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Synch My Facebook Email With Outloook

Are you using your Facebook email as much as your “regular” email? On most days, I certainly am! And, I’m finding it darn annoying to not have these features:

  • Store emails in folders.
  • Search all emails.
  • Forward emails.
  • Sort by name or subject.
  • View/retrieve deleted emails.
  • I’d also like to collapse threads (a la Gmail).

My volume of email definitely increased since joining Facebook. Along with multiple addresses, it’s becoming cumbersome to stay on top of all the communication.

Anyone having a similar experience? Got any hot tips on using Facebook email more effectively?

Mari Smith

Premier Facebook Marketing Expert | Social Media Thought Leader | Keynote Speaker | Ambassador Wave.video, Agorapulse, HubSpot, BuzzSumo | Columnist Bank of America

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