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Facebook Email: Simple Improvements, Please!

Have you noticed an increase in your volume of email since joining Facebook? Hello!? I sure have. And, mostly, it’s a good thing because I’m meeting so many phenomenal new people. However, I’m finding it a challenge to keep up with responses – 114 unopened emails last count, oh – strike that, now 115 since…

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Suffering from Social Networking Overwhelm?

A participant in my Facebook Fortunes class recently posed this challenge to me: “Hi Mari, My name is Sara and I am a newbie 🙂 I just sent you a message from Facebook too. In fact that’s part of my question. I’m on Plaxo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MSN Messenger, Gmail, Gmail Chat, MySpace, have three…

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Synch My Facebook Email With Outloook

Are you using your Facebook email as much as your “regular” email? On most days, I certainly am! And, I’m finding it darn annoying to not have these features: Store emails in folders. Search all emails. Forward emails. Sort by name or subject. View/retrieve deleted emails. I’d also like to collapse threads (a la Gmail).…

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