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Thank you for your interest in working with Mari Smith International to provide social media training for your company or organization.

We are excited about the possibility of partnering with your brand, and look forward to connecting with you on the specifics of this project. You can expect a response from us via email with 48 hours.


  • Maria Gonzalez

    Thanks so much for your interest.

  • Craig Stroia

    Hi Mari, can you help me figure out why my “offer” button is not on my fan page..I have over 500 likes and it should be on my timeline next to my events button..I will add screen shot..thanks

  • Hello dear Mari, ,,, I am individual universal human
    border less, art artist, vocal soloist universal music and writer . I am single
    father widowed from 1995 from killed my wife – legitimate mother my children
    ,,,I have two children-girls which goes in third grade to grammar school. They learn
    phenomenal under very difficult conditions ghetoization – isolation – discrimination
    and persecution in the house where we lived tenants. I am situated with regular
    income ,,, By birth own obligations to the presents events of the planet Earth
    and of mankind which constantly oblige me to import a vision that transparently
    provides the solution set of humanity and the planet ecology parallels the
    economy, ecology solution and specific achievements cancer, paralysis,
    diabetes, aids results from the unprecedented 100% which I would like to
    associate occoured first millennium,,, Bother the Serbs have since discovered
    that I am full of vision,… We live in street Tomislava
    Ivcica 6A 23000 Zadar Croatia

  • Hello Mari, I need help raising money for my son. My 37 year-old son Travis became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the shoulders down on July 30, 2011. I want to raise money to help him with rehabilitation and his monthly living expenses. Travis, now age 37, his wife, and their two children, ages 2 and 4, were on a houseboat with several friends, swimming and diving. When Travis dove off the boat, he struck a sandbar no one knew was there and broke his neck at the C-5 vertebrae.
    In an instant, he was changed from a strong healthy man to a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the shoulders down. He continues to struggle financially. Insurance settlements and unemployment benefits paid the bills for a year or so, but those ran out months ago. He needs 24-hour a day care and is struggling to pay his caregivers, and his monthly expenses, including his mortgage.

    His long term goal is to regain enough use of his arms and hands through rehabilitation to be able to work again. In the short term, he needs financial help to afford care, rehabilitation, and pay his monthly bills.

  • Maile

    Good morning, Mari! We aim to recognize 1 million everyday heroes across America this year, and would love your advice in how to best use social media outlets for this endeavor. Thank you in advance for your advice. All my best, Maile

  • claudeman1

    Hi Mari, I wonder if you could recommend someone/firm to build effective social media marketing?

  • Hi Mari! I saw you speak at Social Media Day. We now follow each other on Twitter. Out team is launching a new kitchen product called the Garlic Shaker. Here’s our FB to have a look if you wish . What I want to know is if you, or any of your associates, or referrals will work with a Kickstarter campaign to drive traffic from FB, do remarketing etc. to our KS? You said you recommended people work with an agency for FB advertising so they don’t waste money. That sounds like very good advice I want take and do. Can you recommend who and their contact info? My email is Thanks and all the best, Matthew Ramos

  • Hi @disqus_UdFuOiCvXk:disqus!! Aha, I’m just reviewing my Disqus comments seeing my brand new web design and blog launched this week. I’m popping a response here so others can see we’ve already been in contact offline. I hope the referrals we sent work out and best of luck with your product!!

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