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10 Ways To Stay Safe On Facebook

With the latest trojans, phishers, hackers and imposters floating around cyberspace, especially on Facebook, it’s no wonder members have cause for concern. I’ve put the following suggestions together for you to help protect yourself from identity theft, hacking and the likes: 1. Monitor suspicious activity/links. Be vigilant in watching for suspicious activity in your News…

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Facebook Note Tagging Guidelines

Is it just me, or have you noticed a surge in the amount of friends tagging friends on Facebook Notes recently? I’m a big fan of using Facebook Notes strategically. However, I believe we need to see more best practices around Note Tagging. Several of my Facebook friends recently contacted me in private inquiring about…

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Facebook Email Etiquette

Are you growing weary from the inappropriate use of email on Facebook? I’m referring to the friends who email you their latest blog post, affiliate link, or MLM program and/or insist on sending bulk emails – that is, emails addressed to multiple recipients. (Facebook allows you to email lists of up to twenty friends). Though…

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Annoying Facebook Friends? Give ’em the FaceBOOT!

How do you feel about Facebook members on a mission to amass the max number of ‘friends’ in record time… for no apparent reason? Certain Facebook peeps have been getting right up my nose with this approach lately. I mean, if your name is John Reese, fair enough! John has a record of getting to…

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It’s Called FACEBook for a Reason! :)

A picture says a thousand words, would you agree? When you receive incoming Facebook friend requests, I’ll bet the person’s profile picture has a LOT of bearing on your decision to accept their invite or not. See, one of the great aspects of Facebook is the fact we have the opportunity for our face to…

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How NOT To Do Business on Facebook… or anywhere!

I had a very unpleasant experience last week: a gal, I’ll call Ms. X, ripped off my copyrighted sales copy for FacebookFortunes.com and FacebookGuidebook.com, put it up verbatim on her Facebook Profile, her website, and on Podclass… and began promoting the programs as if they were her own. I was shocked. (I’ve been on the…

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