Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day – Free Webinar Series

[UPDATE November 22, 2011: Chris Treadaway and I are currently working on v2 of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day due for release in spring 2012 by Sybex. Much of the content in the series of free webinars we lead for v1 of the book are out of date. However, the audio and slides are available for you below. Stay tuned for additional bonuses and gifts to be added here along with more information about v2!]

Here are the links to access your Facebook Marketing webinar series:

Replay for Session #1:

Phone Click here for the audio portion only (to listen via the web and/or to download the MP3 file)
Slides Click here to view/download the slidedeck on SlideShare.net.

Replay for Session #2:

Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch and the recording did not work.

Chris does have his slides up and they are very popular:

Slides Click here to view/download the slidedeck on SlideShare.net.

Replay for Session #3:

Phone Click here for the audio portion only (to listen via the web and/or to download the MP3 file)
Slides Click here to view/download the slidedeck on SlideShare.net.

Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day by Mari Smith and Chris Treadaway (May 2010, Sybex/Wiley) is a comprehensive guide for marketers, business owners and practitioners alike. Discover all the ways your business can maximize everything Facebook has to offer, from simple quick techniques to full-on campaigns. Order the book that’s being called the “Holy Grail”of Facebook and get a free pass to this exclusive three-part workshop…a Value of $197 FREE!

Discover Proven Strategies and Tactics for Marketing YOUR Business on Facebook!

Learn from the authors of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day in a special series of FREE BONUS online trainings, designed to help you get the absolute most out of this book and from your own Facebook marketing efforts!

In this three-part online training led by the authors, you’ll find out exactly how to:

  • Create a compelling Facebook Fan Page
  • Source consistent, relevant content
  • Build your raving fan base
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website and blog
  • Engage your fans and turn them into paying customers
  • Build your opt-in email list
  • Place effective Facebook ads
  • And much more

This workshop is entirely virtual, so you can attend via your computer from the comfort of your home/office at a time that suits your schedule. Watch as the authors share screenshots and their desktop to guide you through the exact steps you need to build a vibrant, profitable presence on Facebook.

Additional Recommended Facebook Marketing Reading

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, challenges, (rave reviews!) – anything to do with Facebook Marketing, please do share in the Comments below. We look forward to meeting you in June for the free webinar series!

  • DrDeborahBarry

    1. I've pre-ordered the book!
    2. I've filled out the survey
    3. I've marked the dates in my (beloved) iPhone!
    4. I've even made a video!

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  • Heather

    will the seminar be available after it runs live, in Australia it's 4am :(

  • John Cussons

    I have ordered the book, look forward to it and the webinars Mari, Thanks

  • Hey Heather – absolutely!! Each of the three sessions will be recorded and replays made available to all registered participants. Stay tuned for further contact from myself and Chris with details. :)

  • Wonderful – many thanks, John!! (I just corrected transposed letters in my name – lol, I actually do the same thing when typing my own name!)

    I look forward to seeing you on the webinar sessions!!

  • AnnemarieCross

    Bought the Kindle version of the book and am already devouring it as I type this message. Very much looking forward to the upcoming webinars too! I feel like a kid at Christmas :) Thanks Mari and Chris!

  • Colette Kenney

    Hi Mari :) Just bought the book and signed up for the seminars! I am SOOO excited! Warren Daly is a great friend of mine – he did my blog at http://www.colettekenney.com I'm just getting started and I'm happy to be learning from the queen of facebook ninja tricks :) xo Colette

  • Wonderful to connect with you, Colette — I love your enthusiasm and look forward to having you on the webinar series!!! :)

  • Jose R. Fuentes

    Hi Mari: I first heard of you in a seminar for the Transformation Leadership Council and was working for Hale Dwoskin. I am now collaborating with Malathy Drew and launching Whispering Energy in Spanish — Energía Susurrante — I am full time in this task so I look forward to learn a lot. I see myself as the Ninja of the Hispanic world… with your help and Malathy's. Much love

  • Colette Kenney

    Hi Mari :)

    I'm watching your webinar on the Quick Start Social Media Marketing program but OMG! I'm so hopeless when it comes to facebook :( Is there somewhere you can direct me for a step-by-step guide to set up my fan page. Like step one do this, step two do that. Right now, with FriendFeed and everything I feel so overwhelmingly lost :( Lol :)

  • Terry

    This is going to help so many people Mari! Thanks for your leadership in the crazy world of Facebook. Talk to you soon!

    You have a choice so, make it a better than terrific day!


  • Jenifer tonnesen

    very confusing is the 2 part & 3 part the same I am at work on thursdays I would hardly call that from the comfort of home or a time that suits my schedule am I missing were I can view the 2PART webinar that comes from the last page of my new book?

  • Hi Jennifer – it's 3 parts. The 2part is a typo.

    These webinars are lead LIVE and will be RECORDED with the replays posted usually within a few hours such that you may listen/watch at your convenience.

    I look forward to supporting you with your Facebook marketing, best we can.

  • mariaf1

    Will a recording be available later? Looks like I'll be on a plane during one of those times!

  • Malathy Drew

    Greetings Mari!
    I am teaching myself at most of the times, but will sneak quietly in the back door 😉 and join you for the 2nd halves live! I'm sending lots of my fellow Whispering Energy collaborators your way and WE are so excited to learn from you and Chris, as always! Thank You for all that you do and all that you are Mari!
    Malathy Drew

  • Hi Maria — absolutely! All three webinars will be recorded and the replays made available usually on the same day!!

  • Connie Horn

    Hi Mari,
    I'm not sure if I'm signed up. The survey didn't come up for me…just went directly to this blog. Don't know if there is something else I need to do to sign up! I'm really looking forward to the webinar–got my book last week. I love what you do!

  • Thanks, Connie. Hm, that's odd – the survey link is at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/facebookmarketing

  • Hi Mari –
    The link below redirects me to this confirmation page not the survey.

    I would like to take your survey as you have been so very helpful to me!

  • Mari where do we get the links for the above replays? Of course… I was registered to attend 😉 Thanks ~Roz

  • Mari, was there a replay for the webinar YOU held on the “book launch day?” If so, can you provide the link, I never got it and it was SOOOOOOOOOOO powerful! Thanks. Roz

  • sadie-michalea harris

    Hello… I did the survey a couple of weeks back but now I'm wondering how I join the webinar?

  • caroldeckert

    Thanks very much Mari – I'm looking forward to all 3 of the teleseminars even if I have to listen to replays instead of Live. Thanks for being so gracious and sharing your great info! Happy to be connected to you!

  • Thanks, Mari – I think I'm finally starting to get a solid grasp on Facebook Fan pages after working on this one this week: http://www.facebook.com/theleadersadvantage

    I guess I've moved from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence. Next stop: conscious competence! I'm sure the next two webinars will help in the journey.

    My next challenge will be learning some FBML and building a better opt-in box on that page for the free eBook on Presentation Skills. I'm hoping you'll point us in the right direction to do that, ideally tying it right into AWeber.

  • Hi Guys,
    Living in Australia and with time difference had to wait for the replay for the webinars. Would be great if you could find the time to repeat the second webinar for recording purposes. Oh and my book just arrived (sometimes it's like we are on another planet, it takes so long :) so looking forward to reading it. Thanks

  • Hi David — for sure we'll do a makeup for webinar #2 ; that was disappointing to us too. Thanks so much for your patience. You rock. :)

  • I will be doing a review on Amazon.com shortly. Great detailed book Chris and Mari

  • Shelly Trabahar

    I cannot log in to get my free session. Can someone help me?

  • Dgray

    I am not able to log in to the free sessions. Help pleas.

  • I’m A little uncomfortable that I just bought a $30 book that is 2 years old and is going to be updated in two months next time i should read the released year page

  • Margaret

    So where are the “Stay tuned for additional bonuses and gifts to be added here along with more information about v2!]” ??? I bought the original book recently and am very disappointed that this site is not up to date. There is nothing useful on the facebook page nor on the Sybes site. RIP OFF!

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