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  • Don Podritske

    Thanks Mari, I am Looking forward to your Teleseminar / and also your webinars. God Bless, Don

  • Baylan Megino

    Thank you for making this available, Mari and Esperanza!

  • Maria Blanch Olivera

    Greetings from the UK! Can’t wait for Saturday’s call. :) Thank you for making this information available to all of us.

  • Fabrizio Faraco

    Saluti da Roma, Mari. Looking forward to hearing from you on saturday

  • Petra Muchova

    wonderful news!!

  • Ravi Shukle

    Wohoo! look forward to another awesome event Mari, will be tuning in from London England see you all there :)

  • Khalid Amhare

    Je ne sais comment vous remercier chère MariSmith et votre équipe également.
    Vous m’étonnez à chaque téléséminaire par votre nouveauté irlandaise,je suppose.
    Merci infiniment.
    Je suis toujours à votre écoute et vos lecons

  • Mari Smith

    Fantastic, Ravi!!! I hope to meet you at the iStrategy event too if it’s a fit for you?! :)

  • Mari Smith


  • Mari Smith

    Oh my pleasure, we look forward to being with you on the call @twitter-210575088:disqus!!

  • HeatherO

    Looking forward to it!

  • Esme Infante Nii

    Aloha from Hawaii, Mari! Good for you, for taking that literal leap of faith. Very much looking forward to hearing what you and Esperanza Universal will have to say on Saturday!

  • NetGeek Ben

    I’ve followed you for a couple of years now Mari, and I’ve often mused on what makes you tick and how you keep that infectious smile on your face. I believe I’ll find out from this call! Really looking forward to it from across the pond in England. Thanks so much for all you’ve imparted over the years…You rock, too!!

  • JoAnne Funch

    looking forward to this call. Thank you for boldly sharing your spiritual beliefs along with your business teachings.

  • Anne von Aichinger

    I had the occasion to meet both you and lovely Esperanza at Anne’s event in L.A. last November. We sat at the same table! She’s de-light-full! Will be calling in from Switzerland! Thanks for sharing her with us all dear Mari! You rock!

  • Michelle Gilstrap

    Looking forward to this, several of us in my family are having money issues, going to send them your link to see if they can get in too. I need to open my flood gates as well.

  • Mari Smith

    That’s awesome, @twitter-18175352:disqus — we’re excited to have you on the call!

  • Mari Smith

    Hi @facebook-1266575496:disqus – omygosh, that’s right!! How fantastic! See you on the call shortly. :)

  • Mari Smith

    Thank you kindly @joannefunch:disqus – sure do appreciate you!

  • Mari Smith

    Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment @db552afff2717ca1e41cd068119ddd2f:disqus!!

  • Mari Smith

    Hi @twitter-22832597:disqus — thank you so much!!

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