Facebook and Instagram Video Success Kit by Mari Smith

Free 3-Part Training: How to Grow Your Business with Video on Facebook & Instagram!


Mari Smith's Facebook & Instagram Video Success Kit

Here's what you'll receive with this free online training and resources:

Facebook is heavily focused on a video first strategy, and is determined to be a major streaming video platform. Instagram is right there, too, with a brand new long-form video hub!  

It’s vital to YOUR business success this year and beyond to improve the quality of your VIDEO content and live broadcasts. 

My brand new Facebook Video Marketing Success Kit is designed to help you boost your results on Facebook and Instagram ... and it’s totally free!  

I designed this special 6-day e-course to deliver high-value tips, strategies and recommended tools that will help you get much better results with your video content marketing.  

Here’s what you’ll gain with my Facebook Video Marketing Success Kit!  

  • 3 powerful, information-rich Guides designed to give you the inside scoop on Facebook Video Success
  • Pro advice on the best video gear for every budget
  • Tools and Mari's Ninja tricks to increase your reach on Facebook 
  • Clarity on how a video-first strategy will help you find success
  • Special Insider Info on my new, next-level online training: FAST Facebook Results 

Your first free gift will show you how to STAND OUT on both Facebook and Instagram with super high quality, professional video content and Live video broadcasts.  

Mari Smith - Premier Facebook Expert

My commitment to your success

This online course is 100% free and is designed to be easy to understand and easy to implement. You'll be provided with proven tools and tips that I use in my own business on a regular basis to achieve success with video on Facebook and Instagram... and I'll show you how you can, too! Enroll for free today and gain instant access!

About Mari  

Mari Smith has been known as the Premier Facebook Marketing Expert since 2007, and is often referred to as the 'Queen of Facebook.' Facebook hired Mari to teach businesses throughout the US at the Boost Your Business series of events. She travels the world to speak and train at major events and serves as Brand Ambassador for many leading global companies. Mari is also an expert webinar leader, live webcast host, and author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.