Your Business and Beyond Club membership is a 1-year commitment to your personal and professional success.

Coaching and training sessions are scheduled as a 12-month curriculum (24 specific topics). Please review the Club Program and dates here.

Business & Beyond Club members get to join Mari in San Diego for a LIVE 1.5 day Social Media Immersion event on April 5th & 6th, 2013. The Immersion is an exclusive event where you'll get to refine your social media strategic plan, hone your 2013 online marketing progress and action plan, discover what trends to focus on, get a chance to be in the Hotseat and much more. Plus, of course, you get to meet Mari live and in person along with your fellow Business & Beyond Club members! There's nothing like meeting people face-to-face to deepen and build personal and business connections. Save the dates, then sign up below for your Club membership:

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Course begins with preparation throughout November, then a Member Orientation Call on December 12th, 2012

By way of an overview, here's what you get for your monthly investment:

self-study, content-rich LESSON #1. Take massive action; implement this week's lesson; work with your accountability partners; share and get support (and get access to Mari) in the peer-support Facebook group

self-study, content-rich LESSON #2. Take massive action; implement this week's lesson; work with your accountability partners; share and get support (and get access to Mari) in the peer-support Facebook group

meet with Mari for a LIVE session via webinar format, Q&A, group coaching, hotseats, critiques, up-to-the-minute news and the latest business-building and social media marketing strategies. Each live group coaching session will last for 90 minutes, sometimes longer if needed. Mari is renowned for being generous with her time and knowledge and is committed that you get what you need to make massive changes in your business over time and truly get the results you want to see.

self-assessment exam on this month's two lessons to help with knowledge retention and implementation; work with your accountability partners; share results, wins, victories, challenges, questions and requests for support in the active Facebook group.

This 4-week format is repeated throughout the entire 12-month curriculum. On months with five weeks, we'll have an opportunity to circle back and rediscover nuggets from the previous lessons as well as continuing the support and accountability in the Facebook group.

Then, each quarter, we'll meet for a more extended POWER MASTERCLASS. In these sessions, accessed via live webinar format with Mari, you'll have an opportunity to drill even deeper on critical issues, more time for hotseats, spot coaching, critiques, Q&A and literally "ask Mari anything, no holds barred." Each session will last 2-3 hours. We'll always record just in case you're unable to make the live dates or need to leave early. Of course, you're encouraged to do whatever it takes to show up for all the live components of the Club.

PLUS — you can expect to meet several special guest experts throughout the one-year curriculum. These are Mari's own mentors and teachers, who will generously share their knowledge and expertise with you for making big shifts in your business and personal lives.

Remember, you're supported through each training session in the 12-month Business and Beyond Club curriculum with downloadable blueprints, checklists and worksheets you'll want to print out and follow along. You'll complete each of the 24 lesson topics as completely and effectively as possible, and see your goals take shape on paperÉ right before your eyes!

Also included:

Private Facebook Group for round-the-clock peer support

The Business and Beyond Club is intended for professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious and committed to their success. Being an active member of this Club will be one of the most profound experiences of your life. Apply Mari's teachings from day one and you absolutely will see MASSIVE improvement to all areas of your life, business and finances.

If you qualify at the end of your 12-month program, you'll automatically be enrolled into the following year of coaching. Or, if you choose to terminate your membership, you must give us 30 days' notice.

For your best interest, you'll have a 48-hour "cooling off period" before your commitment becomes accepted and non-refundable.

Please select from your preferred payment options below.


Course begins with preparation throughout November, then a Member Orientation Call on December 5th, 2012

If you have any questions, concerns or individual requirements to make your attendance in the Business and Beyond Club even more rewarding for you, please contact Mari's support team by sending an email to Please also visit the FAQ section.

"To live a life you love; plan, organize, and structure your life such that each day is spent in an environment that supports your Soul Purpose."

~Garrett Gunderson

"If there's anyone on the planet who can help you build a business using Facebook, it's Mari Smith. Her early Facebook coaching was instrumental in helping Social Media Examiner become a multimillion dollar business. She studies the hidden gems of Facebook like no one else. She's also the first person I call if I need Facebook advice (and let me tell you we speak often!)."

~Michael Stelzner
Founder and CEO, Social Media Examiner

"Mari has been my mentor since I discovered Social Media, especially Facebook. I recently had the opportunity to participate in her Social Media Intensive … all I can say is — INCREDIBLE! The expertise, guidance and support Mari provided has not only inspired me to reach my business goals, but has opened doors that I did not think would be possible. She is an amazing business woman and a beautiful person both inside and out! I would encourage any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level to join one of Mari's programs - you will not be disappointed!"

~April Heavens-Woodcock
Social Media Strategist —