• Would we be able to use this app to host a contest or competition? Considering the Facebook rules say that you must use a third-party app for a contest, could you put the contest info into an iFrame and use this app to host it on your page?

  • Wow that is simple, even I managed to put something up. Just need to decide what I would like there on a more permanent basis.

    One Q is it possible to change the little icon on the navigation menu from the default?
    Many thanks


  • First sentence . . .”Facebook will no longer allow the creation of new FBML custom tabs/apps”

  • Anonymous

    This is cool Mari. After trying it out though I noticed that it still has some limitations, compared to the original Static FBML. I see this as a great option for someone wanting to only have an image as a landing page.

  • Wonderfully done Mari! (And Wildfire!) Thanks for sharing :)

  • Hey there! Since you’re interested in contests, you should definitely check out the rest of the Wildfire offering– that’s our specialty! Our application is fully compliant with all of Facebook’s promotional guidelines– in fact we’re one of their Preferred Developer Clients and work very closely with the Facebook team.

  • Thanks Mari, for 411 on the very cool iFrames Facebook Page App by Wildfire! …and with Fan gate Option!

  • Hi Dave – ya, I just tried to put in an opt-in email form and I see form tags are not allowed. :) For sure the app is a great solution for certain uses though.

  • Hey Katherine – aha, I don’t think you can change the icon. But when you make your own iFrames app, you can have your own icon.

  • You can keep using Static FBML for as long as you wish. After March 11th, you just can’t add any new tabs with that app and will need to switch to iFrames.

  • Anonymous

    Will the custom HTML allow for video code?

  • Great, info like always! Great app!

  • Hi Mari, thanks so much this is great. Just so i know , you can add custom html to the fans and non fans, But you are saying that autoresponder form tags are not allowed? But the benefits are that the reveal can now work for the iframe? Sorry to talk it through for myself, Just wanted it clear in my mind :) This seems like a great app! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Same thing if you use image mapping tags, they’re not allowed as well. Still though, Kudo’s to Wildfire for the cool app. I’ve set up Facebook apps manually, and having a simplified process for Developers is very cool.

  • A better option is the Static HTML app developed by Jason Padvorac. Easier to set up and no plans to charge people to use it and offers two options: You can upload the HTML and have it hosted for you or you can point to the URL for the page on your own server, just as you would with the do it yourself app. No limitations doing it that way.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Hugh, I will take a look at the app. Also, I’ve frequented your site in the past a few times, and like what you’re doing. Feel free to look me up on Facebook if you wish..

  • Hi Casey – you can add custom html to the fans and non fans. What you can’t do is add form code that would enable you to have an email opt-in form to collect names and email addresses. There are many other ways to do this, though, on a different app/tab: see hyperarts.com/blog and search for contact forms and/or add your own iFrame app. Hope this helps!

  • Sahweet, thanks, Hugh!! Got a link to the app??

  • Martin Labas

    Hi Mari,
    helpful info, thanks. But one problem – I didn’t get the “Congrat’s” page and any other pages after that, I guess my faceboook or computer security disable this app. Any ideas how to make it work?

  • Kacy Maxwell

    I am a little confused. Will apps like ‘Static FBML’ not be able to be used? I use it the same was as you describe above by hosting my images on my own server and then using code to pull in.

  • This is awesome. Saves lots of time using this app!

  • Jeannine

    Looks good on the surface…. However, I just read Wildfire’s Terms of Service and this is stated in the beginning in bold type — which sounds like in exchange for the free iFrame page the Pages will be running contests for various promotional sponsors… so does that mean my Page will have these Sponsor Contests ON my Page? “OFFERS A WILDFIRE SOFTWARE APPLICATION (the “Service”) THAT HELPS THIRD-PARTY PROMOTION SPONSORS (individually and collectively “Sponsors”) PUBLISH THEIR PROMOTIONS (NAMELY SWEEPSTAKES PROMOTIONS AND CONTESTS) (individually and collectively “Promotions”) ONLINE. IN THE CASE OF SOME PROMOTIONS, THE SERVICE ALSO PROVIDES AN ONLINE ENTRY FORM THROUGH WHICH PROMOTION ENTRANTS (“Entrants”) CAN SUBMIT ENTRIES FOR SPONSOR PROMOTIONS. “

  • Ben

    Thanks for the great post Mari. I’ve had a good play with this App, but am disappointed that i can’t seem to use tags in the Custom HTML areas for the Fan view and Non-fan view pages. Would have been perfect for my current project if i could have linked in a complete page in each spot there. Not sure if I’ve missed something or if someone has a workaround? Would love to hear some ideas.



  • Paul Flood

    Thanks for sharing Mari. Great app!

  • Great, thank you Mari :o)

  • Yes! I was getting a little worried about storing content on my test server, so hopefully this will be a good work around. I’m going to test this out today. Thank you so much Mari!

  • Mari, this is very helpful. I have a question about requiring a “like” to enter a contest. Is tying a promotion entry to the action of liking the page allowed because Wildfire is a 3rd-party App? The Facebook Promotions Guidelines are pretty extensive. Thanks for your help.

  • Mikhaela Millondaga

    Thank you Mari for this wonderful update! I sure am glad to hear about Wildfire as I am not familiar with IFrames and preferred using FBML.

    You are my constant source of wisdom Mari, what would I do without you? :)


  • Mikhaela Millondaga

    Thank you Mari for this wonderful update! I sure am glad to hear about Wildfire as I am not familiar with IFrames and preferred using FBML.

    You are my constant source of wisdom Mari, what would I do without you? :)


  • Yes Mari, I posted a link in another comment yesterday that still hasn’t made it through moderation and just posted again in reply to you so hopefully that one will make it through.

  • test

  • Michael Mendoza

    When you’re grandfathered in, does that apply to only the apps I currently created? What if I create more apps (I create fan pages for several clients) after the 3 months? Will those new pages still be free or will I be charged? Hopefully once we log in with our name we are remembered as grandfathered users of the free app. Please let me know.

  • This is a dream come true! I have over 20 Business pages I’m managing right now and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! My question is why is Wildfire giving it away?

  • Wow, this looks like an awesome app! Thanks so much for sharing it, Mari – it was perfect timing, as I was just about to go hunting for something like this. Can’t wait to try it out! 😀

  • Hi Mari, Are you sure about not being able to add any new tabs after March 11? Facebook has said that Static FBML app can’t be added after March 10, but they also said they’d let those who have the app continue to make edits. I took from that that “editing” would include adding tabs up to the max of 10 per installation.

    However, they *have* also said that no new FBML tab applications will be allowed after March 10, but that refers to FBML as opposed to iFrame canvas apps, I believe.

  • Yes, it has mostly limitations, actually. You can’t use , or tags, so the only way to add any CSS styling is by inlining the CSS into the HTML tags (<p style=”color:red”>hello</p>. It really only allows very very simple HTML and images, unlike Static FBML which allows for some JavaScript, links to external stylesheets, etc.

  • I doubt it. It really seems to only allow the most basic HTML. I haven’t yet tested adding the code (such as is provided by Vimeo or YouTube for embedding) but I’ll be it’ll spit back errors at ya.

  • Jason Padvorac

    Hi there! I just left a reply on an earlier comment, then saw that Hugh was already on it. :)

    Anyway, I’m the author of that alternative app, and I’d be glad to answer any questions you have about it. And Hugh is right — the app will be free permanently.



  • Thanks so much for this review. I love it that anytime something changes on Facebook you can could on experts such as yourself to bring solutions to light. Thanks Mari!

  • My comment with the link to your app still hasn’t made it through moderation but I have a question since it seems to be a problem with the Wildfire app. Are there any limitations if we use your app or will all code work just as if we’d taken the time to install the app the hard way?

  • Jason Padvorac

    No limitations. Static HTML lets you do anything at all that you can imagine. Except for not breaking Facebook’s rules, of course. :)

    From what I can tell, the Wildfire app is built so that you can’t use it to duplicate functionality of their paid apps with their free app.

  • Hey Pia! Because we love our users and also because we hope working with us will convince you to keep sniffing around the rest of the platform and our line of powerful social media products. :)

  • Kari, yes, you can require that a user “Like” a page in order to be able to even enter your promotion.

  • Sherry Scott

    I saw your FB post about this and went to their site and tried to install it. It never took me to the Congrats! page or the Settings page. Any ideas on how to get it working? Any help is appreciated.

  • Oh, I think you’ve gotten confused. Wildfire are predominantly known in the social space for their Facebook contests app. The terms are likely referring to that part. Nobody is going to run a contest on your fan Page. That’s for you to do! Be sure to refer to this post for the guidelines: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-promotions-what-you-need-to-know/

  • Hm, you might check if you’re using Facebook in https secure mode? There is a bug currently that doesn’t allow seeing iFrame content when in secure browser mode.

  • Aw thank you kindly!!!

  • I tried table and form codes and they are a no go. Victoria at Wildfire confirmed they’re not allowing form code due to complying with Facebook’s data collection – just makes it easier to put the onus on the user. Besides, the app is meant to be a simple solution for the novice or light Page user. 😉

  • Jeannine

    LOL — well there is no doubt about possiblities for confusion. I just wondered because you know how Wildfire asks for your information before installing, and then you are to read and agree to their terms of service? Well the paragraph I copied and pasted above is from that… so it looks like they are reserving the right to sell or rent our info and /or run contests using our Pages. I looked up Wildfire and they specialize in contests on FB which is a cool utility. So I guess I want to confirm that they are not going to co-op my Page to run their contests on behalf of their clients. I know I am skeptical.. it’s the I.T. person in me when it comes to Free software — usually it is ad=based (beyond their logo referral link_or ADware which is annoying aware or worse.)
    Perhaps Wildfire could enlighten about why they would have such language in their TOS for the Free iFrame ap? Just sayin.. buyer beware.

  • Jeannine

    Oh and I don’t have a problem with them using my Friends/Fans to market their (WIldfire) Customer’s contests to … just want to know in advance before I play. Also, since you can’t use opt-in lead capture code.. it’s a mute point for me anyway, since this is the number one reason for me to have a special page on FB. Know what I mean?

  • Jeannine

    Sorry JUST saw Wildfire’s response

  • Jeannine

    Hi Wildfire… thanks for responding. Okay… but still don’t understand why then would you have that language in your TOS ? Thanks for offering the free software… I think it will benefit many.

  • Thank you!!!!

  • Thanks, Jason!! I’ll take a look! :)

  • SILLY BILLY meeeeee!!! Jeepers, I just scoured all my Disqus settings and had unintentionally left the checkbox on to not publish comments with links until approved. Too time consuming to pre-moderate! :) Many thanks, Hugh. All is well now. I appreciate your input here. :)

  • My pleasure, Chris. Thanks for your kind words. :)

  • My pleasure, Chris. Thanks for your kind words. :)

  • NICE!! I’ll def check it out, Kalli. You rock!

  • NICE!! I’ll def check it out, Kalli. You rock!

  • Yeah, I used to have my Disqus settings that way too but moderating got to be more of a pain that the occasional spammer so I turned it off.

  • Awesome to meet you virtually, Jason! I just started following you on Twitter. Your app is hands-down one of the simplest, easiest apps I’ve seen!! One-click install and no need for the Admin to dig around for the settings – it’s all right there on the tab, including the slideout FAQ. I’m putting some simple content in now!

  • Ya! Amen to that – I’m all for a pain-free life. haha :)

  • Thanks Mari,
    This is a useful app. I feel if there are any changes in Facebook we can get the details through you. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jason Padvorac

    No limitations at all, except for not breaking Facebook’s rules about autoplaying media.

    Your code will always work EXACTLY the same as if you installed it the hard way.

  • James

    Had a page up and running in less than 5 min. Great job!

  • The wildfire app sounded good so I tried it, however after it asked me which page to add it to it dropped me back into my personal facebook page and nothing else. I tried going to wildfire to finish creating iframe but couldn’t find anything about it. No idea what is going on or how to finish this….

  • Do you offer a version without the ‘Wildfire’ link and logo so I can offer this out to my clients?

  • David Foster

    Hey Mari…I actually noticed a lot of issues with this Wildfire app, and have found that it really only works with images. If you try to do anything custom it messes up. I guess for people who only want an image based page, it would work.

  • Benipal

    One more day .. 😀

  • iframe-app.com

    We launched http://www.iframe-app.com today.

    March 11 and FBML still seems to work – but who knows for how much longer.


  • Imran Khan

    Love it!!

  • Anonymous

    Mari – This looks an awesome tool

  • Bruno Bros


    I found a solution very usefull.
    Just add the application iframe.apps to the fan page: http://www.facebook.com/iframe.apps

    Feel free to tell it to your readers,
    Bruno Bros

  • YCC

    It installed great and easy and I use a picture image so it worked perfectly. Quick question for someone though – how do you create more than one page? I did the welcome page but I wanted to include another custom page as well and can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

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  • Techie

    For some reason, i doesn’t show my *.pgn file when i hit the preview button?

    What’s wrong here?

  • Misty Lackie

    FaceItPages http://www.faceitpages.com/ has had an iframes app out now for over a month. Easy to use and you can add multiple apps to your iframes page such as photo gallery, blog feed, Twitter feed, Slideshare, Scribd, opt-in form and more.

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  • Newbie

    thanks you been looking for this info for a while now…i’m a newbie at this. now that i’ve added those app to my fan page how to do go about designing it?

  • Tink

    How does this work if your running a wildfire campaign I wonder? Does anyone know?

  • Hendrik

    Make sure you check out http://www.iframewrapper.com. It provides not only a fangate, but also a choice of icons and even multilingual pages for your visitors. Really easy to use and installed within 2 minutes!

  • Charl

    These posts are extremely insightful. But back here in South Africa a lot of people access Facebook pages via mobile phones. Is it possible to navigate applications, especially Fan Gate, on a cell phone through a browser or Facebook app?

  • If it is an image, it’s probably meant to be png

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  • Marypratt64

    Love this app however it will not allow me to add more then one to a page, is this the way it’s set up or am I doing something wrong?

  • hendrik

    @Marypratt.. If you are using iframewrapper, then you are doing something wrong indeed. Please come over to our wall, we will be glad to help you!
    @Charl.. jammer, facebook tabs kan jy nog nie op jou cel wys nie.

  • Bruno B.


    The connection with https does not allow application iframe non configured https to appear on the fan pages.
    iframe.apps allows to create an iframe without being facebook developer and avoid to purchase and configure the SSL certificate.

    The application iframe.apps (http://www.facebook.com/iframe.apps) proposes to:
    – add in an iframe tab an existing web page by simply inserting the URL
    – or create a new iframe tab with the HTML editor integrated
    (same as what was managed Static FBML)

    Your comments and remarks are welcome. They can help us evolve.
    Bruno B.

  • Anonymous

    But we can’t add more than one tab..#fail

  • Hendrik

    With iFrameWrapper you cannot only add more then one tab, but also decide in witch moder the next tab is: Just html, a full CMS with multitabs or just an iframe. And this with automatic multilingual support plus revealpages on each tab seperately, as an option. For a twitter tab, you only need to type your twitter screenname in a field and it allready works, a service where you pay for at other iframe solutions…

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  • Emily

    I’ve tried, but it doesn’t seem to let me add new tabs like the FBML did. I am still playing around with it though.

  • emily

    Okay! I figured it out! lol. I got a link off your wall, for the iframe, and for someone with NO knowledge of this stuff, it was easy. Not to sound like a ditz, but I can’t remember which one it was. It did have a star though, lol. Thanks so much and I am now a follower of yours!

  • Social Guru

    If you have a business, don’t forget to add the free Store Location Finder app! — http://www.facebook/storefinder

  • Myurow

    Is it possible to set up the Fan Gate so that all tabs (included the wall and photos) are locked until a Fan “Likes” the page?

  • Anonymous

    @myurow: No, of course not! How could someone decide if he wants to become a fan with no information about you at all?

  • Myurow

    I’m not as concerned with the Wall or the Info tabs being private to non-fans, as I am with the photos. Our photo albums are our biggest traffic draw, and we’d like to increase our fan numbers by requiring a Like to view them.

    I’ve seen it done before (I believe without just embedding them onto a custom app), but haven’t been able to locate a tutorial.

  • KD

    Mari, What tool did you use to insert the blog into your welcome page within the design?

  • EB

     Does anyone know how to use this app more than once? I want to create two apps?

  • Hendrik Maat

    Here is a nice overview from the main iframe apps on the market:
    You will see that iframewrapper ist the best option, but see for yourself! 

  • lee

    hi im trying to use this app but when i reached to the page where you hav to  save and preview it keeps telling me to like the page which i did. 

  • Anonymous

    If you have a WordPress blog it couldn’t be easier to create Facebook tabs using the
    Facebook Tab Manager plug-in. Some of the information you want to include may already be on your blog. So if you want the same About page as your blog go in and edit the page or post switch to HTML by clicking the tab, select all and copy. Then go to a new Facebook tab within WordPress make sure you click the HTML tab and paste the info in. Then follow the easy steps to add it to Facebook. This is a great way to keep your brand image consistent. A great inexpensive option for a small business. ~Pam

  • fPage does the same thing, and much easier


  •  Hello Mari,

    I’ve installed your app on one of my fan page, but has some problem with like. After a non fan clicks on like button it’s redirecting to wall, instead of preventing the same welcome(I renamed it to ‘reveal-coupon’) tab to reveal the content. I’ve also set ‘reveal-coupon’ tab as a default landing tab.
    Here is my page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Postal-Uniform-Xpress/184509704921785

    However your app works like a charm on another test page which I’ve created.


    Having tough time in resolving this, please let me know what went wrong with only this page.


  • Hi Mari – we just launched a SaaS product that does a similar thing but easier (we think) and the back end is all WordPress. http://pholiofy.com is the Facebook Pages Publishing Platform. It lets you create fan gates and reveal pages, embed video and twitter feeds – we host it, secure with with SSL and give you an app to publish your content to your Facebook Page. We think it’s both great and easy.

  • David Miller

    Hi Mari

    Great article! We just launched our Facebook Pages Publishing Platform similar to this – but doesn’t require ANY information of yours. You get your hosting, SSL, the Facebook app, fan gate etc – and we did it all on WordPress. http://pholiofy.com

    I am open to get some feedback! Try it out.

  • Michele Locker

    hi mari, great review. i learned so much especially about fan gating. i had no idea! if you’re researching custom apps, you might want to check out what bulbstorm is doing, all full service. great if you know what you want but have few resources to execute.

  • Stacy Kvernmo

    Im having this exact same problem. I have Fan Gate turned On and it is the landing page tab set in manage permissions. Not sure why it redirects to the wall once someone has liked it instead of my reveal tab :(

  • Stacy Kvernmo

    ah ah! I figured it out. http://bugs.developers.facebook.net/show_bug.cgi?id=20532 — ever since FaceBook added their recommend this page to a friend box that appears when you like it, this behavior broke the typical fan gate redirection. I am using http://apps.facebook.com/iframehost/ instead and I believe it is now working. Still testing it.

  • thanks a ton Stacy :) though I figured out that its bug from facebook, I searched like hell for the solution. Even after posting it in facebook dev support forums I did not get any answer. So I kept this aside for the past one month. You like a savior came and helped me to resolve this. Once again thanks a bunch :) :) :)

  • Facebooker

    Just installed this app and went through the motions until I got to then end setup. Please note: Scripts, Forms, iFrames, and external CSS are not allowed. IFRAMES NOT ALLOWED?! Maybe I’m out of line, but that seems ridiculous considering it’s called the iFrames app.

  • Micha

    Superrrrr :)

  • Bless you for posting this – what a nice, clean little app. Works like a charm. Many thanks, Mari.

  • Can you run a contest through Facebook iFrames? Or using Woobox’s Static HTML iFrames? I would think yes so long as you create your own HTML… Anyone know for sure?

  • Gowmukhi

    Hi, the non-fans still can click the wall tab and see the wall. Is there any way to totally restrict them from seeing the wall unless they become fans?

  • Paul Schell

    Very helpful. Thanks.

  • Canis

    Hi, can i know how to create a page that allows people to like my page first before viewing any content?

  • Mari, thanks for the great article. I also wrote a blog on creating a fan gate but is aimed for people that are doing their own using ASP code. Felt like it may be worth sharing in case people were looking to do their own hosted solution outside of something like Wildfire or some of the others… Keep the great content coming! Here is a link to the Classic ASP code version for creating a fangate:  http://www.atomicdc.com/blog/facebook-iframe-fangate-asp-code.html

  • Thanks for sharing this informative article.:)

  • mike lee

    I’m having a problem setting up fan gate so that one has to like the page to access content. If I turn it on I past content a into non fans page box then content b info fans box right

  • We built this one at Skggle and it’s a winner: http://skggle.com/. You don’t need to sign-up, no HTML and you can make it so when you click the image, it’ll go to your home page or wall.

  • i am having problem to have like page.
    how can i ?

  • The most important feature of having a Facebook Fan Page is to advertise the company’s products or services. It is a great tool which can be used in an engaging way to attract potential customers. It will make sure that there is a prominent increase in the traffic leading to your website. This will in turn ensure that there is increase in sales.

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  • Albert Arens

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    advertising loads the gun, this coupon app pulls the
    trigger. Imagine creating mobile
    coupons within a matter of minutes. Digitizing and mobilizing coupons,
    delivering your specials to your customers via Facebook,
    via in-store QR
    Code Signs and via Narrow Casting. Okay, it is NO APP„ http://www.qr2coupon.net

  • fateme
  • Steven

    You should check! http://www.coupontools.com

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