Mari Smith Blue Light-Up Pen

Greetings — thank you for your interest in receiving one of our “MariSmith” blue light-up pens. You’ve likely landed here as you’re reading my book, The New Relationship Marketing. Please note, we are no longer offering the pen gift. However, please do sign up for my weekly newsletter, The Social Scoop on the right. Also, see my Facebook Page and tweets with regular helpful content to grow your business.

I look forward to connecting with you!

  • Mbclucas

    Cant wait to use this pen!!!  And I love the motto!!!

  • Completely sold to the idea of Relationships first! Looking forward to receiving the pen 

  • Tracy

    I found about this on this site.  I believe in relationship first and business second.  Looking forward in receiving your pen.

  • Hchernofsky

    Hi.  I purchased the book and am going through it with a highlighter.  Lots of great information.

  • My St Croix

    Loving your book!! So much great info!

  • Brooke Ballard

    Your book is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!

  • Am ordering the New relationship marketing, loved the first one last year, know this second one will “knock my socks off,” and “socks naked,” is a wonderful place to be…Ooh I can’t believe put that one in there…;-)

  • Brendamoore59

    I am presently reading your new book!

  • Babyballerina89

    Found the pen page :) pg 118 lol. Although I found out about the pen on your webiste first

  • Vicki

    Hi Mari… I did find out about your Blue Pen in your wonderful book! Thank you in advance!  I have also signed up for your class which starts tomorrow (Valentines Day) and I can’t wait! ~Vicki

  • Tamara Brown

    Yes, I just came across the pen in your book. Like you, I love the color blue!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome, Mari! I am SO swiping this idea for myself and my clients! — with attribution of course :)

  • Antony

    Thanks Mari for sharing (via your pen) yet another delightful, brand building idea. Your book is my new best friend!

  • Hi Mari, I am a real fan of you (have ordered your book via Amazon the last days). I expect your book with great expectations :-) 

    Best greetings to you

  • My book has arrived and I am a real fan of it:-) Great tips inside! Worth reading and recommending! And thanks for the wonderful pen, Mari:-)

  • Elaine

    Enjoying your book Mari and learning a ton! Great idea about your pen…..looking forward to having my very own!
    ( also Scottish-Canadian BYW!)

  • Elaine Milton01

    Thank you

  • Alicia90_me

    Thank you, Marismith!!! 😀

  • james wallace

    dear mari, i am translating ur into chinese. i need more support from u. my email is look forward to hearing from u. urs. james wallace

  • Amber

    So excited to get a pen! Turquoise and bling…can never go wrong with that combo. Thanks, Mari, for writing the book…so many great gems of knowledge in it.

  • Currently reading The New Relationship Marketing and loving it! I just got to the part about the free pen in Ch. 7. I can’t wait to receive it! :) THANK YOU, MARI!

  • SMD

    I want a free pen

  • SMD


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