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10 Reasons To Use Facebook for Business

Social networking sites, especially Facebook, have significant implications for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs around the world. To keep your business current, you should at least be familiar with the latest social media marketing techniques and viral technologies, including Facebook and its array of powerful features. Facebook recently crossed the 100 MILLION member mark. That’s…

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New Facebook Design – Thumbs Up Or Down?

Are you enjoying the new Facebook look, feel, and features? I’m hearing mixed reviews, and am not fully sold on all the changes myself yet. There are a few nifty features and some “whaaaat happened?” changes! (If you are not yet seeing the new Facebook design – you should be able to trigger it with…

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Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted To Facebook

Facebook can be very addictive! There are so many fun “rabbit holes” to go down and new friends to acquaint yourself with. But beware, before long, Facebook could soon become “crackbook” in your day-to-day life. LOL. I’ve put together my top ten signs you could be addicted to Facebook. Of course, I’m not talking from…

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