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Mari Smith - Social Media Day San Diego 2014 - Richard BransonGreetings!

There are many ways I can be of support to you and your business. I’m a passionate social media speaker and trainer. I offer customized social media training programs for companies of all sizes, either virtually through webinars or onsite at your offices.

I also offer self-study online video training programs – see  more details below.

And, I am a professional speaker and travel the United States and internationally to deliver keynotes and workshops on social media marketing, with particular emphasis on Facebook marketing.

If you have any questions, please contact me with a note of your company’s specific needs and my team and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Speaking Services

Mari Smith is an internationally renowned, seasoned public speaker with deep expertise on relationship marketing/social media marketing, with a particular focus on Facebook marketing. She has spoken to audiences from 30 to 15,000 around the world. With her six feet stature, Scottish-Canadian-Californian accent, sense of humor, and unique style of simplifying complex technical concepts, Mari is frequently one of the top rated speakers at major conferences both online and offline.

Find out more about Mari’s speaking services here, view Mari’s past events and calendar of upcoming events here.

To inquire about having Mari speak at your event and check availability, please fill out this form.

Customized Social Media Training

If you’re interested in having Mari train you and/or your team – either virtually via webinar or live in person – we’d love to hear from you to discuss your needs and create a customized training program for you. Please contact Mari with a note of your company’s specific needs and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

NOTE: if you are seeking done-for-you social media services Mari’s company does not offer this level of service. We recommend that you check out our suggested agencies listed at the top of this page.

Business Development Coaching

Ready to skyrocket your business to the next level? Mari is currently accepting applications for one-on-one, high-end Business Development Coaching clients, where we will work extensively on building your business using proven offline, online and social media marketing methodologies. Click here for more

Monthly Social Media Support Program – INNER CIRCLE with Mari

Inner Circle with Mari Smith

If you often find yourself overwhelmed and feeling like you’re getting left behind when it comes to building your business and fully integrating all the right social media tools, apps and platforms out there – here’s a perfect solution. The INNER CIRCLE with Mari is a simple and affordable way to keep up to date with the rapidly changing social media landscape, learn proven social media strategies, and discover how to significantly increase your business through proven online and offline marketing techniques. Click here for more… [current SPECIAL: enter ‘save25′ to save $25/mo on membership!]

Online Video Training Programs

Facebook Marketing MASTERCLASS – How To Increase Your Profits With Mari’s Proven Social Media Success System

WIDGET-OnlineTrainingCourses-masterclassIn this powerful 6-part online video training program, you’ll discover Mari’s exact steps to creating a successful online business that includes marketing through all social channels, particularly Facebook. We go deep into building a solid brand, generating quality leads, producing and curating quality content consistently, the best apps and tools for social media management and productivity. Plus, we cover Facebook ads in one of the six modules.

This Masterclass is Mari’s most recent online course and the Facebook group is still very active. Join us here.

Facebook Marketing Success System – How to Master Facebook to Get the Maximum Reach, Results and Revenue! 

Mari teamed up with her friend, Facebook Ads expert, Dennis Yu, for this groundbreaking online course. What Dennis doesn’t know about Facebook ads isn’t worth knowing. He has years of experience working at the enterprise level and has managed ad campaigns worth multiple millions of dollars. While Dennis’ agency, Blitzmetrics, continues to focus on enterprise level, Dennis is also very passionate about working with small- to medium- sized businesses to help them tap into the incredible power of Facebook.

This on-demand course is comprised of 8 modules and each session is lead by Dennis and/or Mari and is 60-90 minutes of pure, instantly-actionable content, plus homework assignments. ALL modules come with a unique slide deck. PLUS, all modules come with an additional comprehensive PDF e-guide. You have unlimited access to all materials for a full year. Click here for more details! $225

For more details about FACEBOOK MARKETING SUCCESS SYSTEM click here.

Extreme Fanbase GROWTH 2.0™ – 25 Facebook Marketing Tactics Designed to Explode Your Business

Extreme Fanbase Growth 2.0Created from Mari’s proven, effective Facebook tips and strategies, this course has been designed from the ground up to help you grow a truly AUTHENTIC following — as quickly as possible. In this course, you’ll discover everything you need to know to add thousands of GENUINE fans in 30 days or less. Yes, that’s right – Mari will lead you by the hand and show you exactly how to get this result.

Mari will take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step the exact process for making SERIOUS money using every possible low and no-cost Facebook marketing method!

This groundbreaking course makes it so simple that even a complete beginner can learn – yet the course is powerful enough to generate leads, sales, and a positive return on your social media investment of time and resources. The insider information that Mari has poured into EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™ is “required knowledge” that’s critical to your success on Facebook.

For more details about EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0 click here.

Social Midas™ – 15 Golden Keys To Stellar Social Media Marketing

Social Midas - Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki

A Proven, Step-by-Step, Systematic Approach To Creating Social Media Success and Profits in Your Business Today! Mari joins forces with Guy Kawasaki to reveal the EXACT steps you need to take to make your business super-profitable through stellar social media marketing! This course covers Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This is an 8-part video course with Mari and Guy Kawasaki as your expert guides through the social media jungle! It’s like sitting down with two of the most powerful social media leaders and looking over their shoulders as they show you the EXACT, step-by-step, systematic approaches they use in their own businesses every day to achieve outrageous success using social media to bring in the big bucks!

Face it … in the real world, you don’t make money trying random little tips, scattered flavor-of-the-month stuff, or trying out the latest greatest app and another one and another one. You already know that doesn’t get you measurable results. What you need is a complete, integrated approach to the money-making system that is SOCIAL MIDAS™.

Please note: This course was a huge hit in 2012 and is now no longer offered. Mari continues to create live online training courses and self-study video tutorials – stay tuned! Or submit your request for specific training – see our Contact page.


Feel free to post your questions about social media/Facebook marketing on my Facebook Page — my knowledgeable team will provide a response typically the same day.

You’re also welcome to Follow my public updates on my Facebook personal profile.


Let’s connect on Twitter! I publish several tweets every single day on social media marketing, business development, productivity, time management, inspiration and more.


I share mostly fun, personal photos and videos – let’s connect on Instagram!


Add me as a contact on LinkedIn.


Feel free to “circle” me over on Google+. :)

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  • http://KimBeasley.com Kim Beasley

    Wow, Mari. This page is chopped full of information that can be helpful to any business person. I sure hope many business owners take advantage of the links that you have on this page full of resources.

    Kim Beasleys last blog post..Healthy Living: Can I really accomplish goal of healthy living

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  • June

    Mari, Nice site as usual way over delivering with generousity in information and shares. No wonder your the “Pied Piper of Face Book” play and learn with Mari and soon you’ll have your own following listening to your song.

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  • http://www.girlambition.com Hilary DeCesare

    Hi Mari, do you do private coaching? I am very interested in working with you. I recently launched our site January 15th, 2009. check out link to broadcast. http://www.newsclipsetc.com/clients/DottedLine_NC8_2_27_09_3pm_GirlAmbition.wmv

    Girl Ambition fills the void for tween girls who have moved on from younger websites like Club Penguin but are not ready for more advanced sites like Facebook and YouTube. Parent’s get peace of mind knowing their daughters are learning the internet rules in a secure place.

    My number is 925-200-3582

    I look forword to hearing from you,

  • http://www.skinsationsspa.com kim

    i’m interested in talking to you about helping our company with social networking. can u help?

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  • Nixole

    Do you cover anything on FBML, I am interested in becoming a member with you but I really need to learn FBML so i can make myself an awesome facebook fan page. Thanks

  • Cherry Rahtu

    Nixole,my opinion fbml is very similar as html, you can learn almost everything about fbml is from here http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/FBML , hope it helps, have a great day ;)

  • http://www.aromas.co.cr Andrea Becerra Kriebel

    Hi, I am the owner of a cosmetic lab and we produce organic cosmetics. We had a bussiness fan page in Facebook, we had almost 1 500 fans, a lot of educational info, promotions, adds, etc. And last Tuesday FB disables our page, they send me an e mail saying that the pg was threatening, obscene and other things. The name of the page is Aromas para el Alma, there has to be a huge mistake, we follwed all the rules and we really want to recover the page. Please help us.

  • http://facebook.com/marismith Mari Smith

    Oh no – this is terrible news. Wow, how awful. Usually it's best to fill out a form on Facebook in order to get them to respond… see if you can find a form in the Help Center. Keep me posted!

  • http://www.mymagneticblog.com/ Silvia

    Seems like your WhyFacebook page doesn't work anymore…

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  • Business Coach

    Hi Mari. When will you be relaunching the Monthly support and Quick Start options?

  • Amyl1957

    When do you think that you will offer the Social Marketing Method again? Do you offer any other type of training? I have your book and I have been reading through it.

  • http://twitter.com/kevinhayesca Kevin Hayes

    Looking forward to you relaunching your Social Marketing Method. Is there an email list to sign up for?

    Social Media Consultant Calgary

  • http://www.bestcarry-onluggage.net Jeremiah Johnson

    I am definitely interested in becoming a member.  I am very limited in my knowledge of social media.  I have over 1500 friends on my Facebook and would have no idea how to leverage that in my favor.  Thanks.

  • Paul Krueger

    Hi, I got alot out of your webinar today thanks.
     I am just starting to get an understanding on promoting my site. I was wondering what exactly do you mean when you said you had to surrender the domin to faCEBOOK?
    Regards, Paul Krueg

  • Charles000

    Hi Mari –
    I found your website by accident, but am glad I did.
    Being the veteran uber-Facebook expert that you are, I am wondering, what is your opinion of the “new” Facebook?
    I appreciate any response you might offer.  As for my opinion about the new Facebook ? 
    This is the wrong direction for FaceBook to be heading toward.  My original interest in Facebook was having access to a fun, easy virtual meeting place for various friends and comrades to visit, share some photos and so on.
    I NEVER had any interest in FB becoming some sort of corporate data mining commodity . . . and yet, that is exactly what FB is aiming at.
    At the very least, FB should continue providing its original format to ordinary users, and offer this new “enhanced” version to those who might want this.
    The general public tends to be very wary of any sort of hard sell, aggressive or predatory stealth marketing techniques that may be encountered.
    Any thoughts about this ???
    best regards – Charlres

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Hi Charles — I tend to just go with the flow when it comes to Facebook. They will constantly innovate and strive to serve FOUR primary audiences: 1) users, 2) advertisers, 3) businesses and brands, and 4) stakeholders/investors. It’s a fine dance but somehow Zuckerberg has managed since 2006. :) I’m a big believer in ‘caveat emptor’ – the users need to decide how much personal information they share. It’s a free site and we need to be responsible for our own privacy, security and safety. 

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Awesome – please do join us today, Jeremiah! The Social Media Inner Circle is now open for new members: http://innercirclewithmari.com

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Thanks, Kevin!! We are LIVE again! The Social Media Inner Circle is now open for new members:http://innercirclewithmari.com. Come join us – we have a vibrant Facebook Group too!

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Thank you for asking! The Social Marketing Method has been rebranded to Social Media Inner Circle and is now open for new members:http://innercirclewithmari.com. Come join us – we have a vibrant Facebook Group too!

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Thank you for asking! The Social Marketing Method has been rebranded to Social Media Inner Circle and is now open for new members:http://innercirclewithmari.com. Come join us – we have a vibrant Facebook Group too!

    I took the Quick Start off the market and currently have no plans to recreate it — as soon as I make training videos on Facebook, the platform changes! :) The Inner Circle is the best value for sure and now with the new secret group, you’ll get TONS of support for a mere $27/month!

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Thank you for asking! The Social Marketing Method has been rebranded to Social Media Inner Circle and is now open for new members:http://innercirclewithmari.com. Come join us – we have a vibrant Facebook Group too!

  • http://marismith.com Mari Smith

    Aww thank you for saying, June!! 

  • http://profiles.google.com/deegibbons Deanna Gibbons

    Hi Mari! I’m interested in joining your Inner Circle but am wondering what time the calls are.  I work a full time job as well as starting up my business so sometimes the calls are hard to make.

  • Mertminer

    This seems to be very informative, but don’t take my word for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Margarito-Garcia/100001283085456 Margarito Garcia

    Hi Mari,
    Would the Social Media Inner Circle help me in promoting your products? I would love to know how socia media works by becoming one of your affiliates before I go into any ventures of my own. Thank you for your time!

  • Karrie

    Hi Mari!  I was watching a recording of a webinar you gave recently, but had to pause halfway through, left the recording paused on my computer, and someone accidentally closed my browser, and now I can’t figure out where I got to it!  I do sign up for a lot of stuff through HubSpot…could that have been it?  Anyway, if you could share the link so I can finish watching, that’d be great!  I was soaking up your knowledge like a little social media sponge!

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  • Desirablycritical

    This is amongst the most inane websites I have ever seen. The world and every single economy in it would be better off without people like you.

  • Hardey Leone

    I agree. It is vile.

  • Den

    I agree. Cluttered!

  • http://www.virtualpartner.biz Tiffany Odutoye

    Mari, when will you relaunch the live immersion styled events for 2014/15?

  • http://marismith.com/ Mari Smith

    Hi @virtualpartner:disqus!! Aha, thank you kindly for asking! My next immersion style live event will be the second week of October 2014. :) Stay tuned for more details coming shortly.

  • Dimple

    I was on one of your Google+ hangouts webinar about 3 months ago and you mentioned a new program you were launching….was it Inner Circle?

  • http://www.wancketstudios.com Audrey

    Hello- I have done a couple of your courses- I need something now to battle the low rate of who sees my business page posts. What is your most current program- there are not dates on them… and I might also be interested in a private consultation as well.

  • Kim McNaughton

    Hi Mari!

    I understand yourrrelationship marketing course is being put on hold. Do you have any other way for me to do some of the training with you or know anyone else who might? I really want to be exceptional at it ?

  • http://marismith.com/ Mari Smith

    Hi @kimmcnaughton:disqus — ahh, not so much put on hold, as we have a Facebook course coming out this month. And a summit in the fall. Then the Relationship Marketing course is up next, but we’ll be opening the doors sooner! I’m assuming you have my book, yes? I’m excited to work with you.

  • http://marismith.com/ Mari Smith

    Hi Audrey — most current program for Facebook marketing is this one: http://marismith.com/facebook-marketing-masterclass/ We just completed it on May 19th, 2014 so it’s still very relevant and the Facebook group is active with good peer support and some access to me. Be sure to also read my latest blog post just published yesterday: http://www.marismith.com/how-facebook-calculates-what-appears-in-your-news-feed/

  • Kim McNaughton

    Yes I do have your book! I am excited to work with you as well Mari! Please let me know if you need anyone to demo it or anything before you launch ????

  • Scott Figaro

    Good Afternoon, Not so much interested in learning as I am far too busy. But I am interested if you are for hire to get a company set up social media and direction wise to give the Ka Pow a business needs for that extra edge over competitors in regards to client/public engagement. Regards, Scott

  • http://ecashkenya.com/ ecash kenya

    Thank you very much Mari for all the great tips you have on your blog. I am learning a great deal and trying your tips in my marketing effort for http://ecashkenya.com

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  • Hire Top Social Media Expert, Mari Smith to speak at your next event!
  • Hire Top Social Media Expert, Mari Smith to speak at your next event!

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