facebook Chat Offline

…then click the hyperlinked “available:”

Facebook Chat Available

3. Limit your availability to certain friends:

You can easily display the fact you’re online and available to chat with only certain friends. Other friends will simply see you as offline. First, you’ll need to have Friend Lists set up (see #4 below). Then:

  1. Click the cog icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Click “Limit Availability.” [UPDATE: 7/18/11 8:30 AM PST – You may find that the “Limit Availability” option does not show up for you. It seems to be very buggy and intermittent. I had to refresh Facebook several times, clear cache, and try different browsers. Sometimes the ability to limit availability shows and sometimes not. Hopefully Facebook is working on correcting this.]
  3. Click the menu in the upper left of the popup window; choose from “Make me unavailable to:” OR “Only make me available to:”.
  4. Select/deselect any Friend Lists as you wish.
  5. Click the Close button.

Facebook Chat Limit Availability

4. Create Friend Lists

Don’t have Friend Lists set up yet? Just go here and click the “Create A List” button. There are many ways to get back to your list of Friend Lists; one of the easiest ways is to remember the URL is simply

Or, try the nifty Circle Hack app, created to emulate the Google+ circles! See screenshot below (click to enlarge). Circle Hack is a really easy way to segment your Facebook friends – you don’t have to put everyone in a list, maybe just specific friends then leave others as they are. (The Circle Hack app is not affiliated with Facebook.)

Circle Hack app for Facebook Friend Lists

Circle Hack app for Facebook Friend Lists

Once you make your friend “circles” via the Circle Hack app, go back to to edit as needed. (Sidenote: many people get concerned over the word “hack.” Yes, if your account gets hacked by a hacker that’s a bad thing! But hack can also mean a shortcut, a workaround).

5. Hide the sidebar:

You may want to hide the Chat Sidebar sometimes – that’s easy: click the cog icon > click “Hide Sidebar.”

6. Delete Chat history:

At some point in the past few months, since Facebook has been rolling out the new Messages (email) product, you may have been taken aback to find a conversation history from a long time ago suddenly show up when emailing a friend.

The new Messages product is fully integrated with your email, chat and texting (if you use it). So, let’s say you have a chat with a friend and then wish to delete that conversation. You can clear the Chat Window by clicking the little cog icon in the Chat Window, then click “Clear Window” per the following screenshot:

Clear Facebook Chat Window

Clear Facebook Chat Window

BUT, all that does is clear the Chat Window. The conversation is still in your Messages area. So, what to do is click “See Full Conversation” which opens the chat history in your Messages area. (You can also go to the Messages area any time and just search for your friend’s name).  Then click the “Actions” button in the upper right and select “Delete Messages.”

Delete Facebook Messages

Delete Facebook Chat and/or Messages

You can now delete all. Or, select specific parts of the conversation to delete by clicking the check box next to each entry and clicking the “Delete Selected” button.

By the way, be careful of any chat messaging scams – they are out there. Unfriend/block anyone if needed Refer to the Chat Privacy section on Facebook’s Help Center. For more information on the new chat sidebar, see this section of Facebook’s Help Center. For more extensive help on chat, including video chat, refer to this section.

I trust this guide is helpful to you. Any questions, let me know in the comments below! Do you use the Chat feature much yourself? What do you think of Facebook’s fully integrated email/chat/texting communication system?

UPDATE: The popout feature still works where you can easily see all your friends, plus any friend lists you have and turn the chat slider on or off (green or gray) for each friend list. You may find the popout much easier to use as opposed to the “relevance” list Facebook displays for you!

UPDATE: 7/17/11 3:00PM PST: Since I published this post yesterday, Facebook seems to have removed the Chat Sidebar and reverted back to the old chat. For now, anyway!! 🙂 Let me know in the comments below if you still have the new Sidebar.

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  • Magikbroom71


  • Jillnfilm

    Sorry but it is not an improvement. It’s just awful.            

  • Sky Dog

    I totally agree with Ken.  I used chat all of the time.  It is now beyond cumbersome.  They made the feature not user friendly at all.  It will completely change how I interact with friends.  

  • I wish people would chat with me via GTalk or Skype. If they aren’t on either of those, send me a FB message. FB is just ONE MORE THING to keep up with. Maybe I’ll just turn it off–hopefully then ppl will sent me a FB message instead that is not so intrusive.

  • bj

    Thanks for the info.  I do wish Facebook would stop producing changes that they tout as improvements for ‘everybody’ when the changes seem to be more about giving Facebook more control!! 

    I set my profile as offline & only went on line briefly if I wanted to chat.  I did that today & am now stuck in online mode.  Grr!!  I’ve tried clicking on the wee cog to un-tick available for chat but nothing happens when I click on the cog.  Any suggestions out there?


  • Chanda Gunter

    I had no idea about the circle hack! Just made my day, thanks Mari!!!

  • elizabeth beales

    It’s also not friendly for people with any type of visual impairment, All the other “improvements” I’ve shrugged at, but this one takes a long time to look at and find the right things to click. And online is the new default? Sheesh. Thanks for the post.

  • bj

    I logged out a third time & gave it a while & now that I’ve logged back in again I can see the ‘amazing’ new sidebar & disable chat.   Don’t like the sidebar at all but since I certainly won’t be online any more often than in the past I don’t expect it will bother me too much.

  • Ss09ok

    This new FB stuff is JUNK !! I want the old stuff back. I liked seeing all the chat people – not just those I chat with most. Ay least, before when I got rid of the chat list on bottom R it appeared on Left. Double news feed is stupid & gets rid of stuff I liked. Stop fooling with this or you’ll lose everyone I know – who have NOT commented here

  • HOW?

    I agree… how do I get the old chat bar back? I only want to see the people who are online.

  • Sabrushi

    I agree with you 100%. Absolutely awkward, and let me add, nonsense! Why would I like to have in my CHAT bar, people who are not even online at the moment??!!
    Another issue, the size! It seems to be way bigger than the old chat bar!

    I guess Skype/MSN/Google Talk would be the best options for me now..

  • Ken Mueller

    The real problem here is, the older chat bar worked fine. Now the newer chat bar requires more work, including the creation of lists, which can be quite time consuming when you have a lot of friends. the new bar is incredibly cumbersome and not user friendly at all. I used the old chat bar all the time, and now I’m less inclined to because of the loss of scrolling. Also, the rolling activity feed above the chat is something that they should allow you to turn off.

    the idea behind the new chat is that it shows me those with whom I most frequently interact. Well, apparently my friend list didn’t get the memo. I keep seeing people that I’ve never interacted with, while my most chatworthy friends are nowhere to be found. I like to see who is online, not have to search in the bar to see IF someone is online.

  • Cheryl Nall

    I don’t chat.  But I do flip back and forth from my profile to my page and EVERY TIME I do, I have to disable it again.  thanks to FB I am now avoiding FB.

  • Any clue about what to do when you don’t have “Limit Availability” as an available option for my various friend lists?

  • Pimpa Jiranyakul

    Thanking to make it easier.

  • hehee you betcha!!

  • Lol – me too. I just leave it off. 

  • Guest

    Is there a way to just get rid of it?  I don’t like it at all.  I don’t chat on Facebook and somehow I always end up as available on FB when this stupid sidebar comes up.

  • Cath

    I am having issues with the news feed page. I have on the right side of the page scrolling notifications, on the left side I have missing icons of the games I play and no game requests, missing icons for those who are on chat. I am confused with my friends account on the laptop is normal and mine is not. Please help. I am about to delete FB. Thanks

  • Maddy 68

    i have had enough of this facebook most recent has gone,my chat bar has changed and my games are not showing

  • Fred Horein
    I had the same problem too when the sidebar first enabled itself for me.  I left a… ‘less than pleasant’ bug report last night about this, which included no profanity (much willpower was spent there) however my point was clear: I did not use their chat, and did not appreciate their disrespect for privacy.  I also posted a status update letting my friends know that I’m disappearing from Facebook until they resolved this.  Out of curiosity I checked it just now, and the sidebar is gone, and the normal chat feature is behaving like I’m used to.  Maybe someone noticed my feedback?  Either way, I recommend that everyone with this issue file a bug report, and make sure that the word ‘privacy’ is included in it.  If enough people complain about FB disrespecting their privacy I’m sure they’ll take notice.

  • Pam

    I never chat. That new thing popped up yesterday and now it’s back to the old one. The only thing I ever used it for was to see who was on FB. And their explanation of who they choose to put in that list is utterly ridiculous. They had people on there that I’ve never chatted with, never sent a PM, who are rarely on FB, and the last time I posted to their wall was six months ago. I’d like them to explain that reasoning…LOL!

  • Sampath Iyengar

    Great one of the most Useful post i have seen , thanks for sharing this. Makes my life much easier

  • Paul

    I still have the stupid new sidebar. Very frustrating! 
    How do you invoke the “popout feature” from your home page?

  • urmhero

    I still have the new chat and can’t get the old one back!

  • Dnjsbd1967

    It popped up once tonight so far,but was nowhere to be found this morning.Perhaps FB should start polling users about whether they even want these or any changes.

  • Ann

    I hate it and want the old chat my lists are gone……is there a way to have the old  ? people are really disliking this ,don’t they care ?am ready to close my account Fb sucks now..

  • ann

    I feel the same, it’s pure crap !!!!

  • Chuijing_97

    if i wan to change back ti normal how?

  • Citadel

    i just knew now that facebook admins are too stupid that they dont understand the reaction of peoples on their new stupid update…i

  • Joshuamn83

    Everytime i pull up My facebook in my browser it opens up the chat and puts me online.  I never have chat on.  Now people are chatting with me and i miss them.  This new chat buggy and bothersome!

  • cameron

    how can i get rid of the news feed, thats in my friends list, like that mini one?  its annoying and a waste of my space. 

  • Anonymous

    I just got the new sidebar then

  • Aqqq

    I still have the new sidebar 🙁

  • Ripan


    Ur no. 3 “Limit chat availability to certain friends”:  cant enable this option bcoz the cog icon showing only these 3 options: available to chat, chat sounds & hide sidebar.So cant get my frnd list & cant make me offline to few frnds>   Seems previous chat window was good.PLS HELP>

  • Amakyewaah

    Hi, I already set my facebook chat list to offline before the new chat settings. Now, am trying to make myself visible to certain friends (chat list) but I can’t bcos the lists do not appear for me to set them back to online, thus, it shows am offline to them….how do I bring them back to online?…am helpless.

  • Ripan

    the cog icon at chat window’s right bottom corner shows options: available to chat, chat sounds & hide sidebar.
    Click on “available to chat”

  • Ripan

    the cog icon at chat window’s right bottom corner shows options: available to chat, chat sounds & hide sidebar.
    Click on “available to chat”

  • Hjshsh

    still have the new sidebar tryin to figure out how to get the old chat list back

  • Linda

    i’m still using the new chatroom….no like at all~i love old chat room!

  • Amakyewaah

    Thanx Mari.

  • Roshinifern

    old chat settings was too good compared to new …. not satisfied ….

  • Amakyewaah

    Thanx Ripan, I tried earlier but didnt work for me…I followed a link Mari suggested and it worked – 
    Thanx Mari.

  • Stealthofmind

    i do hav the new sidebar!! nd am sick of it!!

  • It’s not possible. 🙁 

  • Facebook must be working on it. The new Chat Sidebar was gone all day, but has just come back on mine. Try this instead:

  • Here you go:
    I don’t know how to invoke from the home page, but just bookmark that link as it does work. 

  • Ohhhhhh ya – that scrolling live feed on the right of the home page is yet another new change coming out… 

  • It’s totally intermittent. I’ve seen it sometimes and not other times. I kept hitting refresh and trying different browsers. 

  • Try this for now:

  • Scott

    They have the new sidebar again now, with no option to “pop out chat”, which was always the most stable way of chatting given the fact that FB is web based…

  • Guestttttttt

    You can still use this link for the pop out chat

  • Thanks for this Mari – was kinda hoping it would hold the answer as to why the chat remains open even after I’ve chosen to not display it.

    However I now know it’s just a bug, so hopefully it’ll be fixed by Facebook soon.

    Hate to say it, but I feel Facebook might be heading down the ‘MySpace’ route now… Not everyone likes the chat feature on the site, and it puts me off visiting Facebook at the moment because I can’t close it. If all my contacts see me online there, all productivity would go right out the window 🙂

  • Tracie Brown

    mine is still there , i would like it  gone  how can  i make it go away ????  its  like a  toothache   lol

  • guest

    Is it only me or have FB set it so that every time you login it defaults you to online in chat – The only way I’ve got around it is to limit availability by clicking all boxes? Or is this just a bug today?

  • Anonymous

    It is a bit of a disaster to be honest. I have close to 4,000 ‘friends’ and usually have about 300 online per day. Now i have to manually look to see if they are online because facebook limits the number of people i can see online. It is a a bad bad bad idea. I can’t think of anyone who likes it

  • Cameron

    i do, but when i open my friends list, it is there also, if i “hide” it, it goes on the home page, if i open it again it goes back to the friends list

  • Aliceeeeeeee

    I want to hide the sidebar, but i dont have a ‘hide sidebar’ option… I really hate it!

  • Helen Boujos

     Thanks for all your help here Mari. I searched on FB Help re the sidebar/adjusting privacy settings of sidebar, etc. to no avail. Thank you!

  • Thanks, as always, Mari, for an informative post. A couple of points:
    1) The “make unavailable” hasn’t worked for me at all. I created a list of pestering people I did not want to be IM’d by. I called it “no chat” and asked that I be made unavailable to that list. It made no difference. Both members of that group, still IM’d me.
    2) The popout feature works from your link. But I don’t see any place in the new sidebar to activate it.

  • Anonymous

    Silly thing is that they risk losing people because of how much control they want to have over us. Soon enough someone who offers freedom is going to offer  a better deal and the next social media network will take change.

    Another thing is they have defined one of my stalkers as an important relationship!

  • Joep Claessens

    Same here. It keeps popping up, no matter what I click (Learn More / Hide This / Try It Now) and keeps changing my status to on-line in chat. I can and did change my availability to no one. But that it keeps popping up is annoying to say the least.

  • Njcronk

    You are awesome, Joe. Thank you.

  • You mention friend lists above. At one point, whenever I added a friend to a list, that friend received an email notification that I had put him or her on a friend list along with the name of that list. Does a notification still go out? Ever since I discovered that had been happening, I’ve been afraid to put people on lists. If we don’t list friends, can we then exclude certain individuals rather than entire lists?

  • Walkerwillows

    The new chat is incredibly horrible!! EVERYone is talking about it! Part of the reason for the ‘dislike’ on this new chat is because it doesn’t show you all of the available people for chat. You have to type in a ‘search’ for each person, one by one, until you find someone online. Too time consuming, turning mine off and finding a new way to chat with friends…

  • Excellent questions!! Here’s the scoop: yes, friends get a notification when they’ve been added to a list, including the name of the list, *IF* you add the list to the Featured area of your profile. If you do not add any list(s) to the featured area (this has to be done manually, so you couldn’t ‘accidentally’ feature a list), then nobody will get any notifications. With the exclusions, unfortunately, the way Facebook has chat set up, the only way to limit you chat availability is if friends are in a list… even if it’s just one friend! But, you’re safe so long as the list isn’t featured. Double check this under the relationships section of your profile:

  • It really is crazy… but kind of like Google is doing with Gmail contacts, for instance, these big companies are trying to get their algorithms to “guess” our most important relationships instead of giving us the control!!!

  • The chat sidebar is *relentless!!* It kept springing back up for about a day and a half for me. Finally, it is staying hidden!!

  • You should be able to still access the popout:

  • Ugh!!! I know. That “limit availability” is very intermittent. I had to keep refreshing Facebook, clear cache, try different browsers and eventually it shows up. Facebook is in midst of doing tests and the chat sidebar is still very buggy. Hang in there!

  • Ohhhhh, you have the new scrolling live feed on the right side of the home page??? Ugh, that’s yet another new feature Facebook just introduced and will be rolling out sitewide soon. I don’t have it yet, but I understand there’s no way to turn it off. 🙁

  • If Facebook ever do head the way of MySpace, it’ll be some years yet… I can’t see users migrating somewhere else (Google+?!) en masse for a while. Despite everyone’s grievances with the changes, so long as our loved ones around the world still use Facebook as the primary means of connecting, then most of us will keep using the platform. We’ll see! Once Google+ adds games and business profiles, it could be a gamechanger. 

  • Vickie

    The new side bar really sucks I want the old one back on the left side.  I do not like the review of what my friends are write.  I WANT THE OLD LEFT SIDE BAR BACK. PLEASE!  THIS HAS TAKEN THE ENJOYMENT OUT OF FB.   DELETE IT NOW.

  • Thanks for this, Mari! One thing I’ve been wondering about: can you make the sidebar start with the friends who are online (like you can in Skype)? Instead of an alphabetical list, I mean. 

  • Melanie

    HATE THE NEW CHAT BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twiggygk

    i still have it, and its driving me nutz!!!!!!

  • Lol. I hope Facebook reads my blog!

  • Exactly – it’s crazy. Why would we need to see friends that Facebook decides are the most important and those friends aren’t even online?!!

  • rom

    i want the old chat bar. new one really sucks!!!

  • Nope. The sidebar – so far – is in the order of who Facebook thinks are your besties. 🙁

  • Hey Mark. Ya, that Limit Availability option is uber elusive. I had to try all kinds of stuff, new browsers, refresh, clear cache to get it to show up. BUT, from what you’re saying, even if you do get it to work, you’re not showing as unavailable to the list you set. 🙁 Sheesh.
    Exactly, re the popout – someone shared it on my fan page otherwise I wouldn’t even know about it, not being a chat user myself. There’s no way to activate the popout that I can see, other than bookmarking the actual URL… for now. 

  • Good grief, that is scary!!!!

  • Joe Doe

    The new chat bar brings no improvements, whatsoever. None. Nada. On the contrary. Groups not more well visible and on/off-switchable, I am not able to see the online status of members of a particular group but just a non-scrollable (D’uh!) list of 25 people (on my MacBookPro screen) including contacts, who are offline.

     #fail  #epicfail

  • Kalpanajaswal

     i want old chat bar. new one does not work properly.i hate new chat bar please help me. this new one show online even while i am off line. i am so upset for 10 days..

  • Sophiesampson99

    If the limit availability option doesn’t come up you can use ctrl and the + button to zoom in and force an old style chat box (unfortunately still with the prioritizing of friends – absolute garbage imo).  This will usually then give you the option to limit availability.  You can stay zoomed in to keep the old style popup rather than sidebar or zoom back out using ctrl and -.

  • Jon_bon51

     So I did the #5 Hide the Sidebar. But now how do I get it back????

  • Rio Saguibo


  • Martyn1996


  • Dharmo666

    I wish facebook wouldn’t change my setting to “available to chat” behind my back.  Maybe it got turned on automatically when the new feature was implemented.

  • King-jtm

    how do i make the new sidebar show i seem to have the old one

  • Jones

    How do I get the old one back?  I hate the sidebar.

  • Spiderrockus

    I wish the only problem I was having was the issue with the chat. I was one of the 1% of users that was chosen to be a tester for the “Happening Now”. It has totally messed everything up on my wall. I have on the right side a twitter like scroll that notifies me of every single thing everyone is doing. On the left hand side it has removed all of my games. I no longer have the top new/most recent at the top of the page so I see posts from 2 minutes ago to 12 hrs ago. Shouldn’t the purpose of a “tester” be to provide feedback (nevermind that I was never asked to be a tester). The gall of FB to change my profile and include me in a test group without absolutely any method of providing feedback. Whats the purpose?

  • guest

    the new chat feature is driving me crazy because it’s constantly showing me as ‘available’.  when i change my status to ‘unavailable’ it only remains that way as long as i don’t go to another page, refresh, or basically do anything on fb.  apparently i’m not the only one, although it seems to be a worse problem on firefox.  the sidebar pops up constantly, too.  has anyone had any luck STAYING logged out of chat using firefox?  thanks.

  • Idanjade

    i dont like the new side bar.. how can i get the old one back

  • Mewipaws

    I hate new sidebar. It sucks.

  • lksdjfads

    I HATE the new side bar also… is there a way to get the old one back?

  • mmj

    how do u see all your friends that are online? it says to view other friends to just search them in the search bar. But their is no way in knowing if someone is online and whether to search them up or not. Sense the sidebar limits the view-able friends to the ones you most commonly interact with it limits the potential of the social aspect of facebook. It is very surprising that they would over look this aspect.

  • Not A Happy Bunny

    I disabled chat about a year ago – fed up of spammers asking me to come along to get rich quick webinarzzzzzzzzzzz. Now I have this stupid distracting scrolly thing at the top right of my screen, letting me know in real time when someone has changed their profile picture – like I am bovvered enought to want to know that the instant it happens…. argh. I used to have events (usually spammers inviting me to get rich quick webinarszzzzzzzzz:P ) and birthdays. Now I have a conveyor belt of duplicated news – toptastic! 🙂

  • Vincent Palmer

    That “Amazing” chat sidebar… I  really dislike the way it works!!!
    I sometimes use chat, maybe someone wants to send a personal message or whatever without going the public “Post on their wall” route…
    Just now I clicked on “Hide Sidebar”, it took chat totally offline… DoH… Worse!

  • Jpvan

    I also just realized how much i dislike FB chat … maybe i will use the video call to see some friends from abroad

  • Traceybj25

    How do you get rid of this new chat side bar please can anyone help me i would love to have the old one back.Asap

  • Thanks Mari for this post…I will share it. Not happy about the Facebook chat and how Facebook typically auto changes my settings when they add or change a Facebook feature. I had the old Chat disabled and suddenly with the new chat I was showing back up as “online” and bombarded by spammers. With Gratitude, Bob

  • Sukoluhle Nyathi

    i cant see my friends that are online since you guys upgraded chat. It show that i have 0 friends online. Im really tired of all this

  • Bobsgurl36

    how do i get the new facebbok message,and new facebook chat

  • Thanks for this. I don’t use the chat feature in Facebook but it helps to know how to manage those new settings.

    Notwithstanding the integration of text, e-mail and chat, I prefer sending messages to convey longer thoughts to friends.

  • Laceyy

    I dont like this new chat sidebar thing.. how can i change it back?!

  • Me

    If they are “spammers” why do YOU have them on there?!?!?!?   duh!!!!!

  • Connie Coleman Edge

    I understand HOW it works (but appreciated the tutorial on limited availability. My question is:  is there a way to permanently disable so that you don’t keep reverting back to “available to chat”. 

  • Hdizzle

    I still have it, and its driving me insane.  Hope FB is reading this…

  • Joep Claessens

    Three days later and it still keeps popping up. And it doesn’t matter what I click -‘Hide This’ or ‘Try it now’- it pops up the side bar and keeps changing my status to online anyway. And it does so every time I open a new FB tab in my browser when I want to go to someone’s profile or to a group or business page.

  • Thanks for sharing this Mari, I prefer the old facebook chat sidebar though. What I love with the recent change on facebook is the “link preview” in comments.

  • Same here. 

  • Sarah Lucas

    ever since the new chat came up for me yesterday, my games (farmville, frontierville, wild west town) are all smaller, but not just smaller, CROPPED! even when i make the chat bar go away, the space for it is still there, and the game is still cropped, so i cant see all of the game buttons. what do i do??

  • Magus

    I don’t like this new chat.  I keep turning it offline but it won’t stay offline.  We need an invisible setting that boots up invisible, like yahoo IM and others.

  • someone who cares

    This is really annoying. I would like to be able to change back to the old chat settings. These changes are basically saying that reconnecting with old friends is not necessary.

  • Melinda Daily

    i want to change my new chat back to old one and i’m talking about i don’t want to go on a different page and than chat i want to stay on the same page and than chat because i play frontierville and all that… and when it was the old chat i can do both and now i can’t with this new one and it’s pissing me off and i also have to say my friend online i don’t want to go to search and find them i just want the old one back please can you change it back for the people who want it change back please or something thanks please help…..
    thanks to the person that NOT  smiling right now

  • Watch Live Cricket

    Thanks for sharing it with us! I hate the new facebook chat

  • Sdgfsdg

    It really sucks … FAcebook is about to be myspaced  by Google+

  • Sahithikondabala

    i dont get limit availability option .what do i do?

  • chak

    change it back… Facebook always say need to improve… But the more
    you guy do the more and more terrible… Use back the old version more
    better… PLEASE change it back… Thanks…

  • strauss

    What about ‘other friends’ in Limit Availability? They’re always offline it’s annoying. (I left them offline when I had the old chat.)

  • Gemma Louise Pye

    i still have the chat bar and i dont like it i prefure the old one

  • Gemma Louise Pye

    at least the old one i understood it was easy simple and mines all buggy its aweful eye sore am getting to the point where am gonna stop using facebook and go back to myspace

  • Lasersteve 999

    you dont want it!!!
    its rubish. you can only see about 10 friends. and u cant scroll up and down to see who’s online.
    but when u minimize it it tells you 15 people are online. when u maximise it. you can only see about 4. and there is no way of knowing who the other 11 are.
    bring back the old chat anyday!!!

  • Terminatorprk

    i still prefer the old one….old chat was the best

  • Joep Claessens

    Eight days later and it still keeps popping all the time 🙁

  • I really had a difficult time getting rid of the new chat bar.  I definitely like the old one better.

  • Mississippigabecarter

    This new setup is awful!

  • Thank you for helping me to remove that chat sidebar. It’s too bad facebook doesn’t give us an option in account settings to totally remove the chat feature. We don’t all use facebook to real-time chat. We want to have time to respond to things when we have a chance to do it. It’s impossible to work if people keep popping you to chat. If facebook keeps evolving into a chat tool I will have to stop using it completely.

  • Great tips! Thanks Mari.

  • datura

    This is the most helpful site I’ve found, thank you! 
    Two remaining questions- 
    If the limit availability or unavailable to chat options are chosen, what do those you’ve selected to appear unavailable to (or everyone) see on your page? I often do not see a friend in chat, but on their page is an empty circle, and if I try to send a chat I do not get the “xxx is unavailable but you can still send a message” it is as if they are online. 
    Do you happen to know if a green circle remaining on for several hours is just from a computer logged on, I understood the idle moon sign would appear if not used frequently.Thank you!!

  • Thank you Mari for the awesome information. Not sure I like the new chat sidebar, but will give it a chance before I decide.

  • Ewenous

    My chat feature is totally gone.  How do I get it back?

  • ann

    It’s just stupid…and they do not care that people hate it…facebook is going to go the way of my-space if they don’t wise up

  • HATE FB chat!!

    I am having the same problem.  It just logs me back in randomly!! 🙁  It is driving me insane because it takes several clicks to disable and then close the sidebar.  I am using Chrome as a browser so it is not just a Firefox thing.  Nice to know it isn’t FB just punishing Google users.  If it keeps up, I’m switching permanently to Google+ and disabling my FB account (hopefully, that won’t come back randomly and have to be killed over and over)!

  • sammi

    I don’t understand why everyone else’s facebook has the sidebar with the news feeds in it, too and i don’t. how do i get that.

  • Saroka

    I still have the new sidebar and I hate it – how do I change it back?

  • Anonymous
  • Tropix100

    I play Zynga Poker and I have brought chips to play. Every time I expand the new Chat Sidebar, my Zynga page refreshes causing me to lose any chips I may have been playing with. This is VERY annoying and it costs me money. Still no justification for Facebook to remove this feature. Or at least giving the option of using it.
    I do not want this feature which I was asked to ‘TRY’ by Facebook. I have now tried it and and I dont want it.
    Can someone please tell me it there is a way to remove it withiout scripts. If not can someone please direct me to a good valid script without using Greasemonkey. Sourse code would be nice. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    My FB sidebar chat went back to its old self this morning on its own. Did anyone else have this happen? I don’t like to be online and available for chat, and when they changed it to this new sidebar, mine would revert to online and available on its own, even though I’d told it to be offline and hidden it before. 

  • Destyyviruet123

    how do you go back to the old chat bar? its way better!

  • Vicky_cummings7

    I was able to go back to the old settings by using my Iphone and went online to chat, and then checked myself out of the chat.  When you log on to your computer it then makes it show offline like the previous setting.  I hope this is a simpler way for people with Iphones!

  • If you prefer the old chat sidebar, install the latest version of Better Facebook (, it restores the sidebar and a whole lot more great features that make Facebook a whole lot more manageable and personalized. I’ve been using this add on for several releases and it gets better and better. Matt Kruze (the author) has taken on Facebook as a project, fixing the “feature updates” that Facebook sees fit to dole out without review or user choice. He is a hero!

  • huma khan

    hey i want my old chat box back.the new one sucks

  • Karan Lugani
  • Nadia

    How do you make yourself unavailable automatically when you sign in?

  • Rishan

    Well how do u put the sidebar back up on facebook once its hidden?

  • Bob4nancy

    You go to the wrench (tools) and go to tools in the drop down. Click extensions. you should see the extension, Facebook chat. Click disable.

  • Yam_wel

    my chat side is coming out only when i click account settings. nott in homepage itself, how will i return it back

  • guest

    My sidebar refuses to stay on unavailable. I set it and then it resets back to avaikable every time I switch pages.

  • Tanya_panya


  • Tanya_panya

    it shows everyone is offline.. can’t we go back to the old chat. Seriously. This isn’t helping anyone.. PLEASE!?!

  • Angelique Duffield

    Thanks Mari. Sometimes Facebook updates are hit and miss. Can’t say I’m enjoying this new chat feature.

  • Guesttt

    popout feature still works  !!!!!!!!! Thanks goshh

  • martin

    Hi – if I make myself unavailable on facebook chat to one friend can I still see when they are on line?

  • Whacky

    i cant find the cog so how will i go offline?

  • Maryanne

    thanks i now officially hate fb for making it hard to logoff from chat

  • Heidi

    how do i get the NEW chat back once i’ve installed the old one back?

  • Sbegumali

    how comes i still have a friend on chat even thou i have deleted this person

  • irrelevant

    Thanks for the info. I have a kinda related question. Every time i log into facebook, some friends get a notification to their windows live messenger. This happens since they associated their facebook accounts with their wlm. So even if i appear offline re chat, they still know i m online. Can i block this somehow?

  • mk

    i have no search box or gear at the bottom of the sidebar chat…only at the top is the gear to manage lists… i have tried to no avail to find information with FB to fix it…if i have to use this new chat at least i would like to have the full aspect…i really don’t like how the chat has evolved in FB.

  • mk

    2nd addition to the missing search bar, and the chats i do have going just disappearing and having to start all over again, today my sidebar started a 2nd list of “online friends” below the one that is always there…half of whom i have never interacted with ..and some of the ones i do interact with are not there at all.  since i can’t “search for them” and the ones i am chatting with continually disappear, i really have little use for this stupid new chat..i think FB just got too big for it’s own good and now isn’t functioning well at all in any area….too bad…any suggestions for fixing my problems will be appreciated though  thx 

  • Redsox21

    I was hidden when the new chat came into effect and now i can only turn chat on and off  within my groups…not to all. How do i fix this??

  • Rhastabongco

    i cant make it online…. the new fb chat bar wont make me online

  • Andrew

    Ik this crap already

  • Facebook reluctant user

    I am starting to feel that Facebook was designed by a 2 year old.

  • Mendozapaolo40

    I want my old chat box back I hate the new chat box, how can I fix it?

  • Pankhuri Chhabra

    thanks a lot…it helped me a lot

  • Aly

    Thanks Alot, u are a life saver 🙂

  • Lindamichelle1

    when  click the toggle thing in chat it doesnt have the option of limit availability!! how do i get it?
    mine only has the option of coming available to chat and then chat sounds. that is all.

  • Lindamichelle1

    nevermind. someone helped me figure it out. if anyone has the same problem, you have to make urself as online. and then click refresh the page. and when it reloads the limit availability shows up again 🙂

  • Anon

    Does anyone know how to stop Facebook from automatically signing you in to chat when you log in to the stie?

  • Beaver

    Hide sidebar is no longer an option.

  • JonahHex

    Your link do not work

  • Karan Lugani

    Just by uninstalling the plugin you installed you can get back to the new chat .

  • Karan Lugani

    Ya it does. You can use the same old link . Thats finally a relief.

  • Kavin Hope Sheikheldin

    How can i go back to old facebook

  • Nobody

    Duh… try reading #2 above again — turn off your chat availability entirely

  • abdul kashim

    my sidebar is not there how do i get it back

  • Sir Stu

    It’s a pity there’s not a way to disable the chat completely.  I’m sick of people attempting to pester me with it 😛 – The worst part is that many mobile phone social-apps will turn it back on as they refresh. Grrrr!

  • Valkeiu

    I actually loved the sidebar since I am not on facebook for much else than to chat with friends I never see…..I want it back now lol, the first facebook change I really liked…..

  • christian louboutin outlet

    It’s a pity there’s not a way to disable the chat completely.

  • Scott Ricketts

    Did I miss something? you told us everything we already know and not how to only have online friends appear in the the bloody chat windowwindow

  • Cool Looks

    How i can get new chat sidebar?

    How i can update to new chat sidebar?

    PLZ Answer

  • Mari, fb keeps putting me back available when I try to stay unavailable for chat.  It is getting real annoying.  Apparently my settings do not stay.

  • Eva

    mine has & it will probably drive me batty til I figure how to get the new one back!


    I have a problem with the fact that my boyfriend and I broke up three months ago and everytime i get onto facebook i have to constantly see him in my sidebar. How do i just remove friends from the side bar without defriending them?

  • Zawl Pala K

    i have one problem…i can do goup chat, but i can’t do personal chat, and also when i click on cog icon i can’t see limit availability…please help…. on facebook: Zawl Pala K

  • Shafraz Mhmd

    put him to a new list and make it unavailable for chat… but you have to remove him from all the other lists u made which are available for chat

  • J.A.M.

    HELP HELP.  Can anyone help me with something I don’t see listed here.  I click on a name, chat box drops down, I type under the chat box, then ‘enter’ for words to go up into the chatbox (for them to see); however, it just stays there, and won’t go, so they don’t know I’m trying to “chat” – as they see nothing.  If I empty my browser, for awhile, that would fix it, and would allow me to use chat again, but now, I’ve tried emptying browser multiples times, and I can go thru the beginning steps – box drops down, I type in the long rectangular area, THEN PROBLEM – it won’t pop on up into the chat box for them to read.  Soooo…. everyone thinks I’m online, send messages, I open chat box, but my typed words will not go into the chat box to read.  They stay in the typing area.  HELP.

  • ja.mladenec

    I can still see friends foto in my side bar on the right side everytime I turn it on. can I remove his photo somehow?

  • JT

    Same with me. Plus I don’t have any options in my “cog”. All there is is available to chat and chat sounds. Every time I open Facebook on a new day the chat is back online. I do not like to chat at all and do not like the fact that Facebook is so not user friendly on their privacy options. Hope someone finds a way to turn off chat for good until I want to use it. 

  • JT

    Wrong! It logs you back in a day later. People are here for help not attitude. 

  • Raisa

    I lost my new chat sidebar about 2 weeks ago. I want it back my friend still has it, she uses my computer and my browser! DO you know anyway to bring it back? I loved it

  • Raisa

    I lost my new chat sidebar about 2 weeks ago. I want it back my friend still has it, she uses my computer and my browser! DO you know anyway to bring it back? I loved it

  • David Murray

    I cannot see the sidebar chat or any way to enable it please help

  • Bigmouthc99

    you have to click on the right side of the bar that says Chat (offline). If you just click on the middle of that box, it brings up your friend chat list but not the new news feed. You need to click the right side of the box to bring that back.

  • Polly

    My chat cog only has two options, available to chat and chat sounds. Do I need to update my browser to get “limit chat availability”, or will that work once I have created friend lists?

  • Thanks for sharing all of the information:)

  • Facebook chat features fail. I’ll stick with G+ Hangouts for now. But not until I get a haircut.

  • Facebook chat features fail. I’ll stick with G+ Hangouts for now. But not until I get a haircut.

  • chethan g nayak

    i missed the fb phonebook, even i click edit friends i wil get d same sidebar which shows wall, photos, frnds ,etc but not contacts.

  • chethan g nayak

    i missed the fb phonebook, even i click edit friends i wil get d same sidebar which shows wall, photos, frnds ,etc but not contacts.

  • Yawannabeeton

     Hey does anyone know how to revert back to an older version of facebook? I really don’t like the new one they have. The sidebar is too big and unorganized. It just kinda is annoying to me and I don’t really like all the annoying scrolling and stuff. Can anyone help me?

  • no one likes the new facebook page at all! no ones game feeds are showing up, no none can help anyone.half our news feeds arent even posting.we had fun the old way now its just a pain. what to do , what to do…no help cant contact anyone and facebook doesnt care

  • Lredgrl55

    Is there a way to see who’s available to chat  but  where people can’t see me as visable to chat. Sneaky I know

  • Nileshgaonkar94

    im Online but m nt vi$ible onl9 to my freindzz! 

  • randi hitchcock

    Ok, but how do I get rid of the annoying scrolling “news feed on steroids”?!? I want it to STOP updating every 1/2 a second!!! Thanks!

  • Vandana15

    Yes! Apparently if u scroll down on ur FB wall there is an icon ‘facebook 2011 english US’…..change that to ‘English UK’ and it goes back to the old version!

  • Vandana15

    It takes some time to update….when u sign back in after a while u won’t see that ‘deleted’ person on chat 🙂

  • Kpjones072

    you can stop the ticker if you have google chrome go to the chrome store and search disable facebook ticker, install and it’s gone!

  • Dfr

    Damn like get a life and speak real English, you the type of person wondering why you didn’t get the jobs you always wanted and end up on the streets with a cup in your hand asking for money from total strangers.

  • Julie Clinch

    How can I stop people reading all my comments on other people walls.  Will this comment come up in the tracker on friends home pages too?  :O(

  • The chat sidebar is less than useless, it is anoying and frustrating. I only want to see who is available to chat, not a whole list of unavailable folks

  • Stealth help

    On the box that you described above, I am offline. But when I am in a group page, I am still available for chat. The indicator is the green light that’s lit on the bottom right of my thumbnail. This thumbnail photo is located along with the ‘members’ box on the top right of the group page.

    How do I get rid of that green light so i can really be on stealth mode?


  • Stealth help

    Is there a way for my updates not to flow on other peoples News Ticker? It’s like hanging laundry on the front lawn.

  • Badd0g4u

    didnt work for me any other suggestions Thanks

  • Millimowze

    Any way to permanently be unavailable to chat? Everytime I sign on it puts me back in available. If I wanted to be available to chat I would do it myself.

  • Gaurimac

    in the chat side bar….the lower shows the online friends but above that it also shows few people.Who are these people,the one whom I have chatted recently or the people who were online few time back.
    please reply on

  • FB chat has been roller coaster for its users in past few dayz 😉

  • Pete

    I hate it. I can’t turn it off. Clicking the available thing doesn’t do anything. I have no interest in anyone being able to see when I am online on facebook. If I want to chat, I’ll go online and visible in a messenger program. Just because I check my facebook page, does not mean I’m interested in chatting.

    I want to be permanently offline, but facebook is of course too retarded to do this.

  • Pete

    I’m getting so sick of facebook. I want complete and obvious control of what I share and with who. No actions I do should be shared with anyone, unless I chose to do so, and continuously facebook keeps doing it anyway.

    It’s not going to be that much longer, before I drop it.

    Unfortunately Google plus isn’t being much better at this yet, since in google plus I have no idea who can see what.

  • Bob

    I find it disturbing that you apparently don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ . . .

  • Vicky

    Equally disturbing is that you don’t know the difference between quotation marks and apostrophes.

  • Avseiler

    NEW DEVELOPMENT: The cog item was there in the past, & I used it to turn off chatting. Now my chatting has come back anyway. (Facebook never considers any setting to be permanent.) But now, today, for the first time, I do not HAVE the cog icon at the bottom on the right. I tried zooming back & back & back farther, but it ain’t gonna show up. IS THERE ANOTHER WAY TO TURN OFF CHAT AVAILABILITY? They certainly don’t tell you at Facebook.

  • Honieloulinggas

    i cant see my friend who is online in chat box??would you please help to resolve asap!!!!

  • SharonJ

    If I try to use the arrow] symbol and click Hide Sidebar, it disappears, but is added on to the side of my status updates. I really really hate this thing and would like it to go away. also, you said “You may want to hide the Chat Sidebar sometimes – that’s easy: click the cog icon > click “Hide Sidebar.” that is not an option for me.

  • SharonJ

    Plus, it is lonely on Google+ Not enough people have become fed up with Facebook yet. It is only a matter of time, I hope. The trouble is that Facebook is very intuitive, and Google+ is not

  • Pitcherman5

    same here 

  • kim

    That’s weird, i am ALways offline. ppl never see me unless i make myself visible. which is rare, that i do so. i’ve been invisible since i realized i could be, idk, maybe year ago.

  • fp

    it’s true, FB is faulting on ‘availability’ of the user to chat or not. one time you turn it off (hoping it’s permanent) then next time, you find your settings returning to ‘on’ without you touching a thing!

  • Rpka786

    god baed

  • Nice.
    Thanks for sharing this ..

  • LKeyes

    That you find such a simple matter “disturbing” is what I find disturbing.

  • MET28linden

    I want to hide the sidebar as the default setting.  It is very annoying.

  • Allyorkie

    I can’t turn my chat bar on–I have no chat icons, no blue box. no sidebar.  Any help?


       I cant see my friends who is online on the chat box. there is no icon in green color appear.and in the appear part of the chat box no appears the sign of video call and the sign of press ESC close. Need Help ASAP……

  • Sevenn7pure

    Its the Facebook APP on your phone thats doing it.  My niece had the same problem.  She logged in on a laptop, went unavailable to chat.  Logged out and logged back in on the laptop and she was still unavailable to chat.  She logged out on the laptop, then logged in with the App on her phone, then went back in on the laptop and she was available to chat again.

  • CowgirlD2006

    when you are limited to chat with only certain friends do they show up as available to you or are they offline to you? i tried to limit my chat but it made all my friends show up as offline even if they were online. anyone know what’s going on?

  • ali

    my chatbox opens itself and starts flickering

  • D_Shingler

    how can i permantly disable the sidebar ? i clase it go do some other stuff refresh the page and its back up does it over and over again 
    how can i permantly disable the side bar for good?

  • Biniam


  • Ken Winston Caine

    Yes. Isn’t there ANY way to make yourself PERMANENTLY unavailable to chat? So that when you log in to Facebook each session you are seen as unavaillable… Instead of every session when you log in you are, voila, AVAILABLE until you go in and change the setting.  I want MINE to default to unavailable. And when I rarely want to chat, I will change the setting for the person with whom I want to chat. Possible?

    I’m thinking that it is not possible currently. Can anyone prove me wrong?

  • Mohamedali Eg25

    how can i use the side bar to show new feed of pages i like?

  • Shubham Mathur

    thank u. for the information…

  • Abbie

    i cant find that supposed create a list button? 🙁

  • Halfbaked81

    I’m also having problems finding my lists and the create a lists button.

  • Freeran Geegs

    I’ve cleared my circles about a dozen times on G+. All folk seem to want to do is post photographs and meaningless content. It’s the most anti-social social site I’ve come across and I’ve been on quite some since they started coming on line.

  • whocares

    What bugs me is that I can log out of chat & close the entire thing down, but as soon as I refresh my page, I’m logged back in. Argh.

  • blueeyedbabe

    I hid the sidebar and now i can’t get it back? Any ideas how to fix that?

  • Rocel Christian

    How do you remove people who stay on your chatbox even, if they’re offline? Like how some of my friends are above the part where it says, “More friends online(#)”… how do you remove those friends above it? thanks

  • Bryn71

    Same here, no matter how many times I sign out of that thing, I keep getting signed back in…

  • Israr chaudhry

    Whenever i switched off my chat it will seems to me that i had offline but i am still showing online in groups. WTF ????? 🙁 Anybody helppppppppppp

  • Jkmoir

    The friends shown to the left of your profile change their order………..why?

  • Jane Andrew

    I hate Face book chat bar too. It destructs me and it
    occupies space and covers up screen.

  • JC

    Facebook went to hell in a handbasket, I’m surprised it’s still used.

  • Bienvenidojrespinosa

    how to disable video call? it keeps on popping out when i chat

  • Krutika Km

    whenever i m in my facebook account even though i am online no one my friend can see me and that green thought never appersw near by my name ….as i am online not getting that red notifications ..pls suggest me something

  • Hunter

    How do we change the name of a group conversation ? 

  • Sarra_73

    i wanna delete conversation in the skyope to facebook conversation window, and to make it not showin up. anybody aware how to do it?

  • N S K N143

    can i delet cy conversations in both of our accounts

  • Meenu Malhotra

    How do you remove people who stay on your chatbox even, if they’re offline?

    The new sidebar doesnot show the green dot even if my friends are available, every time i have to goto hidden sidebar to check who is online?

  • How can I fix the sidebar 🙁

  • i cant see my slider 🙁 it disappear what should i do?

  • Scramblues

    I have no box to click to hide or unhide the chat sidebar.  It just disappeared for me and many others today.  No way to get it back.   What does “cog” icon mean?  I have no icon!

  • Acidram

    I have seen ,a friend on facebook and in the chat side bar.thats fine
    there was no dot by the persons name.How ever I also seen for the same
    person the persons photo vanish from the window and could not be found
    and then re-appear with (no dot ) as before. My question is if some one
    hides them selves in chat would this explain why i don’t see the persons
    photo or name ? does this mean they were online  ?

  • Felix

    How to disable this chatviibes/ video calll? It is very much disgusting, because every time I choose a friend to text chat with, chatvibes/video call keeps on inviting authomatically to a friend I have chosen.  

  • guest

    go to adds on option in your browser…then disable chatviibes…

  • Guest in TX

    I’m having trouble disabling chat from my iPhone.  I used to see the “offline” option but can’t any longer when clicking the “chat”.  How can this be fixed or what do I need to do?  Has it been moved?

  • Guest From Oz

    I’m having the same problem.. Help 🙁

  • Dave Pearcey

    I lost my sidebar completely when I formatted my computer & reintalled windows.
    I cant get it back the way it was which I liked and got used toi.

  • Raj Kushwaha700

    facebook chat is curently unavailable.what can i do?

  • Sgallion1

    How can I cancel my fb and get it off line?

  • Rainbowkitty37

    How can I get a facebook sidebar? 🙁 I had mine but it just dissappeared somewhere

  • Nabil Khaleel

    In the chat window of a group I don’t see the members online as the before .

    this has been happening to me for almost a week 

    Is this an issue being solve ? Or the new update to the groups holds it ??

  • Deepak Karma

    Pls use IE 9 or mozilla or chrome…..some functionality not work in old IEs

  • Deepak Karma

    can i set a small icons of friends on sidebar….?

  • Nareth_thay

     Hi, everyone i got a problem on chat slidebar. I saw comment of all friend in chat slide bar sometime but it appear in short time. when i found it later, i cannot see it anymore. pls all fri answer my question.

  • Anna Profetiz

    I cannot see the side bar anymore,how can I chat and communicate with my friends easily??..                   I was chatting something very important but then the side bar dissapear…. So please bring back the old sidebar…. PLEASE I BEG YOU!!!…

  • Tcoll8

    A Face Book notifications question, how do I stop notifications off my friends that are nothing to do with me? they have a star symbol.

  • Bighead_united

    I dont have a green dot for my online friends I only have a circle thats not full up this for both online and unavailable friends 

  • Johny apple seed

    I was told on Tuesday that I was banned for adding too many friends, and would be banned for UP TO TWO DAYS. It is now Friday, THREEEEEEEEE DAYS LATER, and I am still banned! Can anyone help me out!!

  • Kathybnash

    The same for me Did you get a fix for this

  • I came here to be happy. Thank you for everything

  • Aleona Invelito

    how do you make it stay open like a stationery tab on the right side after you click exit button (which allows you to minimize/expand the chat)? thanks

  • meee9

    Why can you see mobile users in the chat box all the time, i dont want that! And how can i remove someone from the chat cuz i dont talk to them but theyre still there cuz they’re on a mobile device all the time :/ 

  • Facebook Chat is a great way to keep in touch with your friends, family and professional contacts while logged into Facebook. The default settings may not be for everyon.

  • The ability to adjust Chat settings gives Facebook users a greater level of control over the Facebook experience. The “Friend Lists” feature is a well-crafted tool that increases privacy and decreases unwanted Chat messages. Along with other user-friendly options, the site has made such settings very easy to implement and change. 

  • 😀

  • for this go here :

    you will get all the type of symbol. keep smile. 🙂

  • just go advance setting and change it. and after do this just logout of account and login.

  • just go in control penal and remove or uninstall the video call. it’s simple.

  • Maishe Asmv

    The first time you use Facebook Chat, you will likely hear the alert sound that is sent every time you send and receive IMs on Facebook. After awhile, this sound can flood your office or home, much to the chagrin of others around you. The good news is you can turn it off through the settings menu.

  • Daryl

    hi,my chat box , it’s 2 low ,cant see what i’m typing
    how can i drag or whatever i got 2 do 2  see the bottom ,,not computer savy ,thanks Daryl

  • JPHolm

    I can’t find the icon or gear box to adjust my chat box options!  Help!

  • sdreschel

    How can I prevent posts I made in “private” Facebook groups from appearing in my friends’ sidebars?

  • Billy howard

    i could like to have my old frinds back on my chat list on right hand side of bar on facebook . com

  • Billy howard

    i could like to have my old frinds back on my chat list on right hand side of bar on facebook . com

  • Melissa Seth

    i cannot see my chat side bar settings on facebook..

  • Aditi Tripathi42

    i cant see the side bar of facebook chat …..nothing appears on right side of the screen wen i open my facebook account

  • Kali Jean Marie Bosse

    heyy whats up friends

  • hyeyem

    I’m having trouble with my chat sidebar. It keeps flashing and scrolling up and down non stop. Do you know how I can fix this from happening? I appreciate any help you can give me.

  • ajit jha

    i cant see the cog icon in the lower right corner.

  • Tez Enriquez

    me too…

  • nitesh kumar

    everytime i had to apen for chat sidebar to see who all frnzz r onl9…as soon as i click smwhere again it gets closed.??

  • gettothepoint

    Why is it that so many who write these “how to” articles take so long to get to the point?

  • Gerry

    My chat sidebar options are not there.. The cog icon cannot be found so I can’t hide the sidebar

  • can we delete the New Facebook Chat Sidebar?

  • GINA1190


  • jazib

    how can i add back chat bar as i have removed it ??

  • Robert Andren

    I’m on my own chat. Is that normal ? I really don’t think I need to chat with myself.

  • trr

    am not seeing d icon and search butten on

    side bar

  • nishta

    i cannot see my friends online

  • prince

    this is rediscolus i dont want this answer ..i want how to close group chat room

  • What do the number of hours and number of minutes in the sidebar indicate?

  • Your tips are useless to me! I came here to find out how I can get rid off facebook chat as when I login it re-activates itself after I go to the advanced settings & turn off chat I hate the chat I want it gone completely

  • Erin KOss

    Thank you! The chat sidebar was a menace!

  • sara warburton

    why has my facebook sidebar background colour changed to black. is the fault with me or has everyone changed to that colour…my mates is still white and readable. how can i change it back to white please as i cant see on the dark background

  • Perfect Touch

    facebook chat set up is so fooked up,it comes on and off when it wants

  • Madison

    Hi Edwin, it indicates how long ago that person was online. So say beside your friend is says 30mins.. it means they were last active/online 30 minutes ago 🙂

  • Emily

    Chill out!

  • Rita Scannell

    How can I hide the chat sidebar on the iPad Facebook App?

  • Guest

    Is there any way to limit or remove who can see the last time you were active on facebook? Mine shows up even when my fb sends me a text, informing me I have a notification, so then it says that I was online when I hadn’t been.

  • Debra Preisinger

    My Chat Bar showing those on-line, etc. has moved to the left more; it’s no longer way on the right side, and it interferes with other things on the screen…Is there a way I can move it back all the way to the “right” side? Thank you.

  • Travis

    How do I remove people from my Facebook chat sidebar? I know they are supposed to be who I interact with the most but I have one person who I am not friends with that I do not interact with at all in my chat sidebar and I want them removed.

  • help

    It has stopped displaying how long it’s been since I signed off of chat…how do I correct this?

  • question

    Why is someone appearing on my chat list as available and we are not friends

  • urgent!

    how can i know if one of my friend is just not available on me?

  • BluePotion

    I want to know why, suddenly, when I message someone it pulls up that tiny little box. It already says chat is off yet I have to do all my messaging from that microscopic box anyway. I happen to know how to program a computer but FB keeps harassing me with their changes. Every other month it’s something different.

  • Raphael

    Same problem, started yesterday. Looking for a fix

  • Charles Purdy

    Yeah, it’s so easy, they say to hide your sidebar. Just click on that little cog icon at the bottom and click HIDE SIDEBAR. Well, clicked on the cog icon and there is no selection to hide the sidebar. Just what’s shown in the image.

  • Joseph Andrew Garbash Sr

    I have the same prob……………Used to be able to hide it a few days ago now no option to hide anymore………The option used to be where Charles has listed above………..HELP HELP

  • Tangy Acord

    Same Here…. Hellllp… FIX THIS!

  • puzzle

    I need help with this too. Please, anyone? I can’t hide the damn thing!

  • janice

    I am having the same problem also…..Facebook needs to fix this problem….

  • Andrew

    How do I stop timer showing how long ago I was on FBI ion chat side bar

  • guest1

    Me too! I’ve discovered you can get to full conversation by going to the settings in that little box, but is such a pain to do that EVERY single time! Looking for a fix! I hope one is found soon because this is driving me crazy!

  • Jimmy

    What sucks is that it will still show a green mobile symbol even if the person is not using facebook on their phone. If they have left facebook open on their phone, locked it and gone to sleep you will still see them as available on their mobile.

  • Poppyjaz

    Wow you guys have been dealing with this for a month. This started for me about two days ago, and it’s driving me nuts. I don’t use the chat windows at all. Now like mentioned above, I have to go to ‘full conversation’ and click, such a pain in the ass. and apparently there isn’t any way to stop it?

  • JohnG59

    Trying to close the sidebar – you say at point 5 to click on the cog and select Hide the Sidebar – I used to have this but don’t anymore.
    So how do I hide it??

  • guest2

    I see that I’m not alone… why did it start… that’s really really annoying…

  • Rahul Tiwari

    My chat sidebar options are not there.. The cog icon cannot be found so I can’t hide the sidebar.

    plz help me…
    Mob: 07303596673

  • Walt

    Hi guys, i’m new to Facebook so im not sure if this is a actual problem or not, but my chat bar where you see all your friends after you press chat at the bottom use to be a normal size, but just yesterday I pressed the chat button and now it pretty much takes up the whole page as in its really long if you could help me out with this it would be awesome 🙂 hope you read this

  • Judy VandeVord

    Hey there…ok, my friends list is listed on the left side under all my other apps and such ( they’re all in a square ) they’re supposed to be listed vertically on the right side of my homepage…why can’t I move them back to right side????????????

  • Zainab Al-Habobi

    Hey there, I dont have the option of unhide sidebar chat, so how can I make it appear??

    Best Regards

  • So I accidently opened the Chat sidebar AND IT WON’T GO AWAY!!!!!!! I clicked the option bar like hudreds of times and it won’t disappear……….does anyone have a tip to make it go away completely?

  • william jason o’neal

    I would like non friends to not pop up on the chat bar. I’m worried I am going to accidentally add someone.

  • Nithya Murugesan

    Sir in my fb the side bar is not displaying its wholely blank space only.then how can i work on it to turn on chat on as usualy

  • Allie

    I don’t have a sidebar at all!!!!!

  • Mari Smith

    what if I didn’t choose to on be chat line, but someone sent me a group msg
    making it 3 with me. Time passed and that person left linked to 3rd party…I then unknowingly send the person who linked me a msg does 3rd person read my personal msg?

  • Franklin Reid

    This information is three years old. The Options are not the same. I turned off everything including the tabs but it still is there. What can I do today?

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  • sheetal

    My sidebar is not working on my mobilephone what to di pls suggest

  • bucko1948

    my chat sidebar went away a few days ago and I cannot find how to get it back. anybody know?

  • ??????? ?????????

    they have disabled the option to hide anything…block extention just remove the apps updates n stuff but and a WHITE SIDEBAR IS STILL LEFT THERE so i have searched many pages that offer “solutions” none of them work….if it cannot be done do give people faulse options…..

  • Kiran Luthra

    Wild West Town is very enjoyable game and I like to play it always. Help of gameskip to level up fast is wonderful.

  • James Joseph

    How do I eliminate others seeing comments that I make on Faceboook. I don’t want all my friends to see posts that I make.

  • Kimberly Shand

    My Facebook chat shows me to be offline, even when I’m not, if I have the window minimized for more than five minutes. Is there a way to disable this feature?

  • Gwen Franklin Baker

    When i select the icon on chat box to hide sidebar, it does not have anything regarding hiding sidebar. I have tried everything and it is still in the middle of my page. Very irritating to say the least. Any suggestions?

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