• Kim Turcotte


    I love this! So simple, yet so powerful! It is easy to do what you have always done, but to be bold enough to take action that moves you out of your comfort zone is how we grow. So this year I am all about BOLD ACTION!

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • Katherine Reschke

    My word for 2010 is Live! – to the fullest.

  • http://www.bookcoaching.com Judy Cullins

    HI Mari,
    Great to see your BIG growth and if I can be of help as a book mentor again, let me know.

    My theme this year is LETTING GO of bookcoaching marketing stategies that that don’t work as well as they did. I’ve reevaluateed my site and updated it and increased my opt-in subscribers hugely with my free report on book, web, and article marketing. That’s where we make the best sales.

    I’d love to hear your comments,


  • http://www.Sumerford7.com Kenneth Sumerford

    TEAM is OK with me for Internet marketing in 2010. I do Not have a team yet. 2009 was a bad year in several ways. Thank God we do Not have to re-live 2009. But I did learn some very important lessons last year.

    Some of my core values are: truth; justice; nobility; honesty; and beauty.

    ‘ glad you had relatives from Scotland to your place. I’m mostly Scottish and Irish. Some year I would like to visit Scotland and Ireland.

  • http://www.skincaresolutions.myrandf.com Ashley Segroves

    Thanks for your inspiration Mari! Although FOCUS is so important to me and I do need help in that department, I think TEAM is a perfect word for me this year! I think by delegating the correct tasks to the appropriate people, I will have the extra time needed to work on my focus. My you have a super successful 2010!

  • http://sacredconnectionjourneys.com Dr. Amy McLaughlin

    Thanks for sharing your theme word, Mari. It is so great to be a part of your process, such wisdom.

    I do a similar thing each year, though I have a theme song. It seems to happen that towards December a very powerful song starts repeating over and over in my head. I am often inspired, empowered and motivated. This is true this year as well.

    My theme song this year is “Defying Gravity” from the hit broadway show, Wicked. This song is about stepping out of the box, flying towards your potential and embracing limitless freedom. Definitely appropriate for me in 2010.

    I look forward to connecting with you more in 2010.

    Much love and aloha,

  • Claire Wade

    Wow, I really like this idea. After giving it some thought I’ve decided my word for 2010 will be Awakening.

    I want the world to awaken to my business Holidays From Home and the idea of virtual holidays. I would also like to awaken my own potential and skills.

  • http://atomatisphotography.com Vicki Tomatis

    TEAM is a wonderful choice, thanks for the inspiration. I started thinking about this immediately after reading your email and the word LISTEN came to mind for 2010. I too have a hard time delegating so TEAM would be good for me but LISTEN seems to be more important for me. Or COMMUNICATE which incorporates listening. This past year I spent most of it concentrating on community, I joined the Rotary Club, their main motto is Service Above Self. Doing that along with concentrating on social marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a blog, did help our business, Even though we were down for the whole year in comparison to 2008, my efforts did cause the months of November and December to be better than 2008.

    Looking forward to Listening to all my new contacts in 2010.


  • Michelle

    Hi Mari
    Really enjoyed this – and love your concept of the word TEAM. Well done.
    Mine is PEACE – having been working towards this and feels like I am just about there yipppeee!
    Happy New Year to you – may everything you do be prosperous and bring you endless joy.
    Michelle Hardwick
    of Release…Peace

  • Ali Gilani

    Wow! I really like this theme of yours for 2010 “TEAM” as I find myself in a very similar situation in my business where I feel that a few more highly skilled and professional team members can take the business to new heights of success.

    Keep up the good work Mari! and best of luck for 2010.


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  • http://www.louiseheasman.com Louise Heasman

    I really love this idea so thanks for sharing Mari. Business plans can soon lose the personal touch of WHY you are doing what you do. However, coming up with a one-word mantra to help remind you is a really simply and powerful idea.

    My one-word mantra is FREEDOM! It’s my intention that 2010 is going to be the year of FREEDOM for me! Freedom to work where and when I want, with people I choose to work with.

    This will keep me truly focussed I know!

    Thanks again Mari and all the best for 2010.


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  • http://blog.plwebdesign.dk Per Lund

    Hi Mari,

    It is a very clever thing to do. I am considering doing the same thing. Thanks for your sharing to the world of social media. Looks like you are quite an inspiration. One more expert to follow! I love it!

    Keep it up.

  • Malathy Drew


  • Trever McGhee MET

    Excellent choice – everything happens for a reason, “Team” works into what we're doing right now perfectly. You do amazing work Mari helping people!

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