Here's How You Can Get a Mari Smith Blue Light-up Pen For Free!

Greetings — thank you for your interest in receiving one of our “MariSmith” blue light-up pens. Please complete this form and I’d be happy to ship it to you!



  • Mbclucas

    Cant wait to use this pen!!!  And I love the motto!!!

  • Mukesh Gupta

    Completely sold to the idea of Relationships first! Looking forward to receiving the pen 

  • Tracy

    I found about this on this site.  I believe in relationship first and business second.  Looking forward in receiving your pen.

  • Hchernofsky

    Hi.  I purchased the book and am going through it with a highlighter.  Lots of great information.

  • My St Croix

    Loving your book!! So much great info!

  • Brooke Ballard

    Your book is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!

  • drd4u

    Am ordering the New relationship marketing, loved the first one last year, know this second one will “knock my socks off,” and “socks naked,” is a wonderful place to be…Ooh I can’t believe put that one in there…;-)

  • Brendamoore59

    I am presently reading your new book!

  • Babyballerina89

    Found the pen page :) pg 118 lol. Although I found out about the pen on your webiste first

  • Vicki

    Hi Mari… I did find out about your Blue Pen in your wonderful book! Thank you in advance!  I have also signed up for your class which starts tomorrow (Valentines Day) and I can’t wait! ~Vicki

  • Tamara Brown

    Yes, I just came across the pen in your book. Like you, I love the color blue!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome, Mari! I am SO swiping this idea for myself and my clients! — with attribution of course :)

  • Antony

    Thanks Mari for sharing (via your pen) yet another delightful, brand building idea. Your book is my new best friend!

  • Karin Sebelin

    Hi Mari, I am a real fan of you (have ordered your book via Amazon the last days). I expect your book with great expectations :-)  

    Best greetings to you

  • Karin Sebelin

    My book has arrived and I am a real fan of it:-) Great tips inside! Worth reading and recommending! And thanks for the wonderful pen, Mari:-)

  • Elaine

    Enjoying your book Mari and learning a ton! Great idea about your pen…..looking forward to having my very own!
    ( also Scottish-Canadian BYW!)

  • Elaine Milton01

    Thank you

  • Alicia90_me

    Thank you, Marismith!!! :D

  • james wallace

    dear mari, i am translating ur into chinese. i need more support from u. my email is look forward to hearing from u. urs. james wallace

  • Amber

    So excited to get a pen! Turquoise and bling…can never go wrong with that combo. Thanks, Mari, for writing the book…so many great gems of knowledge in it.