Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki

Your social media SUCCESS plan begins here!

During our two action-packed days together, we'll be covering a LOT of ground. However, you won't get overwhelmed, I promise! I've structured the program so that everyone learns at a comfortable pace and that we have plenty of time for practical application, group activities and Q&A.

Here's a sneak peek at what we'll be covering:

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS WITH THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA SYSTEMS — including checklists, processes and templates I use in my own business everyday to save time and money, yet still yield powerful results. I'll show you exactly what you can systematize, what you can delegate, where to find the best sources of support, and the specific tasks that you need to do yourself to maintain true, authentic relationships.

HOW TO DESIGN A WINNING SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY — development of a full, end-to-end approach to your enhanced social marketing. I recently surveyed my email list and one of the most popular areas that respondents wanted to understand better is social media strategy. For many years, you've probably read and heard how critical it is to set up your social channels on all the main social networks (and every new one that comes along!), and to build a significant following. However — for what purpose? Are you clear on your brand messaging? Your offer? Do you even have the right demographics in your social channels? Do you know how to compel your fans and followers to take action? And, are you tracking and measuring your results regularly? We'll cover all this in the two day Intensive!

OPTIMIZE YOUR SOCIAL CHANNELS TO GET REAL RESULTS IN LESS TIME... EVERY DAY! — intermediate and advanced strategies, campaigns and tips for optimizing your results on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Whether you're seasoned in some or all of these wildly popular social networks, or you've merely dabbled in some of them, we have something for everyone. You'll leave the Intensive with a far better understanding of exactly which platforms you should be focusing on for your niche and your objectives. Believe me, after this segment, you'll breathe a BIG sigh of relief once I demystify how to properly make these platforms work to your advantage.

PROVEN CONTENT & CURATION MARKETING METHODS — including content creation and content curation. It has been said that "Content is King." It is partially true — you do need fantastic, timely, helpful content AND you need to become a master at curating OPC; that is, other people's content. I'll share with you my exact system and sources for consistently cherry picking exceptional content that I share on Facebook and Twitter every single day. My strategy has kept me at the top of the influencer leaderboards for several years, and has resulted in national media exposure, international speaking engagements, lucrative joint ventures and a host of top paying clients.

HOW TO BUILD A RAVING COMMUNITY OF BRAND ADVOCATES — okay, if "Content is King" I like to add "and Engagement is Queen, and she rules the house!" Yes, we need exceptional content in order to have something to engage over. However, it's critical to ALSO have the right "soft skills," which allow you to truly humanize your brand and have your community develop profound loyalty to you. Consistent, authentic engagement has been a sweet spot of mine for the past five years and it has paid off in spades. My motto for ten years has been, "Relationships First, Business Second." I truly believe that when you focus on making others feel important and good about themselves, and you treat others as equals and don't allow others to put you on a pedestal and just relate from the heart, miracles can happen. Yes, business miracles, money miracles! It's really not rocket science, yet there *IS* a magic formula to get the exact right blend of HARD technical skills (how to use all the platforms, tools and apps) and SOFT skills such that everything you do online and offline yields powerful results, including increasing your bottom line. I'll share this magic formula with you at the Intensive.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT — that yields measurable results in engagement, loyalty and customer conversion. This topic goes hand in hand with engagement strategies. It's vital to your business success in today's uber social world to converse with your fans and followers. It's also important to realize that — on Facebook in particular — you have a community. It's a little different on Twitter because of the brevity and speed at which the site moves. But on Facebook, often the same users come back to your page time and again and you can cultivate a fantastic culture of giving, sharing and peer-support. In this segment, I'll share with you several powerful approaches that I use in my own business to build and motivate your online communities such that they are so fiercely loyal they will gladly purchase whatever you are offering.

CREATE FOOLPROOF EDITORIAL CALENDARS — for effectively managing your posts and activity on all the major social networks. You don't have time to visit all the networks multiple times every day. So, it's important to have the right systematic approach with tried and tested systems, checklists, templates and apps that save you at least an hour or more a day … yet your friends, fans and followers think you practically live online!

ROI PLANNING, MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS — along with content, engagement, and proactive business building, you need to be able to measure exactly how all this activity results in money in the bank. In this segment, we'll be going through a variety of methods for tracking exactly how to measure the dollars in and the dollars out. This has been one of the most challenging areas for businesses of all sizes over the past five years since social media has become so prevalent. CEOs simply want to say, "Show me the money." And it can be very difficult to convince a CEO to invest in social media by simply showing him or her how many new Twitter followers your brand's account has, or how many retweets, likes, comments or shares. None of that is real ROI. ROI is dollars. I know you're going to love this session for it's total clarity on social ROI!

LOCAL AND LOCATION BASED SERVICES — Foursquare, Yelp, Google Places, etc. It never ceases to amaze me how many local businesses are not properly tapping into the power of local and mobile marketing. If you have a local business, do come join us at the Intensive because we have a special section for you! You'll be amazed at how much you can increase your business with the right approach to "SoLoMo" marketing — that is, social + local + mobile marketing.

TAP INTO MILLIONS OF SAVVY MOBILE USERS — whether you have a local or national or global business, you're already doing mobile marketing, quite possibly without realizing it! For example, given over 500 Million Facebook users access the site via their mobile devices, any time you post content on your fan page or profile, you're doing mobile marketing. It's time to ramp that up big time for you, so you can reach an even wider audience and drive more traffic to your offers.

INGENIOUS MOBILE APPS TO MANAGE YOUR SOCIAL ACTIVITY ON THE FLY — I absolutely love my iPhone (and iPad!) and have gathered quite the collection of time-saving and Ninja-trick apps that will help you consume more content, get better at mastering social media and make you smarter, too! I'll be sharing my special array of apps (for iOS as well as Androids and other phones and notebooks, too!) and doing live demos so you can go back home with some cool new tools to improve your business … right in the palm of your hand.

HOW TO BUILD A LUCRATIVE BLOGGING EMPIRE — we'll cover what approach is right for you, how often to blog, how to find excellent guest bloggers, and how to effectively integrate social media into your business blog so your readers can drive droves of traffic back to your blog!

PROVEN LIST-BUILDING STRATEGIES — this goes hand in hand with your blogging strategy. Some pundits have been saying that email marketing is dying or dead. This is absolute rubbish. You MUST have your own email list — and you need to know how to proactive and consistently build your list, and implement all manner of lead nurturing and conversion tactics. (Email marketing is one of my passions; in fact, one of my first eBooks in the early 2000's was all about email marketing!)

PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS, CONTESTS AND PREMIUMS — there are certain rules and regulations as to how you can administer competitions on Facebook and other social sites. In this segment, we'll go through the basic rules and discuss fun ways you can create tremendous buzz in your online communities by launching successful promotions.

This will be one power-packed program — you'll be on the edge of your seat, soaking in all the teachings and the entire experience. I guarantee, this will be the best event you attend all year!

Plus, to ensure we're able to create valuable personal connections and network without sacrificing a minute of downtime, I'll be providing everyone in the room with:

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments — on both days!
  • Networking drinks reception on the evening of Day 1 (1 drink ticket + light appetizers)

During our time together, we'll alternate between me presenting and demonstrating from the front of the room, and group exercises with me helping you out with brainstorming and implementation. Plus, there will be a number of opportunities too for on-the-spot "Business Hot-Seats" to spotlight the solutions to real-world problems you may be facing with your own social media marketing.

So if you're ready to soak up the best I have to offer in just 2 intense, power-packed days — AND walk out of the room with a complete, end-to-end plan for your company's massive social media success that starts the moment you get back to the office — go ahead and register now!

I look forward to meeting you at the Social Media Intensive on September 13th and 14th.

I promise you, your business will never be the same.