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Facebook Old Groups To New GroupsMany businesses have been confused as to whether a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page is the best solution when it comes to marketing on the largest online social network.

I’ve always recommended Pages because they’re the only feature on Facebook to get indexed on Google. (Whether someone has an account on Facebook or not, whether a user is logged on or not, they can search and find Facebook Pages on Google). Plus, the content you share on your Page goes out into the News Feed of your fans (depending on the “EdgeRank” score), and you can easily customize your Page with apps.

With Old Groups, the content didn’t go into the News Feed of members and you couldn’t add custom apps. One primary advantage of Old Groups was that Admins could send a message to all members in groups with up to 5,000 members, and the email would go right into members’ main inbox (that is, before New Messages came along!). As soon as your group went over 5,000, it could keep growing but the feature to email all members disappeared. In addition, the option to have an Open, Closed or Secret group has its advantages.

Introducing New Groups

Then, in October last year, Facebook unveiled their vastly different “New Groups” because it seemed Old Groups had run their course and much confusion continued around whether to use a Page or a Group. The biggest change with the New Groups was that members could be added without their permission, which caused a lot of pushback in the blogosphere.

Facebook argued that you could only ever be added to a group by someone who was your Facebook friend – presumably, our friends on Facebook wouldn’t add us to groups we didn’t want to be in. And, if you don’t want to be in a New Group? Just click the Remove button.

Mark ZuckerbergAs Mark Zuckerberg stated in his own blog post about New Groups, this new product was designed for small groups of friends:

The biggest problem in social networking is helping you easily interact with your friends and share information in lots of different contexts.

For example, you might want to share photos from a family vacation with just your family, send a video from a party to just the people who were there, invite coworkers to an office event, play a game with a few friends, or use a running website with your friends who like jogging.

We’ve long heard that people would find Facebook more useful if it were easier to connect with smaller groups of their friends instead of always sharing with everyone they know. For some it’s their immediate family and for others it’s their fantasy football league, but the common concern is always some variant of, “I’d share this thing, but I don’t want to bother 250 people. Or my grandmother. Or my boss.”

Remember, the average number of friends Facebook users have is a mere 130. (Keep in mind the Dunbar 150). Those of us who choose to push up close to the 5,000 limit are an anomaly. So, Facebook’s New Groups were designed to communicate with small groups… but that’s not to say many marketers are using the New Groups for business purposes: focus groups, masterminds, networking, etc.

The advantage (or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it!) of these New Groups is the email notifications – much like a Google Group, Yahoo Group or LinkedIn Group. Any time a member makes a post, it goes out to all members as an email notification… unless and until they turn off these emails. (See question #8 below for how to edit these settings).

All owners of the old style Groups were basically left in the lurch; they couldn’t upgrade and couldn’t take advantage of the features of New Groups without starting all over.

Old Groups migrating to New Groups

Now, more change is happening with Groups and, again, there is some confusion and pushback. Basically, Facebook is now on a mission to eradicate all Old Groups and focus solely on New Groups for connecting in smaller groups of people you know (or want to get to know!) and Pages for business.

1. What is the difference between “archiving” and “upgrading” my Old Group?

If you are the owner (or a member) of an Old Group, you will see at the top one of two messages now: either the group is scheduled to be archived or you have the option of upgrading.


If your Old Group has sufficient recent activity then you’ll be offered the choice to upgrade. Upgrading means that your Old Group basically morphs into the New Group format and pretty much everything remains intact, including content and members. Members will receive an email notification of the upgrade and begin to receive email notifications of group activity by their friends, unless they edit or turn this setting off.

In the Help Center on the Old to New Group upgrade, Facebook reminds us:

Keep in mind that the new groups format was designed to help you share with the small groups of people in your life. If you’ve been using your old group to promote your business, we recommend you create a page instead.

So far, one Old Group I’m a member of has been upgraded and it has over 700 members. Hm, not exactly what I’d call small!


Archive Old Facebook Group

If your Old Group has been inactive for a while, your only option is to allow Facebook to automatically archive your group. What this means is your Old Group will also morph into the New Group format and all your content will be migrated over. However, NO members will be migrated! You’ll basically have an empty, dormant group. Pretty useless, if you ask me.

But then, Facebook figured you weren’t really using the Group anyway and the migration is simply a way for you to retain your past content. You can add members back into an archived group, though, and get it going again. Keep in mind you can only add your Facebook friends as members of any groups.

2. Do I have a choice as to upgrading vs. archiving my Old Group?

No, unfortunately not. You’re at the mercy of Facebook’s algorithms. If you see the message that your group will be archived soon, you won’t be given the option to upgrade. Only those groups with “enough recent activity to make it a good candidate for a new group” will see the message at the top of their Old Group that they can upgrade.

*NEWSFLASH: This comment just in from my fan page:

Sue Soucy Excellent post as always, Mari! I have a little trick that I tried (and it worked)… One of my old groups that I was planning to revive soon had the message up top that didn’t include the ability to upgrade. So, I started to make a little activity on the page. I left a post… went back to it a day later and clicked “like” and then a couple days later, the option to upgrade showed up!

*Update to this post added 11:00pm PST May 10, 2011.

3. How do I delete my Old Group?

If you’re the original Admin that created the group, the only way to fully delete an Old Group is to remove all members, then remove yourself and the group will vanish. Facebook automatically removes groups with no members. Obviously, if you have a large number of members, this isn’t very practical. However, refer to question #1 and 2 above – most likely you’ll either want to keep an active upgraded New Group or just let a dormant archived New Group sit there.

4. Can I message everyone in my New Group?

With the email notification feature, by default, all members receive an email any time any member who is a friend of theirs posts/comments on the group wall. In essence, New Groups are truly a group experience as opposed to one owner communicating with all members. Remember that group members can turn off email notifications, of course; however, they would still see activity in their groups directly on Facebook.

5. Will I suddenly start to get a bunch of spam email from upgraded groups?

The default email notification setting is to receive emails when a friend posts. So, unless you have a ton of friends who are very active in a group, your email should be manageable. However, you can change email notification settings in any of your groups  – just click the Edit Settings button at the top right (and see question #8 below).

6. How do I see a list of all the Groups I’ve joined?

On your home page, look down the left side – if you’re a member of any New Groups and have chosen to show them in your navigation, you’ll see a list there plus a “See All” link at the bottom (you may need to click “More” first depending on how many New Groups you’re in). Or, if you have Groups in your list of apps further down, just click that link to see all your groups.

See All Facebook Groups

See All Facebook Groups

7. How do I leave a Group?

To leave either an Old Group or New Group, go to your list of Groups (see #6 above) and just hover over any group name, then click the “x.” Or, you can navigate to the group first and click the Leave Group link (bottom left on Old Groups, upper right on New Groups). I’m going through all 150+ groups that I joined over the years and am choosing to leave most of them. I’ve checked many of them and it seems very few will be upgraded anyway; most have the archive notice due to inactivity.

8. How do I change my email notification settings for New Groups?

Go to the group you wish to edit and look for the “Edit Settings” button at the top right of the group page. See screenshot below:

Edit Facebook Group Settings

Edit Facebook Group Settings

In the popup window, the first menu for notifications has four choices – you can receive an email when 1) A member posts or comments (maximum notifications), 2) A member posts (not comments), 3) A friend posts (my recommendation for groups with lots of active members), or 4) Only posts I am subscribed to (ideal for best control but you may miss some new posts).

Facebook Group Email Notifications

You then check or uncheck the email box. You can choose to show the group in your home page navigation always, sometimes, or never; and opt to receive group chat messages or not.

In addition, be sure to go to your main email notifications settings here and scroll to the third section down for Groups where you can select the various default settings you’d like for all Groups:

Facebook Groups - Email Notifications

I trust this was helpful whether you are an Old/New Group member or owner. I plan to write another blog post that goes into great detail about all the New Group settings, uses for these groups, and group etiquette.

Meantime, please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about the topic of Old to New Group migration. Do you have an Old Group that is being archived? Or upgraded? If so, how are members responding to the upgrade? Will you be going through all the groups you joined some time ago and leaving most of them?

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks Mari. I appreciate your help making sense of this messy situation!

  • Donna Frindt

    Hi Mari,
    So helpful as always. One question – will the new group format still have the option to have private/invite only groups or will they all be completely public?


  • Michael

    Thanks for the info Mari, we have a group that is getting archived but after the explanation about being “inactive” for a while this fact makes no sense to us because it is an active group. At any rate we decided to create a page seeing we did not have the option to upgrade to a new group!

    So the learning curve is starting about how to best use a page to meet our objectives. I only recently got pointed towards your site, but have noticed your resources so I am sure I have plenty to learn from you.


  • Risa

    Thanks for the clarification. I loved sending out blogs and posts to my group which did get pretty big (1700) but it was a great way for me to communicate with actors and friends about our lives, the work… and now I can’t do that as I’ve upgraded and they will all opt out of the constant posts. What is one to do?!!! It’s awful.

  • KJ

    Thanks for sharing Mari. This was very useful!

  • Risa

    How to invite new friends to join?!

  • Linda

    Thanks for the very clear explanation,Mari . I was going to wait to upgrade, but i better do it soon.

  • Thank you, @Marismith:disqus , for providing all the details for us. I’m concerned about members losing access to a group in which members post information about classmates and former teachers who have passed away. I’ll be sending the group admin your link so hopefully she can figure out the best way to manage the situation.


    P.S. You ROCK, as always!

  • Phyllis Khare

    This was extremely helpful Mari. Thanks for taking the time to explain this. I’m only a member of a few Groups – so this should be easy to navigate. I’m assuming nothing happens to ‘secret’ Groups – right?

  • Donna Frindt

    Thank you so much Mari. You really are THE BEST and your generosity with your knowledge is unparalleled!!

  • Hey @phylliskhare:disqus – ohh, good point. Okay, I just double checked and Secret Groups are not immune to archiving. Same thing happens regardless of whether Open, Closed or Secret: inactive groups = archived. Active groups = upgraded.

  • Thanks heaps @twitter-19160554:disqus — my suggestion for any group owner who wishes to have their members migrated (upgraded group) is to quickly get active and encourage all members to do so too! Maybe, just maybe, that will trip the algorithm and offer the upgrade option. Otherwise, I would also make a note of all group members (screenshots is about as good as you’re going to get as there’s no way to download) and then add them back in over time on the new group.

  • Thanks @MariSmith:disqus !

    I’ll send her your advice – thank YOU so much!

  • Chase Sherman

    Thanks for the information, Mari. You’re always so thorough in your work!

  • Yes for sure – if your Old Group has the option to upgrade, I’d do it right away! Otherwise, if you delay, your group may be archived instead. 🙂

  • In New Groups, click on “Add Friends to Group” under the list of members.

  • In New Groups, click on “Add Friends to Group” under the list of members.

  • Thank you @facebook-10618874:disqus – I appreciate your kind words!

  • Thank you @facebook-10618874:disqus – I appreciate your kind words!

  • Hi Risa – if I were you, I’d do my utmost to educate your members as to the *benefits* of staying in the Group with the new style. Immediately let them know how to edit their settings, share this post with them! I’ll be writing more on New Groups.

  • Hi Risa – if I were you, I’d do my utmost to educate your members as to the *benefits* of staying in the Group with the new style. Immediately let them know how to edit their settings, share this post with them! I’ll be writing more on New Groups.

  • Hi Michael! Ah yes, I’ve no idea how Facebook is determining “enough activity” to warrant an upgrade. I’m studying this one Group I’m in that got upgraded with 700 members… so far I don’t see a whole lot of activity at all. I think your best move is a fan page for sure, unless you wish to have a small group. Check out my guest blog posts over at SocialMediaExaminer.com – http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/author/mari-smith/ especially the one on Facebook Marketing 101, I think you’ll find it helpful! 🙂 Please do visit my Facebook fan page often too – http://facebook.com/marismith – always lots of helpful info and people there!

  • Hi Michael! Ah yes, I’ve no idea how Facebook is determining “enough activity” to warrant an upgrade. I’m studying this one Group I’m in that got upgraded with 700 members… so far I don’t see a whole lot of activity at all. I think your best move is a fan page for sure, unless you wish to have a small group. Check out my guest blog posts over at SocialMediaExaminer.com – http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/author/mari-smith/ especially the one on Facebook Marketing 101, I think you’ll find it helpful! 🙂 Please do visit my Facebook fan page often too – http://facebook.com/marismith – always lots of helpful info and people there!

  • Hi Donna – aha, yes, I didn’t make that clear. The three levels of Old Groups are exactly the same in New Groups: Open, Closed and Secret. In fact, when you go to set up a New Group, the default is actually Closed.

  • Thank you so much, Mari! I was wondering what would happen to my groups, scheduled for archiving. I think it’s rather cruel of Facebook to do this, personally: I have groups with a lot of lurkers, including one with 2,000 members. Let’s hope I can follow Sue Soucy’s method, get some more of us posting, and fool the ’bot!

  • Catden64

    Thanks Mari, brilliant as usual. I have migrated to the new groups and then posted information on the wall telling the members about the change and how to turn off notifications. I started this group before Pages came about! Thanks and looking forward to more great information 🙂

  • Christina Forsgård

    Super Mari. A great post! Thx.

  • rburton

    If there are no administrators on a group to be archived, I am assuming it will be deleted. Is that correct? We have been trying to get facebook to delete a group for a year now. There are no administrators and some of the members will not leave for spite so it remains.

  • Christina

    my group hasn’t had any activity lately so I can’t even upgrade it, is there a way to turn the group into a page?

  • LisaAnn

    I co-administer a Group that was made, I believe in 2008 (did not create it, took it over), before the push to Pages. There has been activity on it, it has not been dormant. Still, we were not given the opportunity to upgrade to a new group. We’ve made a page. WHY though, can’t Facebook just let groups be upgraded to pages without having to start all over again? And push all members to to migrate over, transfer data, etc? Seems a bit of a pain/hassle. Whatever the reason to upgrade the Groups, does not seem as crucial as to why users have to redo their work.

  • Thanks for the additional follow up. I like “Sue
    Soucy’s” idea; Very clever. Although I had activity on my page and
    Facebook still deemed it necessary to archive it. I was only working with a 250
    member group so the activity was not all that consistent. I chose to move
    everyone to a “Like” page, where I share virtually the same information.

  • Tim Soulo

    Hey Mari, thanks a lot for this huge insightful post! I think the main lesson that I learned here is that groups were not made for any kinds of marketing. And something tells me, that if we’ll find a way to market with new groups, Zuckerberg will most likely shut this with the next update. What do you think about it? 🙂

  • Joep Claessens

    Great article, as usual Mari!

    The only thing I miss is how Facebook seems to have changed the way you have to become a member of a group. In the old format an open group had a ‘Join’ button, that didn’t require any action from anyone in the group for peope to be able to join. In an old-style closed group there was an ‘Ask to Join’ button, that did require action from someone within the group to allow outsiders to join.

    In the new format for an open group now people have to put in a request to join, whereas for closed groups there is no such option anymore; only group members can invite in outsiders.

    I haven’t found anyone commenting on this and found it odd that FB itself didn’t mention this in their upgrade information.

    Anyway, guess I’m just looking for confirmation here 🙂 Or is it just me that noticed this?

  • Orawadee

    “An error occurred with Social Media Mastery. Please try again later.” — So I cannot post with my FaceBook account.


    Good article. Very informative and easy to comprehend! Thanks for sharing these knowledge. I’ve been looking up and down on FaceBook help center topics for stuff like this. I have found most, if not all, the answers I wanted, but they
    weren’t tidy and listed nicely like this.

    My group is facing the same dilemma. The reason why it is said that New Group is for small circle of friends might be because the New Format Group comes with a Chat feature that will be BROKEN if the group exceeds 250 members.

    This is a big problem for my group as well, since we have a little bit over 300 members. We are a group of people who like the same game (namely Chocobo’s Crystal Tower). This game is highly social and requires a lot of interaction between neighbours. Therefore we needed a place to communicate.

    Since our members exceed the chat capacity of 250 people (even though there is no way on earth that ALL MEMBERS would be online in the chat at the same time) the chat is destined to be broken, thus we had to keep our Old Format group to keep all the members intact. Then we made a New Format Group and added only those who’re online daily and wants to participate in live chat.

    Also, the Discussion Board (in Old Format Group) was our main method of posting information or asking questions. Not everyone can be online at the same time, as we have members from several different Timezones. Some people might log on when everyone else is asleep, for example. So Discussion Board is an excellent way to leave a question of request to the whole group.

    New Format Group not having the Discussion Board is a big turn-off for all of us in my group.

    Our group admins and I are looking into the Page to see if it would help. However, since we’re a group of players that requires minimum level in the game to join, Page is a little bit of a hassle to monitor and moderate, since everyone can come and just click “like” then be allowed by the system to post anything on our wall, unlike the Group where admins can set permission to restrict joining to “by admin’s approval.”

  • Tina E Lussier

    That was very helpful. Thank you. Question… can you change your Group to a Facebook Page?

  • Hi Mari,
    I manage a (new?) FB group and I’ll be keeping it. The main feature I use is creating an Event for our monthly meetings and sending an invitation to all group members. Pages do not offer this AFAIK.
    Cheers — Mike

  • Risa

    I have the same issue — I have a group and want to invite friends but can’t find a way to access my friends list or invite them. I can just add them but don’t have the list of friends or new friends handy.

  • Joep Claessens

    Orawadee, on the new-format groups you can use the Doc feature for discussions. Members can start a ‘document’ that other members can add to, edit or leave comments on. I admit, the old discussion board was a better way to do this, but at least it’s something.

    I didn’t know about the chat limitation! I can see why that would suck for your group! Maybe you guys should start looking outside of Facebook?

    (And yeah, this commenting system sucks too…keep getting error messages, no matter what I do, so if this comment gets through it’ll be nothing short of a miracle!)

  • Kathryn Wilson

    Thank you @MariSmith:disqus a very detailed and comprehensive but readable post, very useful. Thanks

  • Joep Claessens

    There seems to be no other way to do this, Risa. Not very user-friendly, I know 🙁

  • Vicky Hilton

    Great article Mari – thanks for explaining Facebook so clearly. Surely you should get some kind of honorary status on the forum for performing such a public duty!

  • Unfortunately, Mari, I converted my old group to a new group and no content migrated over. I’ve posted this problem in the appropriate Facebook forum, and also another unofficial FB forum but haven’t received any help. Any suggestions? Thanks for the article!

  • Gisela

     Hello, I have the same issue with a group. It has over 1,500 members and in the old format, people could just join but now they have to request to join. It is an open group. Let me know if you have figured out how to change this.

  • Joep Claessens

    Gisela, it seems like this is the way FB has set it up in the new format. There doesn’t seem to be a way of changing this 🙁

  • Lashauna

    Hi Mari – I am so confused & totally need your help.

    I am an admin for 2 separate Facebook groupsbut not the creator of either.  I do not see a message about archiving or upgrading for either – can only the admin who is the original creator see this and deal with it?

    Unfortunately, the creator of both groups is off touring the globe and I am trying to figure this out for her.  Please let me know if there is a way I can look up what is happening to both of these groups.

  • Joep Claessens

    My guess would be that the groups already are new-format groups. If you DON’T see tabs at the top of the group page (Wall/Info/Discussion etc.) that is indeed the case.

  • Joep Claessens

    As opposed to what I wrote above new-format closed groups DO offer an ‘Ask to Join’ button. It’s the secret groups that require an invitation from within the group to be able to access them. Just so you know…

  • Joep Claessens

    Another thing I don’t like about the new set-up is that you don’t have the ‘Message All Members’ option anymore as an admin. All you can do now is post something on the group wall and hope that people will get an email notification (and read it!) and/or will read the post on the group wall.

  • Great post! Thanks for writing up such a detailed explanation! Personally, I find the new groups format annoying because of all the notifications so I end up turning off ALL notifications (kinda defeating the purpose of me being in the group.) Unless it’s a ‘small’ group, like you mentioned, with close friends, family or a mastermind group with a purpose, where I want to receive an update every time someone pots. I really prefer pages that I can ‘like’ and see their updates in my newsfeed! I find it less invasive!

  • Useful post, thank you Mari.
    However, I am admin for two groups, one active, one not. I have not seen upgrade or archive messages for either of these. Additionally, when I sent out a group message last week, very few group members appeared to receive it. Does anybody have any ideas?

  • Chris

    Is there a way to migrate fans from a page originally created under “organization” to “company” if we don’t have access to the original page that was created for us?

  • Viv

    What a useful post! Thanks a lot!! This has clarified my doubts and given me great tips on how to proceed!

  • Paddyfarren

    I hate the way posts are all over the place in groups Mari .I thought Facebook learned their lesson when they did this with pages .Now post just appearing rather than in order is crazy again………….

  • Dano

    Great post! Can you post your group members walls in the new groups?

  • de bejo

    Similar situation also happened in my group – inorder displayed posts (by date it
    sent). Sometimes improper directed pointer to the comments or
    pictures. How about it ? FB algorithm errors or by design ? Pls advise.

  • Amyloupete

    I agreem that is frustrating. I have a group for work that is also built on friends and when I add someone as a friend I can’t automatically invite them to join the group. I have to keep posting status’s to remind people to go to the group and request to join….frustrating! But at least the photo albums are back!!

  • Anonymous

    Mari – is there still Group Chat in the new Groups format?  if so where can I find it?

  • Many people are having trouble because they can’t upgrade their facebook group – the upgrade button is not there. We had the same problem and have posted our fix:


  • dbnz

    hiya,  I’ve taken over a group & just upgraded it.  I have added some members but am not able to add anyone who i’ve ‘friended’ recently. can’t seem to find any answers to this anywhere -appreciate the help!

  • Jbeley

    I administer a small group on fb and previously people could find us in google and or just view the group.  I’m speaking specifically about non-facebook users.  With the new group migration this function is gone.  Are there settings I can change? The group is public.

  • Mari, do you or any of your followers have experience with creating a group for a business page they administer? I am the admin of a  business page and they’d like a separate private group. Possible?

  • Gottier

    I need someone’s help please. It seems that our NGO’s Group has been archived with no option of updating. How do I find out who used to be a member? I understand that I have to re-add the members, although this will be difficult to do, since no button actually giving me the option of adding new members appears. However, in order to add new members or get them to join a new group, I need to know, who was a member of the old group. Where can I find this info? Thank you!


    Same here, they screwed our group without notice…

  • I’m an admin of a Facebook group.  I prefer the old group settings, aesthetically and functionality wise.  It was also easier to navigate the page as a separate page than where it is now.

    However, the new group settings help the admin control the people who become members as they would have to be added by you or other members.  For a group that is in business, it helps that your members share the same interest as you have.  

  • George

    I really enjoy ready your stuff.

  • Very useful post, thanks. The bad news is that Facebook will not migrate members of old groups with more than 5K … and it’s not good…

  • Mestre

    Facebook is not letting me change the picture of my old groups… what a nightmare!!
    What do I do??

  • Roberto Fodde

    Dear Mary. I have to give you an A++++ for this article. This is the first one that is  clear about this Facebook late abuse of power in archiving old groups!. After more than 2 month that I got the message in my group of an imminent “archive warning ” if we do not update… I have still not an answer from them why I materially cannot doit! I do not have any “button” to update. And what will happens in the new format to my 101,000 + member group!? From last October Facebook blocked the possibility to grow over 101,900 and we are now blocked more because the mention of “upgrading” is disappeared so no choice than loose all members!. Our group support a case of wrongly convicted person that we are helping involving also our Government ( the Italian), TV shows, books, magazines….. I need , please a referral of a professional person that can help to save this group before FACEBOOK will close it. There is a way to migrate my members ( I am the president) to a new group or page ( new name, same goal)? I have tried, but also if I am president and administrator, the friends I can contact to migrate are only my personal friends ( as I must login in facebook as person ) and not the member of the group…. Please the person we support ( Chico Forti) is an Italian filmaker accused of an homicide in Miami and is already 12 years in prison, 3 kids and sentenced to life without parole with not one proof against him, just because made a movie about the dead of Gianni Versace and the Cunanan “suicide” and somebody didn’t like that and was set up in a crime than never commit… HE need our group to support him. All my hundreds of request to Facebook didn’t got any answer! Could you help, Mary, Please!  101,000 thanks! Roberto Fodde ihbrokers@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    Very informative, Mary, but I still can’t find the answer to my question – I’m guessing because it can’t be done.

    I would rather get notifications of new member posts in an open group of which I am a member as part of my news feed rather than via email. I have not been able to find any information on setting this up. Do you know if it can be done?

  • Billyd6900

    My Facebook group standard keil hardware co use to be on google but now when I search
    Facebook asks for people to sign up to standard Kiel hardware to connect with friends. When I go to the page its blank. Can you tell me how to get my group page link back on google. Thanks
    William d.

  • Liztrudy

    I have a group that in 3 days, has added 1000 members.  While that’s awesome, there is a problem with the admin settings.  No matter how many times I tell it to add people without me having to approve each and every one of them, it won’t work.  I actually have a sore arm, having added all of these folks.  Plenty more are waiting to be added.  I am almost ready to abandon the group.  I detest facebook now, because it’s become a chore.  I cannot find any help in “facebook help” to change this problem.  Please, please help!

  • GBOS

    Hi, it is my understanding that if it is a group (as opposed to a Page), people have to request to join. The idea is a that a group is supposed to be a smaller group of people who ‘know each other’ so an Admin has to approve any new members.

    I think (correct me if I am wrong) that the only way to get around it is that you create a page instead. A page has many other advantages over groups when you have that many members.

    Good luck!

  • Toni Bernhard

    I posted a blog in about two dozen Groups I’m a member of. The members look forward to my blog posts. But this week and last week when I posted the blog, the posts showed up in the News Feeds of ALL of my Friends even though they’re not in these Groups. So my Friends (a bit irritated) have said that they got basically the same post in their News Feed two dozen times. 

    Is this a new FB feature — that when you post in a Group, it goes into your News Feed and Friends see it even if they’re not a member of the Group? (P.S. This only happened with “open groups.” It appears that when I posed in a “closed group” it didn’t go into my News Feed.)


  • Sarlert

    I’d like to know if you find out how to remedy this. I’m a member of a very active group and all of my posts are going out as newsfeeds to all of my friends who aren’t members of the group. I find this frustrating and embarrassing as these posts have nothing to do with many of these people, only the group members.

  • sharon

    I have a problem and cannot find anyone to help 🙁   I created an “open” group a few months ago, i was the only admin and by accident i deleted myself as admin.  There are now over 1000 members of the group but with no control or admin to take care of it.  There is no admin button to join or even for anyone else to become admin of the site.  I would like to re-instate myself as admin but found no answers anywhere how to do this 🙁  I am thinking of reporting the group (even though i made it) the idea being so that facebook will delete it and i can create a new one?  any ideas anyone, it is just soooo frustrating that facebook doesnt just have an email contact 🙁   Thankyou.

  • Debbie Dodson

    Sharon, I would just make a new group and add those friends from your current group to the new group. also with your new group copy url from browser above and paste it into current group and ask those friends to join. 

  • Dazandshell835

    Same here, I had 700 members and I have lost loads of information and members, 3 years of very hard work. just gone over night. I hate face book and my new group is now crap. german shepherd pet/working. it was one of the best groups for gsd.

  • jaytea

    why i cant change the name of my groups in facebook ? pls help me .. 

  • agg

    Hi! thanks for the info. I have an active group but I don’t see the option of upgrading while other members of the group have sent me a request to upgrade it! Where is the upgrade button?

  • Monkeyballs

    I can’t believe that facebook would do something so stupid as taking away functionality from group admins. I used to be able to send out important info to my group members inboxes, but now, I have to hope they have email notification turned on, or they won’t find out at all. Almost everyone I know has turned off email notification because who want’s to check their mail and see 100+ new emails informing them of every little post or comment made by each member… Most of my members just want the core information, when it it is relevant and nothing more. I feel really let down by the facebook team and this move has inspired me to take a much closer look at Google +, whereas before I was an ardent facebook fan…  (dislike!!!)

  • B Gillan

    A very interesting article, but I did not see the answer to my question so I’m hoping that you or someone can help.  Facebook archived our group (2,500 members, with reasonable activity) over the summer.  We cannot find it now.  And getting a response from Facebook has been futile.
    How can we find our archived group, either to move people to a fan page or to move to the new group format?

  • I Have a Problem Same As You !!!
    Why they Didn’t Find any Solution ??

  • Perkinsfellow

    Greta articel…I wonder if someone can help… I have an old group (may already have been archived) and a member can’t view any of the other members? Have emailed Fb but no response?

  • Tomer

    i can’t find the edit setting for the group, i make a mistake in the email address and i can’t change it!

    pls help

  • Tessa LiveseyGoldblatt

    I am admin for two groups and we don’t have a share button but only a follow post button.  We would like a share button. The other groups I belong to have a share button. Why is there a difference?

  • Haleybug4373

    I made a new account, and i had a group but now with my new account i need to change myself to being back to the admin! helpp???”/

  • Bharat Gala

    How can we post in Multiple Groups at the same Post In One Go……?

  • Roxettecastil09

    how can i post to my group which i was the admin if in the “Posting Permission” only member can post? is it possible that the member and the admin could post at the same time?

  • Norma Jean Killam

    I cannot find the group I was administrator of, in company with a family member who created it and died, but the group was active and we were still adding photos to it, but as of yesterday we can no longer find the group at all nor where to re-invent it, what gives with this.  We were not notified that the group had been deleted or archived.

  • I am trying to add a profile picture to my upgraded group which I am the Admin.I am unable to get the settings that allow this option to me.Please let me know how I could do this.

  • I’m a member of loads of old style groups, and many of them just have at the top “this group has been migrated” and I’m no longer receiving any messages from them and I can’t find them or re-join them or anything, all FB does is take me to the old group.

    Some of these groups are quite important – for example one of them is a group for the local Explorer Scout Unit which I’m an assistant at, and the other week they sent a message out on the Facebook group to tell people they where they were meeting after Easter, which I didn’t get ‘cos mine is just showing the old group.

    So how do I join the new group?

  • Dareen

    i have a open group ..how i can make it closed

  • Swiersema

    I had a lot of content under the “Information” tab in my old group and now it all seems to be missing. Where is it? did it get transferred? Or is the hospital journey of my deceased baby not worth keeping?

  • Facebooked

    Hi Mari, Hope you are well? By accident I migrated 1 of my groups with another. Now my group is part of a page that is supposed to be my competition
    … How do I UN-migrate my group? is it possible at all?

  • RT

    Hi I am a group admin who in error changed the group seting from open to closed. Please it says it is impossible to change. I need help as the purpose of the group is defeated if we cannot share. I need help please

  • Tim Turner

    I just found a group with over 19000 members, I thought we were limited to 5000?

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