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Can You Use Facebook To Strategically Grow Your Business?

Seems to be an interesting debate going on… yes, Facebook is the hottest, fastest, bestest site on the internet (LOL), but are there any proven strategies and, more importantly, best practices, in place yet?

I’m now registered for the Web Community Forum conference in Seattle, December 5th and 6th. Jeremiah Owyang is the keynote. Sounds like a good place to hang out for all things Facebook… in good taste. Hope to see ya there.

Meantime, I got tired of so many quality, successful business contacts of mine saying they just don’t get Facebook. “Is it MySpace for adults?” Hm, maybe so. But, for me, I say there definitely ARE strategic ways to use social networking sites to grow your business.

I’d love to support you in getting the most out of Facebook, especially if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, information marketer, author, speaker, coach or consultant. Feel free to send me your feedback – post here, or contact me through Facebook.

The best nugget I recently read is:

Facebook is the closest thing the world has to a next-generation Internet, one structured not around Web sites but around people. In the Facebook topology, every data source or service is defined by who else is using it.”

by David Kirkpatrick, Senior Editor at Fortune Magazine (as cited on Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim blog).

As relationships are my specialty, Facebook gives me just one more tool – a powerful one at that – to begin to foster quality relationships with top-notch people.

Information marketers, copywriters, authors, singers, actors – you name it, many of them people I’ve admired from afar for eons, and would never have known how to reach them before.

How are you using Facebook? Can you point to how Facebook is helping you in your business or career?

Mari Smith

Premier Facebook Marketing Expert | Social Media Thought Leader | Keynote Speaker | Ambassador Wave.video, Agorapulse, HubSpot, BuzzSumo | Columnist Bank of America

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