Facebook: Too Many Requests? Click Ignore All

Facebook: Too Many Requests? Click Ignore All

I recently created a screencast showing how to use the Ignore All bookmarklet. And wouldn’t you know, I just saw that Facebook have now added their own discreet button that does the same thing!! Must’ve been by popular demand. Or maybe because Bill Gates was sick of the 8,000 Friend Requests a day?

I understand many people stop using Facebook (like the droves of my fellow Brits) because they simply get overwhelmed with the app invites, poke wars, and daft requests from complete strangers.

Well, I highly recommend you keep using Facebook – hang in there, it can only improve over time!! Just apply this nifty new ignore all link liberally! Here’s how:

When you open up Facebook, you’re on your Homepage (with your News Feed). Over to the right, you see the various Requests awaiting your attention.

Click on any of the Request links and you’ll be taken to the main Requests page with Friend Requests, and Group, Event and Application invitations. That’s where you’ll see the small “ignore all” link – at the top over to the right, next to the word Requests.

Now, when you click on this link – unlike the Ignore All bookmarklet (made by a third party) which instantly zaps app invites – Facebook’s own ignore all link brings up another window where you can choose which Requests/Invitations you wish to ignore. That includes Friends, Events, Groups and Apps. See – Bill Gates should’ve hung in there!

I’d say this is a welcome new feature – would you?

(If we could just get some email improvements now, pleeeeeeease!!)

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