The Business & Beyond Club

To effectively create your own rewarding and lucrative business, you need solid support in alignment with your vision, you need systems that help you maximize marketing opportunities, and you need the right resources and flexibility to respond to significant shifts on a moment's notice … without letting key details fall through the cracks.

After an overwhelming and constant flurry of activities caused a bottleneck to her own business expansion, Business and Beyond Club founder Mari Smith had to find a way to solve the overwhelm of a massive to-do list in front of her every week, even with a growing team to help her.

Today, after continuing to fine-tune the systems, strategies and expertise she and her team use to power her growing organization every day, Mari's business has completely transformed from the inside out.

What's her secret? 1) Mari built a rock solid brand and business around her passion, 2) she is constantly learning and growing both personally and professionally, and 3) she surrounds herself with highly experienced, successful mentors. In fact, over the past five years, Mari has invested well over a half a million dollars in the absolute best training, top mentors, skilled advisors, plus an elite business coach and a life-changing spiritual teacher. And, Mari takes MASSIVE action!

The right mentors and coaches are a CRUCIAL part of any real business success. By becoming a member of Mari's revolutionary Business and Beyond Club, you'll get the benefit of Mari's incredible breadth and depth of experience over the years, along with access to what she pays a fortune for. Yet, your investment is literally a tiny fraction of what Mari continues to invest each month.

To help you shortcut your own path to a clear, systemized approach for making your business accountable, marketable AND profitable, Mari created the Business and Beyond Club: a brand new, exclusive annual business coaching club for marketers, entrepreneurs and business trend-setters. There's absolutely nothing like this Club on the market today.

Most social media experts and programs tend to teach social media as a silo. However, we're in 2012… on the heels of 2013. Social media is not – and never really was – an independent and unrelated component of business. Social media is FULLY integrated into every facet of business. Business building skills cannot be taught and implemented without tight integration of social media marketing. And vice versa.

Following tens of thousands of online marketing consulting and training sessions with her clients and students since 2003, Mari recognized the urgent need for a go-to source of reliable training in complete, A-to-Z business strategic planning AND effective social media marketing, working together as one. Nobody on the planet can offer you the in-depth and intensive exposure to BOTH of these arenas the way Mari Smith can – which is why the waiting list for her coaching has grown well beyond the number of hours in a day.

So, in these vital but encouraging times for entrepreneurs around the world, Mari wanted to make it easy for you to experience the life-changing business advice YOU need to expand your venture profitably. That's why the Club's unique training format allows Mari to minimize fees accessible to the people who need it most… so new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike can learn the spirit and sound judgment you need to create a breakout business vision that lasts, right from the start.

The carefully-structured Business and Beyond Club curriculum includes:

  • The Four Pillars of a wildly successful and lucrative brand — and how to use each pillar to virtually guarantee you're moving through each level at the right time for YOUR business
  • Mastering time and space for optimal productivity — you'll finally gain back control of your daily, weekly and monthly schedule using unique and proven systems (online, mobile and paper-based!)
  • The best social media success strategies that get real results (read: ROI!) — with a systemized, "total package" approach to pull your entire business forward
  • Systems, systems, systems! Quality systems guru, W. Edwards Deming discovered that 94% of all failures in business are SYSTEMS failures. With the right systems in place in your business and personal life, you'll know exactly where to focus to optimize your strengths. Plus, you'll know when it's time to delegate, outsource, and/or hire additional internal staff — so you can continue to expand your business or enjoy a vacation, knowing nothing is falling through the cracks
  • How to detect financing and cash-flow clues that hold your business back… or signal a green light for growth
  • Designing your business to suit your ideal lifestyle, or planning to leverage and scale it up for sale — planning for success based on exactly what's right for YOU.

As a member of this groundbreaking new Club, you'll get everything you need for extensive business, marketing, social media and productivity training in one place. PLUS, you'll be joining an incredible community of conscious, committed entrepreneurs just like you.

There's a great saying that "it takes a village to raise a child." Mari believes it takes a village to do pretty much everything successfully; you can't go it alone. You need help, assistance, mentorship. And, you need to be in the right environment and surround yourself with positive, like-minded people in order to grow your business. That's why Mari called this a "club" – you're truly becoming a unique member of a unique Club!

By following the strategically managed, year-long curriculum, you'll be able to shortcut your path through the challenges of making your mark as an entrepreneur, in a lot less time than a standard business school, institution or apprenticeship ever could.

Join the Club today and get ready to apply powerful business principles that change EVERYTHING.

Join the Business & Beyond Club today and you'll also get to join Mari for a FREE 1.5 day LIVE event: Social Media Immersion, San Diego, CA on April 5-6, 2013.

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"When you understand the Laws, then you understand that it is not more difficult to create a castle than it is a button. They are equal. It is not more difficult to create $10 million than $100,000. It is the same application of the same Law to two different intentions."


"Mari Smith is our True North in the social media space and beyond. Thanks to her vision, generosity, brilliant mind, and sparkling talents, we’ve seen a wildly exciting leap in our business revenues. In fact, we’ve made more in the last 2 ½ years working with Mari than we did in the previous 5 ½ years combined!"

~ Allen & Lani Voivod
Social Media and Content Strategists
"Mari's Facebook courses are outstanding! The webinars are chock full of tips and insights for your Facebook success, the membership area is a gold mine of links, tools, and resources. What I love most is Mari's uplifting presentation style. You can't wait to get started once you watch these videos! Entertaining and easy to understand, yet profound and ready-to-use information. Mari's the go-to expert for Facebook, and it shows throughout the course. I signed up for "Facebook Money Mastery" the minute the sales link went online. You save months of research and trial and error!"

~Ralf Skirr
Business Consultant —