Enlightened Business Principles – FREE Teleseminar with Mari Smith and Esperanza Universal

Enlightened Business Principles – FREE Teleseminar with Mari Smith and Esperanza Universal

How To Transform Your Life, Business and Finances Using Spiritual Laws

Mari Smith & Esperanza Universal

Mari Smith & Esperanza Universal

FREE 2-Hour Teleseminar featuring world-renowned spiritual teacher, Esperanza Universal, and top social media thought leader, Mari Smith

Are your beliefs around money holding you back from true financial success? Do you sometimes struggle to make the right decisions in business? Perhaps you’ve found yourself going in circles and spinning your wheels. You know there is a much greater level of success waiting around the corner for you… yet, there just always seems to be so many obstacles in your way.

I have some awesome news for you! After the incredible success of my Business Success Strategy call featuring my business coach, Anne McKevitt, I’m thrilled to now bring you my spiritual teacher, Esperanza Universal, as my special guest expert on this FREE 2-hour teleseminar.

Esperanza is Co-creator and CEO of the Systems Of Universal Law Institute, Inc.® and has been teaching spiritual and transformational programs for close to twenty years. Before that, she practiced as an attorney for many years and loved civil litigation. Esperanza served as an Assistant City Attorney and was in private practice. Then, on her way to becoming the first Hispanic Congresswoman, she discovered a whole new realm of spiritual principles and universal truths that completely transformed her life and career forever.

During this information-rich call, Esperanza shared many of the profound, life-changing principles that will help you to get completely unstuck in business and life, including:

  • Proven ways to shift your relationship to money so that you open the floodgates to consistent cashflow.
  • How to create the life and business you really want where you’re pulled forward effortlessly vs. pushing upstream against the current.
  • How to embrace rapid change and the speeding up of time so you can move through your daily life with ease and grace, while creating abundance.
  • How to effectively apply the Law of Asking to all areas of your life and business so you create the exact right results you want.
  • Simple ways to dramatically shift your business and personal relationships so you, your family and your community operate at a more enlightened level.

Plus, I shared the impact spirituality has had on my own business and social media success and how you too can more deliberately use universal laws to make a bigger difference.

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Enlightened Business Principles

Free 2-Hour Teleseminar

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Mari Smith & Esperanza UniversalWhether you want to revitalize, realign or ramp up your existing business, this highly informative, practical and interactive teleseminar will take you through special processes that will show you which areas deliver the results you need in order to maximize success.

And to cap it off, this unique, one-off, 2 hour long teleseminar includes a full 30 minutes of live Q&A.

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